1 Soccer Secret to Improve your Game

1 Soccer Secret to Improve your Game

Hey guys, it’s Massimo for Best Soccer
Tricks dot com, and in this video I’ll be telling you guys one soccer secret to
help improve your game. Alright guys so, are you ready for the secret? You guys are
probably expecting something, a secret along the lines of one move that will
always beat a defender something technical, something physical, but
actually it has nothing to do with any of that.
Obviously it helps to be technically gifted, it helps to be strong on the
field of course but, that all means nothing without the one secret and the
secret is: Soccer is all a game about the mind. It’s all about the mind, because the
actual game of soccer is simple, the actual playing soccer is simple. But, it’s
keeping your composure, it’s that mental aspect that’s tough. We talked about
setting goals before, but if you’re not mentally, if you’re not mentally prepared
to achieve those goals, you won’t you won’t attain them. Let’s face it, on the
field when you’re there with your teammates whether it’s in practice,
whether it’s in a game, it doesn’t matter you have to be dedicated 100% dedicated.
You have to be willing to work hard, you have to be able to push your limits, achieve
new things and it’s all in the mind. If you’re in a slump, you get out of it
by what? You keep trying, you keep trying. You don’t say I’m going to stop.
Let’s say you’re not scoring, you’re a striker you’re not scoring, you’re not going to stop.
You’re going to keep shooting you know that you’re able to score, you’ve got to keep
going. As a midfielder, if your passes are off, your touches are off, you’re not
going to stop asking for the ball, no, you’re going to continue asking for that ball. It’s all in the head, it’s all in your head.
So basically, guys the secret is work on your mental game, make sure
that you’re there 100% you’re there, you’re dedicated when you’re on that
field, it’s all about soccer. Block all the distractions out of the way and I
guarantee you that it’ll show the results on the field. If you get it right
on in the head, then you’ll get it right on the field with your feet. I hope you
enjoyed the video on those secret, 1 soccer secret to improve your
game. Remember, it’s all about the mental aspect of it however, if
you do want to improve your technical game you can see more videos on the
channel and hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching. [Best Soccer Tricks]

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