Atlantic Crossing Begins! Capt. Brady at the helm! EP 241

Atlantic Crossing Begins! Capt. Brady at the helm! EP 241

So what’s it been like
having Delos Crew, take over your whole home for
the last three weeks? Best experience of my life. Great people hang out with. I don’t know how to pour shots. Chill vibes, Abandon Ship ! Oh, Oh, Oh. Lots of boat stuff going on. Getting my own boat
sail, learning a lot it’s been awesome. This has to be the biggest
Delos takeover we’ve ever done. When Jim first
reached out to us. We found it hard to believe
that someone we’d never met, would be willing to open
up their private dock to us for a whole month. Accepting this
offer, meant that we got so much more than
just a solid place to knock out boat work. Jim didn’t just invite
us onto his dock, he opened up the
doors to his home, and made us feel
like it was ours. Do you see the size of these
washing machines people have in their houses. He gave us a space to edit
Delos episodes, cooked us countless amazing meals. Open the egg. Secret, shh– And even let us have a patron
party with over 100 people. Jim’s house, give it up for Jim. [CHEERING] But before we got too
comfortable with the landlife, we had to remind
ourselves, We have an ocean to cross and more things
on the to-do list. So today. The life raft should be
coming today or tomorrow. The preventer on the main,
we’re going to do that today. Me and Sean are
going to tackle that. Rigging do that today. Go up the main mast
and have a look. It shouldn’t take more
than 15, 20 minutes. Make watch schedule. Yeah, we can do that. Today I will start
filling up with fuel. We have like 150
litres right now. So we need 450 litres. Hey, am going to borrow your
truck again, if that’s cool? Are you still asking? Come on, [INAUDIBLE]. And then it was time
for the big provisions. We needed to get
enough food and staples to provide for five adults
for months of off grid living. This is the story of
Delos, a sailboat that’s been cruising around the
world for over a decade. I jumped on board 10 years ago
not knowing that one day I’d be stepping up as captain. With my girlfriend and
first mate by my side. Over 50 crew have
called Delos home. And that tradition of
sharing the adventure continues this season, as
we write the next chapter of the Delos story during a
lap around the North Atlantic Ocean. If you enjoy Delos videos,
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to keep our journey going. Good morning everybody. Good morning. Morning. What’s your shirt say? The single-handed sailor. This is the guy
that lost his leg, and his arm in an accident. And now he sold
everything and he’s on a boat sailing around
the world by himself. That’s intense. If that doesn’t inspire you
to do it and tell you you can do it, I don’t know what will. First I want to point that out. Somebody labeled the label
maker and labeled it wrong. It’s the lable maker. Lable maker. [INAUDIBLE] We’re going to lable many
things with this lable maker. Look at that. One British man, one
South African man. His job was– With the Argentinean saying
“you’re spelling it wrong, bro!” Oh my god. I was like guys, you
don’t spell like that, “I know, yes yes, I was like– OK– I guess I’m the
Argentinian, right? Only a few days in and
the crew vibe was awesome. Which was a good
start because we had some long passages ahead of us. Our first stop out
of Florida will be Bermuda, about 1,000
nautical miles to the Northeast. Our plan is to
leave Pompano Beach, ride the Gulf Stream up
just north of the Bahamas. And get sucked into the
North Atlantic high. While in Bermuda,
we will explore, while waiting for the
perfect weather window, to continue the
1,800 nautical miles to the Portuguese
islands of the Azores. From here the plan is
still up in the air. But we will eventually need
to sail another 4,000 miles, making it back to the Caribbean. Where Brian, Karen, and the
newest crew member will hop aboard and cruise as a family. During the season
we’ll be sailing close to 7,000 nautical miles. And of course filming
the entire journey. This route is part of the
North Atlantic circuit, and only possible because
of the North Atlantic high and the Gulf Stream that
act as a big conveyor belt, bringing wind and
warm water to Europe. This couldn’t have
been a better time to give our scholarship winner
his first lesson on weather. OK. So this is PredictWind. This is the software we use
to get weather when we’re out, and we connect to
the Iridium Go, which is our satellite phone. But basically what it
shows– so down here, is you see these colors from
purple all the way up to red. That shows the wind speed. So the lower, the more purple
it is, the lighter the wind is. So like in here you
see there’s no wind, and once it gets into like
the red and the black, you’re starting
to get into like– Seriously high winds, 30, 35 knots, probably
gusting into 40. And what you have to
understand about wind is, it’s exponentially stronger. So when the wind doubles,
it grows in strength by four times. Right where the green turns
to yellow turns to orange, that’s like sweet. That’s good. We’re good there. Anything above that, we have
to start reefing and the swells get bigger, and it’s still
fine everything’s still safe. It’s just that’s our sweet spot. So every single
ocean in the world has a high pressure
system sitting in it. If you’re north of the
equator, which we are now, they’re going to be
spinning clockwise. OK. If you’re south of
the equator, they’re spinning counterclockwise. Always? Yeah, always. So that’s like the
high pressure systems. They’re mainly
stationary and they stay in the same [INAUDIBLE]. They fluctuate north and south. They sit there. And then you have
low pressure systems that work their way
around those pretty much. So it’s a clockwise motion
