Best Way To Stream Sports | NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS & more

Best Way To Stream Sports | NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS & more

All right, if you’re
looking to cut the cord, save some money, and
still stream live sports, you’ve just gotta
keep your eye on the ball, take it one game at a time, and you can knock it out of the park. No, I don’t like sports cliches either, but I thought I would take one for the team so that this intro would be a slam dunk. Let’s step up to the plate. Now, before we get started,
I’ll just remind you we are doing a smart
TV giveaway right now. So, if you wait ’til the end, I’ve got some more details
waiting at the end of this video. Now, as we get started,
a few points to remember. The numbers that I’m gonna be using, I’m gonna be talking a lot about pricing for streaming services, they’re from the most recent
seasons, so they could change by the time the next season rolls around. Lastly, you can skip ahead to the sections that are most relevant to you. If you’re just here to learn about how to stream one particular sport, you can go check that out. We’re gonna be covering
football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer, the top five most popular sports in the US right now in that order. So, if you check out
the description below, I will timestamp all of those and you can skip ahead
to what you want to see. All right, first up is football. This is the football we’re using to illustrate that, apparently. Okay. If you wanna watch football,
if you wanna stream football, NFL Sunday Ticket is your best bet. For $293.94 a season, you can get every
out-of-market Sunday NFL game. Other days of the week,
might be outta luck on those. NFL Sunday Ticket Max is
about a hundred bucks more, and that’s going to include
the Red Zone Channel, which recaps every scoring
play across the league, and the DirecTV Fantasy Zone, and that includes player stats,
commentary, fantasy stuff. So, if you’re a fantasy player,
that’s gonna be awesome. If you love college football, here things might get a little dicier. You can use Sling TV, which, over the course
of a six-month season, including the playoffs,
will cost you about $225. Now, you can also, for college football, check for your favorite
conference’s streaming service. Pac-12, Big Ten, they’ve
got streaming services. Just be aware that those games
that are on those services are mostly gonna be less major games. The major games are gonna be on ESPN, ABC, FOX Sports, that sorta thing. All right, next up is baseball, and apparently I’m a catcher now. I didn’t make these decisions. All right, MLB.TV is
gonna be your best source if you wanna watch baseball. You can get a single-team package for $92. That’s a single team, all 162 games. There are some blackouts
involved, but, for the most part, you’re gonna get every
single one of those. If you wanna watch every MLB team, that package is only $119
for the entire season. The value per game is staggering here. So, for MLB.TV, if you get
the single-team package, you’re only paying 57 cents
per game to watch that team. If you get all teams, then you’re only paying two cents per game to watch all of those teams. It’s amazing. If you are a true baseball junkie and you want to watch
even minor league games, there is something called MiLB.TV, which you can get for about $50, and it’s gonna be a similar package, all out-of-market games. Now for basketball, with
the oldest basketball– Seriously, is that James
Naismith’s basketball? This is amazing. Okay, NBA League Pass is
where you’re gonna wanna go if you want to stream
basketball, especially the NBA. So, for $119, you can
get the one-team package. Similar to MLB.TV, this lets you watch all of the out-of-market
games for one team. For $199, you can get
all out-of-market games for all teams across the NBA. And if you splurge for the $249 package, you get all teams plus the
arena stream from each game so that when there’s a commercial break, it doesn’t actually break to commercials, you just get to watch the
stream from the arena itself. So, might be nice if you
really, really hate commercials. If you are an NCAA basketball fan, again, similar to what I was talking
about in the football section, you can check for conference networks, which will air some games. Again, the marquis games will
probably be on your ESPNs, FOX Sports, ABC, that sorta thing, but you are gonna get quite a few games on those conference networks,
which, they usually have their streaming services
available for you. Next up is hockey; thank you. Welcome to Canada, eh? I loathe myself. Okay, this is one of the
simplest sections I’ve got. NHL.TV is your destination
for hockey content. For a single-team package, similar to some of the other
ones we’ve talked about, this is all out-of-market
games for a single team, you can get that for $110. If you want all teams
across the NHL, that’s $140. Pretty good deal. And lastly, we have soccer. This is a soccer ball, apparently. Please subscribe so we can
get a better props department. All right, now there is
a ton of soccer content, not just here in the US,
obviously, but worldwide. And so, if you are a soccer junkie, tons of options out there. MLS content, very similar to the services
we’ve talked about before, all out-of-market MLS games are going to be available
on a streaming service. This one is ESPN+, which you
can get for only $5 a month. It’s a screaming good deal. FuboTV is also a really
popular soccer fans’ live TV streaming service. This one is $55 a month,
considerably more. So, over a six-month span, $30
for ESPN+, $330 for FuboTV. But you do get a ton of soccer content, especially through their beIN
networks; those are great. Now, off the beaten path a little bit, you can go check out Fanatiz. This is a broadcaster that does all the Central
and South American leagues; so, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, all of your Latin American leagues. $10 a month, great deal there. And if you like the
English Premier League, then go check out NBC Sports Gold, which you can get for $65 a season and watch all the Premier League you want. Go Liverpool. Now, if you are calculating
costs for cord-cutting purposes, don’t forget to factor in
your other streaming services, things like Netflix, which you’re probably
paying $13 a month for, Hulu, $6 a month, Disney+, which we’re all
soon gonna be signing up for, that’ll be $7 a month. So, make sure you don’t forget
about those ones as well as you’re calculating your cost. But the point of this whole video is this: If live sports is the only thing keeping you from cutting the cord and you’re not planning to sign up for the ultra-premium version of everything I’ve talked
about in this video, then you’ve got some good
options, some really good ones. Hey, make sure you check the date below because if it’s before July 26th, 2019, we are giving away an Amazon
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  1. How do you all get your sports fix? Cable TV? Streaming? What are your reasons for sticking to what you've got, or changing to the other?

