Annoying Orange – Dragon Fruit Z (Dragon Ball Z Spoof)

Annoying Orange – Dragon Fruit Z (Dragon Ball Z Spoof)

(beeping) – I’m close. I know it’s around here somewhere. – Hey, hot stuff. Name’s Grapefruit. You looking for something? – I’m looking for the Dragon Orb. Once I find it, I can
summon the Dragonfruit and wish for whatever I want. – Wow, anything I want? – But you just get one wish. – One wish? Aw, but there’s so many things I want. How could I choose? I want a kazoo. No, two kazoos. Oh wait, I wish for a kazoo pinwheel! – I’d wish to finally
hit that growth spurt my mom promised me. – Legend says it’ll be hiding
in the legendary super citrus. – Well look no further, hot stuff. I’m your guy! (beeping) – Mm, nope. Not you. – Really? You should probably check again. Might be broken or something. – If you aren’t the super
citrus, then it must be… Orange! – Huh? I’m not a legendary super citrus. I’m an orange! (chuckles) Wait. It kinda makes sense. – It is you, Orange! Now we have to get you
out of here before– (loud blast) – Too late, smarty pants. You led us right to the dragon orb. That wish is ours. – You’ll never get your
hands on it, Radish. – And who exactly is gonna stop us? – Ka-Carrot? – Piccolo? – This ends here and now, Radish. – You guys know each other or something? – Ugh, this happens all the time. Just let them do their thing. – Let’s fight! (blasts) (groans) (blasts continue) – [Both] Wow! (loud rock music) (groaning) – Ugh! – Aah! – Uh, got any twos? – Go fish. – Are they still going at it? (grunting and groaning) (Broccoli falls) – It’s over, Broccoli. – Huh? Cocka… doodle… doo!! Garlic… Gun!!!! – They’ll tear the kitchen apart. – (yelling) Red Cayenne! X10! – Broccoli, no! – We can take him, Carrot. – You think two or one
will make a difference? I haven’t even begun to power up yet. – Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah? Oh yeah, well, I need to power up more than you need to power up, so… – And my power up hasn’t
even begun to power up, so take that. – Get comfy, boys. Still got a ways to go. (electric shocks) (groaning) – Come on, they’ve been doing this for like three episodes or something. – I know, right? They’re just standing there yelling. If I was in this fight, which I totally would
be winning by the way, I’d just run up and punch the other guy. (screaming) – You know what, that’s not a bad idea. Double sundae! (loud blasts) – [Offscreen] Whoops. – Nice going, Grapefruit! Now we don’t have any more
super veggies to protect us. – And the Dragon Orb will… – Don’t worry guys, I’ll stop him! (Grapefruit falls) And I forgot, I cannot fly. – Right, as I was saying,
and the Dragon Orb will be all mine! – Orange, you’re our last hope. You have to turn into the legendary super citrus right now. – Eh, okay. But how? – I’m gonna regret this later. Orange, you have to yell! – Wait. You mean you actually want me to–? – Yes, Orange. I’m giving you permission to yell. Let me go grab my ear plugs before you– – There’s no time! (yells) (screams) – Hey, stop that! You’re getting on my nerves. – Never! (blasts) Aah! – His annoyance level is off the scale. 7,000, 8,000, it’s, it’s… – It’s over Nyan-Thousand! – That’s not even a real number! (farts) – Ew! – Oh, Radish, hey Radish! – (laughs) It’s burning my eyes! – What do you think of the new ‘do? – Impossible! He transformed. – Hey, hey Radish, hey! – Ah, you are so annoying! – I’m not annoying. I am an orange! (grunts) – Radish, more like Rude-ish. You don’t see me hawking stuff at you. Actually– (blasts) – I will destroy you! – If you can’t play nice, Rude-ish, then you need to beet it! Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya… NYA!! (yells) (mysterious sound) – The Dragon Orb. We must be summoning the
eternal Dragonfruit now. Maybe I can wish my friends back. – As kazoos! – Friends back as kazoos. Got it. – That’s not what I meant! – My work here is done. Later, skater. – Wind instruments? Should have seen that coming. – I can’t tell if this
is an improvement or not. – It is for me! (blows kazoos) (groaning) (blows) – I think I almost got it! – What’s going on? – Orange is trying to
learn how to whistle. I’m rooting against it. – As am I. Can you imagine how he’ll terrorize the kitchen if he figures it out? (chuckling) – [Voiceover] Knife. (slices)

100 thoughts on “Annoying Orange – Dragon Fruit Z (Dragon Ball Z Spoof)

    orange:THERE NO TIME
    also orange:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    splits the hole earth apart

    Orange:if u can’t play nice roodish then u need to beat it
    Also orange:uses NANANANANANA ‘LOL
    Roodish:what the AAAAAAAAH

  2. Imagine if you were the human who lived in that house and was going to get something to eat then just a whole battle of crazy powerful blasts just all over the place and it makes it more weird when your food is doing it

  3. This is peak comedy
    Half way through this video a had a stroke from how hard I was laughing, and my hospital bills are going to put me into debt

  4. 4:06 Hey stahp dat! Ur getin on mai nervs!
    4:13 His annoyance level is off the scale! 7000, 8000, its…its..
    4:20 Dats naht evn a reel numbr!

  5. I’m a DBZ fan and I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Please there’d be a sequel!! I know it’s a lot to ask, but, but I’m just… Saiyan

    Haha. Get it, Saiyan?

  6. Orange Ball Z
    Orange, Orange, Rock The Orange
    Orange Ball Z
    Orange, Orange, Rock The Orange
    Come Annoy Me
    (Music plays)
    Orange Ball Z
    Orange, Orange, Rock The Orange
    Orange Ball Z
    Orange, Orange, Rock The Orange
    Come Annoy Me
    Orange, Orange, Rock The Orange
    Orange Ball Z
    Orange, Orange, Rock The Orange
    Come, Come Annoy Me
    (Music plays)
    Orange Ball Z
    O R A N G E B A L L Z!
    (Orange goes super saiyan fruit)

  7. Orange=Goku
    Little apple=Krillin
    Grandpa lemon=Master Roshi
    Passion=Chi Chi
    Baby carrot=Goten

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