this thing’s moving in. Now if you look up here
they’re doing the opposite. They go this way and
then come back down. It’s a high pressure. So those are low pressure That’s not– The small ones with
strong wind are low, the big one is a
high pressure system. So low pressure means there’s
not as many air particles there right now, which means
there’s room for air particles to be moving into. Which is creating more wind. High pressure there’s a lot. So there’s not wind trying
to rush into that area. Does that makes sense? Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. That’s like the most basic. And the reason
that’s spinning is because of the Coriolis effect. Because the world is
rotating and spinning, it makes everything spin. Like whereas if the
world wasn’t spinning, we probably wouldn’t even
have weather actually. [LAUGHTER] So as the Earth spins on the
equator is the water like that, as such? It is pushed out. It also depends
where the moon is. And the tide changes it too. What! But as the moon moves around
it most like pull it– Yeah, it pulls the water. –through. That’s so cool. It’s cool. So there’s some good
diagrams that show that the Earth is not round. It depends on where the
moon is and what’s going on, because the moon really
bulges one side out. And that’s just high tide
is the world bulging. It’s a lot to take on. But it makes logical sense,
everything makes sense. OK. Now repeat it. [LAUGHTER] Do an essay on this. So basically our plan is
to hop on this conveyor belt. We want to stay just
above the no wind zone caused by the center of the high. And just below the strong
winds caused by the lows above. If all goes to plan,
this is the pattern that will carry us around
the entire North Atlantic and back into the Caribbean. I just want to say
something really quickly, It is really interesting
how when you’re on a boat, nobody says excuse
me, or can I get by, everyone is just so like aware. Because it’s such a
small space down there. That everyone just
like moves and flows in this really interesting way. But in England you be like, “Oh,
I’m so sorry, can I get by.” But on a boat,
you don’t do that. And secondly, I think being
on Delos kind of opens my mind to the opportunity
of living in a different way. And the fact you don’t have
to just follow that normal job life. There are options and
ways to live and make an income, while
also living the dream or following your passion,
or doing something awesome with your
life instead of just kind of going through the normal
motions of work and stuff. I think Delos is a really
good example and quite an intense example of that. Hey, what’s your plan? What we’re doing today? So today we are
starting our provision which is super
exciting, because that means we’re getting very, very
close to casting the lines and starting our passage. And a couple of people
recommended a restaurant wholesale shop. That’s actually
really close to here. So we’re going to make
that our first stop. See what we can get
there for a good price and then take it from there. What’s the first
stop of the day? First stop of the day is coffee. Now we’re ready. So we are at the
Restaurant Depot. Restaurant Depot. And we got really lucky. I think you’re
supposed to have a card to shop here showing that
you own a restaurant. It’s like for wholesale
restaurant stuff. But we walked in and the lady at
the front desk was super nice. And Mike wrote us a little
day pass, which is awesome. So yeah, we’re good to go. OK. So we need 11 pounds
of sugar, tea. So we got Moroccan mint tea,
and then we got Chai tea. But we need like sweet and sour
sauce, chipotle mustard, peanut butter, barbecue, vegetable
oil, salsa, coconut oil. And by the way, you don’t need
to refrigerate mayonnaise. That’s a myth. Muesli, and granola, and
oats, and stuff like that. Look at this, I just
found Chimichurri. Which is like classic
from Argentina. So yeah, some recipes here. 15 rolls a paper towels,
10 packs of tortillas. That’s a lot of tortillas. This place is awesome, It’s
kind of crazy to shop here. It’s like slightly disorganized
because it’s so big. But if you just go through
and look for everything, it’s all there. And we’re going to save a
lot of money shopping here, because it is cheap like
cheap cheap/ It’s a little bit challenging because
everything’s in bulk, and for us we actually like
to get a lot of smaller things because it’s easy to store. And since we don’t
refrigerate a lot of stuff, we can’t really
open a huge thing and leave it open for that long. But we’re just going to
try and get what we can. And then we’ll fill in the
rest with a different store. My guess the price
is going to be $250. [LAUGHTER] So probably your
first time shopping? Have you ever gone
grocery shopping before? Yeah. But just not with dollars. What! Is that loads? $250 is what we would spend in
a week’s worth of food for us. This is four months. So it would be much more. This would be much more. OK. You’re low. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m going to guess like $624. I was really far off then, OK. $740. Let’s see. The bets are on. Yeah. Maybe I’m right. I’m feeling solid in my guess. You’re definitely wrong. I’m definitely right. I think I’m right. I’m sorry but you’re wrong. I’ve got this feeling. So this is the longest receipt– Oh my. –I’ve ever had in my life. But that total ended
up coming to, $880.73. So technically Chia won. Chia won. Whoo. I’d say we’ve cut our prices
in half by coming here, which is awesome. We had just a few more stops to
make before checking everything off our extensive list. Provisioning for five people,
for two to three months it’s an interesting challenge. But the real hard
work begins when you get everything
back on board, organized and stored away. Lucky for us Delos
