Baker Mayfield’s “Hulu Has Live Sports” Audible • Hulu • Commercial

– [Team] Break! [Whistle blows] – [Baker] Hulu has live sports!
Hulu has live sports! – [Player 1] Bake! Saying that in the game
is going to get you fined. – [Baker] Trust me, it’ll be worth it. – [Player 2] Yeah, Hulu’s paying
you. What’s in it for us? – [Baker] Y’all go along with this and you’re all getting jet skis. (players exclaiming) – [Player 1] Oh snap, for real? What color? – [Baker] Any color you want. – [Player 1] Is camo a color? – [Baker] If you want it to be. – [Player 1] I’m in. Y’all in? – [Team] We getting
jet skis. We getting jetskis. (rap beats) – [Baker] Hulu has live sports. ♪ Money get that money ♪

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