5 grandes mudanças que aconteceram no Dream League Soccer 2020

One more video for the channel, long time no
I make video for the channel, I’m reforming
where I make my videos, I will also marry
this November, that’s why I’m not
releasing a lot of videos, it’s very busy, I hope you
don’t leave the channel, and yes always
follow video by video, I’ll be back with everything soon, Today I will bring to you, 5 new things to come
at Dream League Soccer 2020, I’m almost sure
that this will come in the game, if it wasn’t coming the game would have
been released a long time ago, before continuing with the video, I want to talk to you
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and leave your like in the video, my instagram will be
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will happen soon, continuing the video, let’s talk about 5 news that
may appear in the game by 2020, I’m pretty sure that
all this will come in the game, if it were for the game to come without
new it would already be available, the first novelty, I believe it would be facebook
to invite new players, an option where you can
link your facebook in the game, and invite everyone
them to play with you, there are great chances of coming
this novelty in the game, could you play with the
facebook personal online, without having to look too hard, I strongly believe that
you can invite your facebook friends
to play against and online, the second possibility,
it’s the game of having groups, or clan, clan has on PUBG, Free fire,
I believe you can have in the game, these groups can play among themselves,
or face rival groups, the best groups will be
ranked by the game, that would be big news
that we could come into the game, the third novelty, would be tidying up
online game mode, online is very
hard to play, if you are playing
the tenth online division, the game gets very stuck
and there are a lot of errors in the game, I believe there are big
possibilities to fix it, the fourth novelty, would be the goalkeeper’s improvement
of the game and also the marking, the marking of the game
it’s very bad, the players pass
inside each other, until version 2018 a
marking was very good, in 2019 they wanted
increase the difficulty, took and left
this bad markup, the goalkeeper never
it was good in the game, he never defended
no close kicks, I believe they could
improve it, have more goalkeeper defenses,
have more goalkeeper participation, the fifth and last news, would be the new
players faces, the game does not update its
long faces, it’s 3 to 4 years that the game
doesn’t update their faces, these are the 5
possible news, if you like I’ll bring one
part 2 of this video, it depends on what I think, if I find news
that might come in the game, then I will bring to you, God bless life
from each of you, until the next video
and be with God, I went.

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