Amy Poehler Is Obsessed with the Trapped Thai Soccer Team Story

Amy Poehler Is Obsessed with the Trapped Thai Soccer Team Story

-We have to talk about
those boys in the cave, dude. -Now, these are
the Thai boys in the cave? -Yes. Did you guys
talk about that at all? Can you believe that story? Ask me anything
about that story. -Oh, are you fully up to date? -I can’t stop reading about that
story, and it keeps going. -Like, what’s happening now?
-Oh, what’s happening now? Oh, only the boys
shaved their heads, and they’re going
into a monastery to honor the diver that died. They’re going to go
to a monastery now. -Oh, my God.
-It’s the most amazing story. -How many kids was it? -That I don’t know.
[ Laughter ] I don’t read the fine print. -Well, you’re not about,
like, numbers. You’re feelings.
-Yes. They all got out.
-Yep. -They had to — I’m gonna
talk about this forever. They had to be sedated.
Did you know that? -No. Before they went — -I mean, you seriously
didn’t know that? Why didn’t you read this story? -I was so worried it was
gonna have an unhappy ending. -I’m only talking about it ’cause it was
a happy ending, of course. I would never talk about it
if it was a sad ending. -So, they sedated them before
they took them back? -Yes. They put them to sleep. They don’t even remember
getting traveled in the water. Can you imagine? And they were asleep, and
there was a diver next to them just watching them to make
sure everything was going fine. And it took hours, dude. And it was —
The tunnel was like an “S.” So, at one point,
they couldn’t — It’s — -They say that’s,
of the letters, the worst one
for your tunnel to be. -And — Wait. Oh! And the coach
that brought them there… -Mm-hmm. -…which, you know…
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, there was an outcome
where he was not a hero, yeah. -But he had studied
to be a Buddhist monk and he taught them
to meditate to conserve energy. So they all learned
to meditate in the cave. ♪ And they lived
off of rainwater ♪ Why isn’t every — -I heard the coach —
I did hear that the coach didn’t eat any of his food. -Yes. He gave away his food.
-Yeah. -Ugh!
-I mean, I guess you… -I don’t know why you don’t talk
about this every night. Don’t do any jokes about Trump. Just talk seriously
about this story, ’cause it never ends. -Yeah.
-It’s amazing. -Well, I remember, we were —
A very similar story. We were working at “SNL”
when the Chilean miners — -Oh! -That was another story that —
You loved that story. -‘Cause they all got out.
-Yeah. -And remember
the Chilean miners? Ask me anything about
the Chilean miners. -Well, I remember
there was one Chilean miner who, like, loved the camera. Do you remember that? -He got a little popular. -And then I think
we wrote a talk-show sketch where Fred was that miner. And then the band was,
like, the other 31 miners. I can’t remember what it was.
-Yeah. And America never saw
that sketch, right? -No. Didn’t see that.
-No, no. -I think I might
have also written one where there were 31 miners went in
and 32 came out. [ Laughter ] I think that’s maybe
all I had, but — -Was the 32nd miner Horatio?
-Yeah, probably. -Yeah, yeah. -He was just a guy
who lived down there. He lived in a cave and then
he saw that as his chance out. -That should
have been on the air. -By the way, you know about what
happened to Horatio today? Our friend Horatio Sanz.
-What? -I think he became
an American citizen today. -[ Gasps ]
Are you kidding me? -I think that
truly happened today. Give it up for Horatio Sanz.
[ Cheers and applause ] -America is better for it. -We’ll have to
fact-check that, of course. -We’ll have to have
a party for him. -Yeah, we have to have
an American party for him. -Oh, that’s wonderful.
-That’s great news. -I mean, it’s no Thai boys
in a cave, but it’s — ‘Cause it’s one person. -No, I would say,
like, if you had to choose, at a dinner party, what
to bring up, either Horatio
becoming an American or the Thai boys,
you would talk about — -I am not kidding when
I’ve just been talking nonstop to people about it,
and it’s been weeks now. -Yeah. -It’s kind of over as a story, but it’s just
beginning…for me. -You’re just starting? -They’re entering
a monastery now. -Oh, no. What if they get trapped
in the monastery? -Trapped in the monastery.
They won’t, they won’t. -They won’t get trapped?
-They would never. -And then the divers have to
get them out of the monastery. ‘Cause they only — They’re only
comfortable with the divers, so even though
there’s no water… -They’re like,
“You’re the man I trust.” That would be — They’ve got to check
those doors, make sure they — -Well, ’cause I believe
most monasteries in Thailand do have, like,
the hallways like an “S.” -Do you know —
And you know what? Elon Musk…
-Oh, great. I want to hear this. Well, Elon Musk
sent a submarine. -Yeah. Period. The end. You know the guy that’s
always like, “I’ll help,” and it’s like — And he brings
out some stupid tool or something or,
like, “unclogs your sink,” by, like, taking it apart? Like, I used to live above a
bunch of meth-heads in Chicago, and, one time, they were like,
“We’re gonna fix your sink.” And they just took it apart and
they left for like two weeks. That’s what it felt like.
[ Both laugh ]

