10 Things Damian Lillard Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

10 Things Damian Lillard Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

essential what’s up GQ is Dan Miller aka dang dollar and these are my essentials first up is my man purse so this is a must for me because everything that I carry I need something to carry it in because my jeans too tight now and not have my pockets full looking crazy so PNA would have had this bag allows me to have everything that I need and carry it with me at all times so everything fits I got all the stuff I need put it in his bag and I’m good to go this bag is from Lou at the time I got like three of them so there’s not the only brand that I use so you can find you one that’s less expensive get you on [Music] next up my phone charger because I’m the king of being on my phone checking updates are that not only do I need to have this charger on me at all times but I need the super charge you see how big this block is this thing can charge my phone a hundred percent in like 20 minutes it’s a must that I have is with me at all times and it’s also a must for the court to be this long I can plug it in anywhere and still be on my phone even at a restaurant and the plug is way over there I can plug it in and still have my phone in my hand so what better situation I heard that this kind of like mess up the court when you wrap it up like this but I could afford to get a new one if I need to so I just wrap it up like this when they stop working on business time for a new one wrap it up like a like a vacuum cleaner [Music] next up cash almost $2,000 1,900 that means I probably took one of them by some foolish one I traveled a lot at the country across the country so sometimes my cards get declined because I might show up in a state or my car guitars in a state or country that I don’t live in so they try to protect me and they block you would ever purchase I’m trying to make and it takes time to do that so having cash is a must if it is anything that I want to do where I don’t want to charge my card or swipe my card or if I see a homeless person like I always got to look out for homeless people since I was a kid so must have must have cash on me at all times don’t throw this the next essential of mine is this watch this is AP this watch right here is essential because everybody can have this watch I didn’t even buy this watch somebody gave it to me because I would never buy this watch for myself it’s essential for the look like I want people to recognize my watch when I want to see what time it is or how much time I got to be somewhere I look at my phone anyway so it’s just for the look everybody that see it they know it’s a nice expensive watch and I got one so it’s essential I gotta have it next up we got the chapstick this soothing touch vanilla chai lip balm is so important because it’s greatest organic natural great hydration for the lips and I have huge lips so I can’t be out here walking around with crusty lips I keep this with me at all times get you soon [Music] next up the air pods this is a must-have it’s not really cool no more than just have like the big headphones with a cord plugged into your phone like that’s not the thing no more so having these air pots you just take them out put them in same charger to charge the case as you charge the phone with and you know I got the super charger walking into airport I want to be in my own world people see these in my ear and they know some music is playing something’s going on so not only is it convenient it’s easy it’s comfortable James playlist right now is Dames our big dollar my favorite track I don’t know if I got a favorite track cuz it’s you know they are like my kids I’m saying can’t look one more than others but if I had to pick one I would say Moneyball featuring Jeremiah Danny from Sabrina and Derek Milano so next up we have the phone I don’t even know if I need to explain why this is important but people need to contact me my music is on my phone all the apps that I have to check Instagram Twitter snapchat are on the phone last app that I opened was Instagram I went live on the way here I shop on my phone they don’t matter what phone it is like I still got the d-pad like to touch on the phone line I don’t even know what the number I phone I got but I just have to have [Music] the next essential is my books it’s not always the same book but it’s a book the power of a humble life I like to keep a book with me just because sometimes I don’t want to look at my phone and be on my phone or I might be wanting to wind down so I know when I read I get sleepy if I know I’m gonna be going out and I know it’s gonna make me sleepy I’ll make sure I get a little bit of brain food some perspective and try to learn something you know try to advance myself in life you know so usually a book so I keep a book with me at all times the last book that I read was everybody always it’s a book about regardless of how people treat you or how they come across or whatever situations you might be in to treat people the right way all the time and in the book the writer talks about him praying to God and asking God who should I love and how often and he said you should love everybody always regardless of like the positive negative side of them what situation you in what situation they might be in your stance and how you treat people how you do by people should never change and that’s it should be that way in your heart and it’s just a good book so the Hat this is like a personal brand Dame dollar is my rap name so the dollar is the acronym that stands for different on levels the Lord allowed and being an NBA player like people always call me Dain Lillard but as an artist I wanted to be separate like I want people to acknowledge both sides of me so I think Brandon and kind of embracing that as a part of it so like now it’s to the point when I see some people they say hey damn dollar and some people just say dollar and then some people say that’s damn and some people say that’s Lillard but it’s a part of like Who I am now so I keep a hat like this with me just so you know it’s staying in the mix I’m damned Allah all the time and I’m Damian little it all the time but in season one is just shining harder than the other one is more focused than other so it was like of course they’ll be recognizes Damian Lillard more often because I’m playing basketball and then in the summer obviously people know that’s usually when I’m more involved in my music but it don’t stop I’m both all the time [Music] the last essential here it is this is the new game six and this is my new shoe so it’s a low top shoe the theme behind this shoe or like the campaign behind this shoe is duality and it’s just basically talking about what I just said the different sides of me like the person that lead the artists the person giving back to the community like all of those things so every shoe is basically split in half and one side of it looks the complete opposite of the other side on every shoe so it’s different colorway there’s different stories to each color it’s the best shoe I ever had it got technology on it that’s specifically made from basketball and that’s unheard of so make sure you check it out make sure you tap in go get it for the kids is always a great price for this shoe and great quality well that’s it this damn dollar these are my essentials I appreciate you guys tapping in make sure you go get the album big dollar on all platforms support go get your merch with it to you feel

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  2. Love how he doesn’t really care if his stuff is super expensive or fancy like other nba players my man doesn’t even know what phone he has😂🤣

  3. Duality has a tie to Satanism. Didn’t know you sold your soul. Guess I should’ve known since you signed your life away. Guy glued to Instagram. Lol I’m probably happier than you are.

  4. I love Damian lillard such a real dude one of the few who ain’t trying to team up with lebitch or kd dude happy were he at and wants to do it the right way.

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