Aaron Rodgers and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports

81 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports

  1. As a Lions fan and the mod of r/boniver I feel extremely conflicted right now.

    edit: That was great. Obviously knew JV was the chillest but I really enjoyed listening to Rodgers as well.

  2. As a Bears fan I hate the Packers, however, this is some great content. Both are super wholesome and have such great insight into life.

  3. This is like I'm having a dream. I never would have paired the the two together for an interview but I am definitely not disappointed

  4. As someone who just recently reached out for help after years of struggling with my emotions, it was extremely refreshing to hear them speak about their experiences with counseling.

  5. Not sure why people hate Arod so much. Not only he's a talented qb, he's a smart guy as well. Give that man respect, and start being classy. Sheesh. Anyway, that's wayy off topic. Lol I enjoyed this. Two great ppl in Wisconsin having a nice talk.

  6. That Holocene story though. It is unequivocally my favorite song ever to exist, and I’ve always wondered about how it was written.

  7. Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Vernon, two amazing people beyond their jobs in life. They have great insight, values, and information to provide to everyone. This is an AMAZING conversation. I love you two guys. Thank you for this.

  8. 2 great guys, talking about REAL LIFE. Not ego involved just 2 dudes having a deep talk about things we all can relate to.
    Aaron is an amazing passionate player, and Justin is an amazing passionate musician…but now I get the whole point they are amazing people no matter their success, and their awesomeness goes further than a guitar or a ball.

  9. It's funny, I always told myself, If I ever met Aaron, I would ask what is your diet and what is your favorite music. LOVE this interview I know weird? We all know the rest!

  10. Whoever was responsible for the intersection of these two individuals at GQ, is a genius and should be treated as a national treasure.

  11. This was by far the best Aaron Rodgers sitdown I’ve ever watched. Its refreshing to just see them be who they are. Not what the media portrays them to be. Had no idea who Justin was until the video. Respect 🙏🏽

  12. One super star looks like he's ready to play in Sunday and the other Superstar looks like he just rolled out of bed.

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