100 thoughts on “10,000 LAYERS OF ALUMINUM FOIL BALL (100+ LBS WORLD RECORD)

  1. I have a friend that everyday he brought a sandwich to work in aluminum foil and put each piece on a ball like this for 40 years…..Your record was broken some 15 years ago, sorry dude..you loose…been there done that….also he took chiquita banana stickers that came on each banana and put them on a fridge….the fridge is covered from top to bottom….no metal showing….another one of his records that he did…..Now hes buliding a China Wall ..in his back yard….Its amazing….

  2. Your friend comes over

    “Hey what’s in this closet”
    opens closet
    huge aluminum foil ball rolls out and hits your friend
    “What the f*ck”
    Wolfing: that wasn’t there 😐”
    * wolfie rolls ball away cause it’s to heavy to kick*

  3. I remember for the entire life, my grandmother never bought aluminium foil.. and it's because she had a giant box, that is like over 1000 feet. I don't know, I should check it… I still have the thing and I use it all the time.

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