is set up incredibly well for storing a
crazy amount of food. All we had to do was spend
the afternoon getting the cans, paper
free, and relabeled to keep the bilge clean,
remove as much cardboard as possible to ensure
we are insect egg free, and vacuum seal
all our dry goods to keep them safe from any
bugs getting in or out. Only time will tell how
well we did our job, but it felt good to have
Delos’ belly full and ready for the upcoming passage. All right so it’s
been about a month since we cleaned
the bottom last, and we’ve been tied to this
dock in a pretty nasty canal in South Florida. And I think there’s some
bull sharks under the boat! As we’ve heard. As we’ve heard, but,
Scions is from South Africa and he surfs J bay. So he’s not scared at all. But we’ve got this
thing check it out. This company Remora Marine
makes these underwater boat cleaning device. And it actually has
impeller system in there, So when you’re using
it, it sucks you onto the boat instead of
pulling away, and it feels heavy but they’ve designed it so it’s
actually neutrally buoyant. The saga of the bottom
of Delos continues. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re so high! We’re sitting on the bottom! That it’s super easy to
clean the water lines! Because the waterline
is out of the water. All right. The last full day
tied up to this dock. I don’t think it’s really
going to hit any of us, until we are literally making
our way out of the canal. So yeah, but it’s been a
push the last few days. Trying to wrap up all
the boat projects. And then once we got
that done, trying to wrap up all our
videos that we needed to finish before we left. Yeah. We’ve been working so fricking
hard for the past 30 days on getting Delos already
that we’ve neglected editing. It’s, so much work. It’s kind of crazy actually. It felt a little overwhelming
there for a little bit, so we decided to
leave one day later. We were going to
leave this morning and we just decided
to leave tomorrow morning because it just
wasn’t possible any other way. So yeah everything feels
really, really right. Like I knew when this
crew came together, that everyone was
going to get along good and hit it off but
within a week it’s just been like instant family. And that’s really special. I don’t think that’s
a common thing, to bring a group of people
together, most of them have never met. And have everyone
get along this good. It’s really special. That’s it. We’re leaving town. That’s it. Before setting
sail there’s always the last few tasks, that switch
your mind into offshore mode. Maggie was on deck. Delos was full of water,
fuel, food, and a stoked crew. It was officially time
to start a new chapter. This would be my
first ocean crossing as a solo captain of Delos. And it made me feel excited,
scared, nervous, happy, and everything in between. But a captain is only as strong
as the boat and the crew. And I had a feeling
we were going to be just fine with whatever
Neptune had waiting for us. There was just one
more thing we had to do before casting the lines. We have a little gift
for Jim and Josie for all their hospitality. OK. How to even begin with you guys. I can’t believe that you
guys came into our life or rather that we came
into yours, I suppose. It meant as much to us
as I’m sure it did you. And that’s so good to hear. And you’ve made our time here– I mean, I would say
you made it easier, but you actually made it all
possible to get everything done and that we got done. I know you already have
a lot of captains hats from your days in
the Navy and stuff. That’s pretty. She’s just upgraded. We wanted to give you this. [CHEERING] Smoking a cigar My captain daddy! Thank you guys. Thank you. It says a lot about
people to open up their doors and houses
and personal life to people from the internet. Yeah. It’s all about accepting
and like welcoming people into your heart. If more people around the
world were like you guys, it’d be a good place. Now last thing. You’ve got to put
your captain shirt on. Yeah. [CHEERING] Real classy. [INTERPOSING VOICES] That’s it. [CHEERING] Thank you for being you. And let’s do it. Let’s go cross the ocean. Let’s go cross an ocean! [CHEERING] So we are ready to leave
and I feel so blessed to be here doing this with these
awesome, so amazing people. And good times are coming and
I know that this is going to be like a big trip that– it
changed life right, and– So ready to open a new
chapter of my life. And that’s it. This is the dream that I’ve
been dreaming of for so long. Thank you so much. And to Delos for
inviting me on this trip, and to everyone that
made this possible. Thank you so much. Whoo! See you on the other side. Pier clear. Oh, yes! [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] You know, to be honest the
whole thing about crossing an ocean that was the part
that I wasn’t the most nervous about. Like once I’m off
the dock it’s like oh, let’s go, let’s get out of
the channel in the open ocean. Then you can sit
back for a minute. Next up on Delos, the crew
settle in for life at sea. We fly our trusty Jerrica. Look what you’re
missing outside. And there seems to be a bit
of a spark between the crew. There we go. [INAUDIBLE] sakes. (SINGING) Running from the
facts without thinking twice. Ruben went for a
little swim up here. Give us the power thruster. Has it. Voila. What are you busy
cleaning there? This is the pube catcher
for all your puby need. Yeah, he’s a sexy captain. You’re sexy as a daddy! Oh my gosh! Look at that. Oh. Brad Pitt is nothing. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] my
crewmen, where they– [LAUGHS] come on and
buy some of our stuff. Buy him a beer. Doesn’t he look thirsty? Come on, we got
shirts, We’ve got mugs. We’ve got it all. Come aboard.

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