Am incercat scuba diving! | Lifestyle #1

Hello! We are in Constanta! We will do some scuba diving for the first time. I hope that I will shoot something nice. We are back! We are at lunch, we had the scuba diving experience. It was interesting… But I stick to freediving… I will do the scuba again only if there is something interesting to see in the water and the distance that I have to do with the scuba diving gear is very short. Maaaan, You have to be very strong to carry that scuba gear! It’s heavy! And we walked like 150 meters until the beach. So, it’s better from a boat! It’s difficult to move in the water, You feel like you are out of control Either you are too heavy, either you are too buoyant you are struggling to manage these situations. But still it is an experience. What can I say more? You hyperventilate because of the pressure from the air tank

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