adidas Originals | Superstar | Change Is a Team Sport

adidas Originals | Superstar | Change Is a Team Sport

– What’s up? Have a great first day,
locker’s on the left. (piano music) – [Announcer] Good morning, everyone. Activities are about to commence. (piano music) Before they do, I just wanna say let’s remember why we’re here. We’re here to change things. We can all do amazing things on our own, but together, we can do so much more. Can make things better
than they were before by being a teacher in your craft and a student in someone else’s. Oh, that reminds me, say hi to Jenn Soto, our newest team member. Share your strength and receive strength from your teammates. And most importantly, have fun. If you’re smiling, you’re doing it right. Change is a team sport and we’d be honored to
be on a team with you.

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  1. "What’s the name of the piano song" asks Joseph Imowoo. This is Love is blue, the greatest success of my father André Popp, interpreted here by pianist Liberace. I’m very proud and thank ADIDAS for choosing this song for its new advertising campaign. I am happy to have been able to integrate this version of Liberace into the André Popp La Musique m’aime, anthology in 6 cd box set of his work as composer, arranger, conductor. In this box, there are 8 different versions of Love is blue, discover them !!

  2. When I saw Jackson I was obligated to like it 🖤 Jackson Wang king 🖤👑 and now I see him on my TV in France 😭🖤👑

  3. So Dope! Congrats to Jenn for getting on the team. Also Ninja needs less make up, he looked even whiter next to the SOTY Tyshawn!

  4. ══╗╔╗╔║╔╔╗╔╗║║

  5. Ok so I got this as an ad before a video and I saw Jackson and was like lemme jus-
    But that.wasn'

  6. Я одна зашла сюда после рекламы в телеке, потому что увидела блэкпинк?😂😂😂
    Потом увидела Джексона😂

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