BABES, BEACHES and BOYS! | Senior Trip 2018

100 thoughts on “BABES, BEACHES and BOYS! | Senior Trip 2018

  1. Where would you like to go on your Senior Trip? Comment below! You can get our LASH NEXT DOOR mascara HERE before it sells out! ▶️ 💋's -Brooklyn

  2. I’m sorry but that playground loooks soooooooo fun😍😍 literally my childhood dreammmm😍😍😂😂

  3. So for spring break me and my friend are going to a trampoline park on Monday and then on Tuesday the same friend and another friend are coming over to my house and then for the rest of my spring break my family and I are going to Florida!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!

  4. my family got to live in Hawaii on Oahu and theres a myth that the warriors told where if you dunk your head in a waterfall you'll have good luck and be like invincible!

  5. Omg! The song you sang around the campfire was my grandma’s wedding song that I sang at her wedding!

  6. We were suppose to leave at 8pm but flight was late. Which we had to caught another flight and barely made our plane from Honoluu then flew all night to Denver. Had a 4 hour delay in Denver. Got a flight eventually back to Dallas and drove to home sweet home. But all in all it was great. Makes you not want to come home…:}

  7. I love B and B, been watching since they were on their mom's channel WAY long time ago. But at 8:35, you see Brooklyn wearing a purple NASA hat.. then, the next shot you see Cameron wearing it lol. I like how she whips it off shortly after she starts talking like, OOPS! better take this off lol. Just something I noticed lol

  8. when I watched this video, I got so jealous ahha. No but this seems so wonderful. I wich I got to experisne these things. But once a swede always a swede

  9. I think it's a natural thing to be jealous of other people, because I had an internship in Zambia (southern Africa) last year for three months (which I'm grateful for that I got to go), but I'm still jealous that I do not have adventures friends who want to go to Hawaii with me

  10. Why are girls holding their nose when they jump in the water? I habe the feeling it‘s a Girl thing😂

  11. I know this video is from 2018 but I sill wanted to say that this summer I'm going to Main and were going to go whale watching.

  12. Omg !!!!! They are in grade 10 and their parents let them go alone to hawaii alone with boys. Oh God. If they lived in india , they would not be doinh anything . Anyone else indian?

  13. i am soooo happy that i found some one that also doesn't like hot dogs when i say that i don't like them people look at me like whaaaaatt.

  14. B&B: we wanted to play at the play ground!
    me: there literally just walking 4:32
    but low key, that park looks lit! love you guys!

  15. im planning to go to Kauai nect time going to the states, fid you get the gelato choco chip dough at the abc store next to puka dog? I wanna get one

  16. i just barely came back from Kauai and I did a lot of what you guys did. IT IS GORGEOUS OVER THERE😍😍😍

  17. Brooklyn and Bailey You can get skin cancer from sunburn so please do wear suncream and not spend too long out there! I know this as my mum had skin cancer when I was three. ♥️

  18. Brooklyn and Bailey’s senior trip: goes to Hawaii
    My school’s senior class trip: goes to an amusement/water park about an hour away

  19. I think I’ve went to the place at the beginning before the hotdogs!

    Did you go to some place with like poo in the name I think I went to the waterfall also

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