100 thoughts on “Amy Poehler Is Obsessed with the Trapped Thai Soccer Team Story

  1. her enthusiasm is fuckin hilarious
    "so they all learned to meditate in the cave…and they lived off of raiiiinwaaater"

  2. I could not love her more, she is the best! And her and Seth just 'catching up' interviews makes me so happy, I could watch this every day.

  3. So good. This was barely funny but watching two friends laughing together is so contagious and wholesome. I was rolling.

  4. so actually, quite a few of the Chilean miners died afterwards from secondary effects from being trapped in the cave. yppo

  5. I always love it when Amy guests on the show. The laughter that both she and Seth share is just so genuine. It's adorable how close they are as friends.

    Do us a favor guys, just never stop being friends!

  6. Just like Jimmy has Tina, Seth has Amy. This is a visual definition of chemistry. I want an 18 hour podcast of just them TALKING 😍

  7. Are Americans not talking about the (luckily, formerly) trapped Thai footballers? We've been on tenderhooks over here in the UK, it's been the perfect positive antidote to all the Trump and Brexit poison.

  8. She is literally me when i talk about the chilean miners. WOO these stories get me so excited!! More so than any sport on tv

  9. Amazed for 12 Thai boys trapped in a cave? How ‘bout 2k child kidnapped by our government and also kept sedated so they cannot cry or complaint? This is the most stupid make up time interview.


  11. Amy, I'm Thai. I have loved you and Tina (and also Jimmy and Seth) for many years. I'm so elevated that you cared so much about Thai cave rescue so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  12. I love Amy for talking about this – it’s a huge, heartwarming, exceptional story and Americans don’t talk about the rest of the world, particularly Asia, enough.

  13. I would just watch you two talk for hours.

    In fact, falling down YouTube rabbit holes, I have on occasion. I would 100% just watch a show of Seth and Amy Chat.

  14. I read that the coach lost his family when he was 8 and he's the assistant coach and was told to take them to the cave for that day.

  15. I like them both, enjoyed the interview, and am no particular fan of Musk – but the guy at least showed interest to help among the many billionaires who must have also read about the news, and he took a hit for his attempt. Why can't we give credit where credit is due? Doesn't have to be anything outrageous but recognizing the good intent of anyone could only be a good thing.

  16. i feel like halfway through they forgot they were in front of an audience and were just talking with friends bc this is the most natural conversation ive ever seen

  17. hello, this is a note that of the recent months – i noticed that certain topics headlined for your videos do not match actual interview(?) your display of the story made me feel like it wasn't a rescue but something you rather laugh about. if this is a international news piece – do we all laugh(?) parks and recreation is about the city here. sometimes we have unfortunate happenings as well.

  18. Amy: ask me anything about that story

    Seth: how many kids was it

    Amy: that I don't know

    LMAO!!!!! I love her

  19. her enthusiasm is contagious. i love how they ditch the formal part of the interview and just say things they're passionate about

  20. I always find myself coming back to this interview when I need a good laugh even one year on. When they laugh together it just reminds me of mischievous school children haha! I love it!

  21. I hate hearing about good sketches that never made it to air on SNL – especially when I consider some that make it. That 31 go in/32 come out sketch sounds amazing

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