8 Steps to Overcome Tennis Elbow

8 Steps to Overcome Tennis Elbow

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of DrAxe.com. In this video, I’m going to teach you the
eight steps to overcome tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is something a lot of people
are struggling with on a regular basis. It’s not just tennis players. It can be baseball players, it can be pitchers,
other athletes. So again, here are the eight steps you need
to follow to overcome tennis elbow fast, including the best diet, supplements, and natural treatments
for tennis elbow. Number one, get more proteolytic enzymes. Now proteolytic enzymes are enzymes that reduce
inflammation of the tendons as well as the rest of the body, and you can get this in
your diet as well as supplement form. Here are the best foods that contain proteolytic
enzymes. Figs contain ficin, which actually is a proteolytic
enzyme that reduces inflammation of tennis elbow. So figs are high in it. Pineapples contain bromelain, so consume pineapple. Papayas contain papain. And the best of all is kiwi. Kiwi contains actinidin. So again, get those fruits in your diet on
a regular basis, as well as ginger. What I would say would be the top two is buy
some kiwis, consume two to three kiwi a day along with ginger. Drink ginger tea, add some ginger to a smoothie. But again ginger and kiwi contain proteolytic
enzymes that reduce inflammation of the entire body, but especially your tendon areas. The next thing here would be peppermint oil. Peppermint essential oil, you can use topically. It has cooling and cooling compounds, such
as mentha, and you can mix peppermint oil with just a little bit of coconut oil. Also you could put a dash or two of clover
black pepper oil, mix it together. But I would do peppermint and clove. I also love Cyprus oil. Rub those directly on the area of pain three
times a day. But making your own sort of DIY pain reliever
is a great thing to do. And you can find a recipe for natural muscle
cream on my website DrAxe.com, that’s DrAxe.com, or just Google search right now, “Dr Axe muscle
cream,” and you’ll find a recipe online there. The next thing I would say is rest the area. That’s a big thing. A lot of times areas won’t heal because they’re
not completely rested. So take some time off, let the area rest and
heal. I would recommend two to four weeks, and do
other exercises away from that area, things that aren’t going to be irritating the tendon
in that area. You want to be really careful in staying away
from doing things with your triceps especially can irritate, overhead presses with your shoulders. So again, take some time off. And that leads me to the next thing, do some
different exercise, such as yoga, or Pilates, or barre class. I mean go and do something to where that you’re
not going to cause more inflammation of that tendon. Now the next supplement you want to consider
taking is an omega-3 supplement, such as a fish oil or a fish roe supplement, something
that’s high in omega-3 fatty-acids, EPA, DHA, and ETA that help really reduce inflammation. I recommend, again, taking probably two caps
three times a day of a good quality omega-3 supplement that’s going to help reduce inflammation. The other thing I would really consider doing
if you’re struggling with tennis elbow is getting something done called prolotherapy
or PRP. That stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma.” These are known as regenerative injections. Now, what happens is in PRP is they’ll draw
your own blood, they’ll spin it down to where it only contains your platelets and growth
and healing factors. So think about this. When you, let’s say you sprain your wrist,
and it swells up. What happens is your body starts sending growth
factors to heal and repair the damaged ligaments, tendons, and muscular tissue, and heal the
joint. Now what happens, though, is your body may
only heal it by about 80%, so there’s still some damaged tissue there. It’s not completely regenerated. What happens with PRP and prolotherapy and
PRP, for instance, they’ll reinject those growth factors, which will then help your
body go from only that 80% total reconstructive healing to 90% or 100%. So it really helps in regenerating tissues. That’s prolotherapy, PRP and stem cell are
all in those areas, but specifically for tendinitis, prolotherapy and PRP are going to be the most
effective. So you’re going to Google search PRP or prolotherapy. Let’s say “prolotherapy Nashville” if you
live in the Nashville area or “prolotherapy Orlando, Florida” if you live in that area
as well. Last couple things here. I recommend you see an acupuncturist. Acupuncturists are great doing things like
dry-needling of areas, which are going to help reduce inflammation and tension in that
muscular tissue. Also there’s things such as Graston and ART. Those are soft tissue techniques to relax
the area. And last but not least, doing exercises. There’s an exercise program called Egoscue,
where you do specific exercises to help balance out other muscles. One of the causes of things like tennis elbow,
or jumper’s knee, or other sort of tendonitis issues within the body is the overuse of one
area compared to another. So what Egoscue would do is they would look
and say, “Okay. We see you’re over utilizing the triceps and
the brachial radialis muscle, but you’re under-utilizing maybe it’s the bicep and an area in the shoulder
to where there’s pulling.” So think about this. You have one area too weak, one too strong. It’s unevenly pulling certain tendons and
putting stress on areas. Egoscue helps even out the muscle. So they’ll have you do exercises to strengthen
the area that’s not strong, which balances out the tissues. So Egoscue, you can look up “Dr. Axe Egoscue,”
and we have a great article there which sort of explains what you can do. Or you can look up “Egoscue Nashville,” or
“Egoscue Dallas, Texas,” or a different area, and you can find a Egoscue practitioner near
you as well that can actually help you with sort of that muscular balance. I guarantee if you follow those steps, number
one, consume a diet high in proteolytic enzymes, figs, kiwi, papaya, ginger root, pineapple,
also lots of vegetables. So a lot of those fruits I mentioned, a lot
of vegetables, that’s going to reduce inflammation. Getting more omega-3s in your diet, wild-caught
salmon plus taking a fish roe or a fish oil supplement, getting lots of those omega-3s. Remember the exercise soft-tissue technique,
such as, Garston and ART, and then Egoscue. If you follow some of those tips I just shared
with you, you’re going to see results with getting rid of tennis elbow fast. If you want more in-depth information on how
to get rid of tennis elbow, you can go to my website DrAxe.com. That’s DrAxe.com. Or just look up “Dr. Axe tennis elbow.” You’ll find my article there on Google, which
goes through these steps and a whole lot more on how to get rid of tennis elbow fast.

26 thoughts on “8 Steps to Overcome Tennis Elbow

  1. Thanks man ive been having and issue with my elbows when i do barbell squats and bench. My elbows are always in pain i will probably take that break and use the diet. thanks and keep making vids

  2. Thanks doc, these tips really help. I have been taking glucosamine and its been helping. I especially feel the pain when I am bench pressing and overhead press. The annoying thing is that clicking sound in my elbows. Will try some of your tips and hopefully they help.

  3. Great video. Can you mix peppermint oil with olive oil. this is my second week with tennis elbrow injury. Before my injury, I was lifting 10lb weights. using the machine where I lift upon my head. I know my arms are getting flabby and my arms are getting flabby near the elbow. I had never had that problem.Can I cut to 5lbs. do you have any exercise where I can keep my arms in shape. Thank you

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  10. I need help. I have both tennis and golfers elbow. I can't extend my arm straight. It's goes as far as a V shape, and hurts a lot

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