7 Year Old Wonderkid Showing Amazing Football Skills for Kids

100 thoughts on “7 Year Old Wonderkid Showing Amazing Football Skills for Kids

  1. I know he's young and all but he's made out to be amazing but he's not even on the line of good yet and that defender literally just stood there and let him past at one point the defender had to even move back a bit because the kid messed it up 🙌🏻

  2. Are these supposed to be skills to get past people, because to me it looked like it was pretty easy to tackle him.

  3. Benimda karsimda kirmizili gibi bi oyuncu olsa bende calim atarim ole one bicim sey aq mal mal armut gibi bakiyo ne ayak koyuyo ne kapmaya calisiyo ne itiyo ne cekiyo bunne aq BU ARADA TURKLER BURDAMI ? Asdhshksksj

  4. Once I was 7 years old, I couldn't kick a ball
    Today I'm really retarded, soon I'll be 16 years old…
    I had one dream, like my dog before me


  5. I will subscribe to everyone who likes this comment and subscribe to my channel replay done so I know you did

  6. Just need make sure they fluent, seems like he's thinking about them.. need start defending better to help the young lad do the skills without thinking.. keep it up

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