11 Types of Students in an Exam

11 Types of Students in an Exam

[Captions by Y Translator]>>Teacher, I need one more sheet.
One more sheet, please. Supplement, teacher.
Supplement, please.>>Denise, the exam
has not even started yet.>>I know,
I’m just practicing.>>Okay,
such a strange child.>>Where should I sit? Who would let me copy? A-ha. Hi, Jas.
>>I didn’t study.>>Bye, Jas. Hey, Denise.>>Hi Denise.>>Oh my God, is that
a new sunflower.>>Oh my God, your hair is so nice.
Did you curl it?>>Ooh, wait.
Is that new notebook?>>No, I need that notebook.>>Your doodles are so cute. Oh my God,
you should teach me.>>No, no, no, teach me.
>>No, no, no, teach me.>>Okay, class T1T5, A.K.A. the worst class
in school except for Denise,
somehow. Your exam will begin
in five minutes. So if you have any questions,
do let me know. And if I catch you
guys cheating. I will throw you
out of the class. Got it? [evil laugh]>>Yes, I brought my pencil case,
and no… I did not bring
my pencil case… I brought my makeup pouch,
oh my God. Oh my God.
I’m so sorry. Can I borrow a pen,
please? I think I left my pencil case
in the club last night. Oh my God. Thank you so much.
You are my savior. Hello.
Sorry. Can I borrow
a correction tape? Please, my God,
please. Thank you so much. You’re so kind. Hello. Thank you so much,
can you lend me a ruler, please? Ruler.
Lend me a ruler. I mean–
Yeah, this will do. Yes. Thank you, thank you.
Thank you all, thank you all.>>All right. I prepared for this exam
the whole year, so excited. I’ve got my pen. I’ve got my highlighter,
my sharpener, my calculator… cup noodles,
my Lao Gan Ma, [speaks in Chinese] My slime, my recorder and I got my– What? How many times do I have
to tell you, you can’t come
to the exam with me.>>But–
But. I can’t breathe.>>Fine, fine.
You know what, fine, but you only
get to use this once.>>Okay.>>Okay, okay.>>Jian Hao. How many times must I
tell you not to bring unnecessary things to the exam? You’re supposed to shade
the answers using a pencil. Not a pen.
>>Right, right, right.>>This is pretty easy.
I think I can do this. Wait,
do we even learn this? Am I even
in the right exam?>>Yes, you are Nicole.>>Okay,
it’s going to be fine. I can do this. I can do this. I cannot do this. I cannot do this,
who am I kidding? I need my pills,
I need my pills. [gulps] I should have done it
with water. I cannot do this anymore. Teacher, can I leave? Postpone my exam another day,
or something. Don’t look at me,
you’re giving me more pressure.>>Kevin,
why are you always sick?>>I’m not sick.
I have sinus.>>What’s a sinus?>>Actually, I don’t know.
My mom said, I just have it.>>Teacher, teacher,
teacher! I think there’s a typo,
I think there’s a typo. Teacher, is this question
supposed to be part of this exam? I don’t remember
studying for this. Teacher, I think there’s
a mistake with the question. Is Ryan have three apples,
not Ryan has– Oh wait, nevermind. Teacher!
It’s a bit cold here. Turn off the aircon,
please? Ouch!>>Debbie, Debbie, Debbie. Let me copy. Just once, please? Abbey, Abbey. Let me copy, please? Abbey… Morning stretching. And one, and two, and three,
and four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight.>>Kevin, what is the answer
to question 7?>>Don’t disturb me,
try it yourself.>>Seriously?>>Kevin.>>Kevin. Do you know the answer
to question 7?>>Nicole, Nicole, Nicole,
Question 7, question 7. Hao, do you know what’s
the answer for question 7?>>Seriously?
>>Yeah.>>Okay, focus. I remember this,
P3 equals N1– Can you stop that? Okay, focus. P3 equals N1. P3 equals N1, five.>>Oops. Oops.>>You know, it only
works once, right.>>Oh.>>Oops. Can you help me take
my spectacle? I cannot see. No? I’ll try to take it myself. Okay, spectacles? Spectacles? Where are you,
spectacles? Spectacles? Aww…
Aww… Spectacles… Ouch…
Spectacles?>>Teacher, I’m done.>>Oh, wow,
there’s one hour more. Would you like
to check your work?>>I checked three times.>>Okay. Well then, take a nap,
yeah? Oh Kev, I see
you’re taking a nap now. Well done. I will just take this
from you then.>>Ugh…
This is so hard. How do I do this? Oh wait, my notes. My mom told me
not to cheat but– I’m just gonna do it. Okay, I’m just gonna leave
my notes right here. [gags] [vomits]>>Oh my God, Trev. Go to the toilet
and clean yourself up.>>That’s a good idea. Okay. Ugh, yes. Of course. [recorder palying] [gasps] [snake hissing] All right, all right. I left it
somewhere around– What? I swear,
I left it here. Okay, it has to be
somewhere. Hi, sorry. I think I left something
around here.>>I’m sorry. I’m very sorry.>>I can see now. Oh my God.
Hey, did you see my notes? I think it dropped
under the sink or something.>>Have you joined my guild?>>No?>>Then I don’t have it.
>>Ugh!>>These aren’t even correct. Oh wait,
I’m the cleaner. [suspenseful music]>>So guys, are we going
to cheat or what?>>Hey, Nicole. What’s the answer
for question 7? I’m still stuck
on this question. Hey guys, question 7.
Question 7!>>[inaudible] in its simplest form.
I think it’s 4. Cause it’s a simple number.>>You guys,
are you sure this is okay?>>Chill, Kevin. Look at Madam Soot Beng,
she’s fast asleep.>>You shouldn’t be cheating. You shouldn’t be resorting
to these kinds of methods. No matter how badly
you want to pass.>>Shut up, Kevin. Do you want the answers,
or not?>>Yeah, I guess.>>Kevin stand up– Why
are you cheating? Follow me to the
principal’s office.>>But, but–
Jas, Hao–>>Tsk, tsk, tsk.>>Hey guys, what did
you all get for question 21 in the exam today?>>21?
>>My answer was 52.>>What?
My answer was 5,002.>>I think I wrote [inaudible].>>I skipped the question. Actually I skip half
of the exam.>>There was a question 21?>>Yes.>>Guys, the exam is over. Let’s just focus
on our freedom now.>>Oh, yeah.
She’s right.>>Wait, wait, wait. It’s not over yet.>>Huh?
Why?>>The hardest part is
not about taking the exams… but to wait for the results.>>Wait, why do you
smell like pee?

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