  2. One thing you forgot to mention though. At least for this season, you still have to have Direc TV unless you live in an apartment or condo that cannot get satellite reception, dorm room or military barracks to get Sunday Ticket. There’s talk about the NFL ending the contract early but for this season you’re basically stuck with having to have Direc TV.

  3. That's the biggest challenge I don't watch cable that much but I do watch a lot of sports and that's the thing that's holding me from cutting the cord

  4. I'm using PS Vue and Philo on a Firestick 4K and also the Cube. I also have the FireTV recast. The Fire devices do a great job of integrating these services.

  5. I watch baseball for free! The game of the day from and 1 or 2 games from MLB Network and a couple of games from ESPN and one game a week from YouTube

  6. I love fanatiz is great and cheap 99 a year or 9 per month, use code 5d5993217387d73d5e6f43a7 and you get 1 month free witch is better

  7. I just want EPL, Serie A, Champions League and NFL and NCAA College Football… that’s all 🤣. But how? I’m thinking Fubo, ESPN+, NBC Sports Gold for my Soccer.. and umm.. for NFL and College football I’m not sure… I think Fubo covers most of the Sat/Sunday games.. and then $5 p/m for CBS… and then just live without Thursday and Monday Night Football.. ideas anyone?

  8. I wanted to watch NFL games so I tried CBS all access it's just the team in your local area not in your state so I canceled it.

  9. Don't even consider subscribing to any of these services (especially NHL.TV) without a DVR and / or VPN. The blackout rules are purposefully undefined and vague. I’m finding out through trial and error that it’s more than just meeting the 48-hour blackout requirement. It's a cat and mouse game NHL.TV plays to maximize control and viewership over their product. Even the streaming of so-advertised "archived games" are tightly and strategically controlled. It can best be described as piss-poor disclosure of information and communication. Post blackout; the games drop from the system within 48-hours and are NOT archived PLUS there is NO ACCESS to CONDENSED, EXTENDED OR RECAP HIGHLIGHTS to these games. I'm a full access subscriber to NHL.TV, we are 5 games into the regular season and I haven't been able to view a SINGLE full game of my favorite team. I can however view the Condensed, extended and recap highlights of the game I’m still blacked out on!! Like a door silently opening and suddenly closing, there is limited access of blackout games AFTER the 48-hour blackout requirement is satisfied. NHL.TV advertises "full archives on-demand" I cry bullshit. And if they ARE the interface doesn't display a menu, header or drop-down they can be accessed. Bottom line, nothing is archived except for player interviews, community puff pieces, and cute mascots falling on their ass on the ice. Rules of engagement? That's a personal your problem, pal; we got your money.

  10. I would want to mod the YouTube TV channel coverage
    Search the league, tap top result and tap on « Schedule »

    For example
    The channel logo will show below the teams playing

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