BLASTING VOLLEYS ALL DAY!!!  | Super Volley Blast Gameplay Episode 1

BLASTING VOLLEYS ALL DAY!!! | Super Volley Blast Gameplay Episode 1

Super Volley Blast Gameplay Nintendo Switch PS4 PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Beach Volleyball Video Game seventy oh I’m terrible sorry I’m
playing on the keyboard right now Wow hold the joke set did you see that hello and welcome back to yes guy I came
in and we’re here playing super volley blast I found this game on Steam and I
am super impressed with it I’ve already been fooling around I
haven’t played a game yet so while we might be in shock when we start to play
a game but it’s already it’s got this really cool avatar editor and you’ll see
who I’ve made in a second that’s got a story mode that we’re gonna go through
I’m really excited it’s a volleyball game with a story mode it’s kind of
cartoon style let’s have some fun with this I’m excited also thank you guys for
all the support you’ve shown this channel trying to make this channel the
best it possibly can be trying to be my best with every video that I get here
trying to find some fun games that’ll be fun for all you volleyball fans out
there and sports fans so thank you guys for supporting the channel in being a
part of the yes guy community anyways I’m hyped to get into this game so let’s
get to look who it is that’s right yes guy and Joe feh I should have put
Garrett may-maybe but it wouldn’t fit in the length the size so I just put yes
guy look at me I look like a fricking prick look at mam yeah yeah that’s kind
of true Joe looks like a don’t be idiot with
that pink shirt what are you thinking Joe he’s not really thinking he’s looks
like pretty tough look at our coach he’s looking weird you better have some good
shite to say to us anyways let’s go yes guy and Joe fond of the dream of
becoming the best volleyball team in the world you are right about that there
coach Jason Rico the legendary ex player is convinced they can make it Fed Ex
kölsch its Kolsch this is perfect we’re at
Sydney Australia you kidding tonight we’re starting down under that’s great
welcome to Sydney Australia might wait did they spell it wrong is Sydney spelt
with an eye I don’t think it is I think it’s spelled with a Y yeah and who are
we playing were playing spoon god and mom barley really whoa man this is
me whoa man first official match they really look like pros don’t they now
they don’t bad it’s too good yo take it easy man just enjoy the match
I don’t want to do voices for the other guys I don’t know all right here we go
I gotta figure out how to play Joe Joe what are you doing Joe okay we’re gonna
play some deep I got it Joe set me up hit that weight I’m not gonna jump oh I
see I got it oh I’ll just hit it over net flipper this is crazy Joe I’ll set
you know that’s supposed to be lob it up Joe Joe what are you doing I’ll figure
it out Joe hold I keep shaking that oh I don’t know how to play there we go Joe
great shot Joe but you’re supposed to set me up you greedy bastard I’ll get a
block watch this kick that shit out of here come on
successful block Joe I’m the blocker now oh here you go joke about it Joe yes
buddy I found let’s go oh shit get back over
there Joe I’ll set you tell anybody Jess Joe’s automatic you kidding me
let’s go scheme is sick right now get out Joe I’ll block that a la Joe okay
yeah pound it Joe you get up the block now or don’t
come on Joe how do I send him up to block Joe Joe get it Joe you completely
shanked it you idiot what the hell was that Joe yep
oh I missed it completely this is hard yep Joe you’re supposed to set me up you
dumbass yeah I got you pound it
Joe you idiot where’s he going where’s he going Joe Jack pound it Joe Joe I got
it gosh I gotta go back to blocking yes Oh
Joe great shot Joe is carrying me right now I’ll block Joe get that cutty nice
day buddy I’ll watch yeah they’re not hitting it
to me at all Joe are you gonna hit one I got it
yes 70 Oh until the ball sorry I’m playing on the keyboard right now Wow hold it Joe set did you see that the
jump set I want to jump sir oh shit size matters and we don’t have it all
right run it back Joe I’ll play better I promise not a good start to that game
let’s go Joe did I touch that geez this this game is
hard Oh Joe you hit it into the net Joe what are you thinking oh I gotta learn
my controls okay I’m learning I’m learning yeah yes
my first kill ever huge yes a jump sir Joe do you get that’s on – I’m taking
over I’ve learned how to it now you guys are screwed now yeah it’s like only down
the middle exclusively down the middle let’s go Joe we’re down on tonight we’re
in Sydney Australia learning how to fly this guy set me up
yes don’t aim anywhere else just pound down the middle yes Joe huh tell anybody
you block nice got Joe katha this game right now yeah
however I never played this before this is so good Joe final poundage it down
the middle let’s go I’m trying to aim but I don’t really think it works yep
set me up Joe oh I just pray to her Joe what are you thinking Joe I got it set
me up all right well I screwed that up completely
I got a job I got over you luck come on Joe you gotta help me out dude we’re up
six four shit I gotta stay in this huh set me I shoulda jumped first I’ll block
that shit oh great dig Joe I gotta pick my shit up
how many buddy Joe can you get up and hit the ball please I got it
yeah Joe okay ready Joe yes uh-oh mpow yes okay jump and then
hit it jump float bye Joe yes I’ll go on to every single time I
can learn my buttons properly here all right Joe I got it
yep set me up Oh a little explosion on that one and then it was a good spike I
got it Joe set me up I’m hungry Jack’s gone let’s go Joe great teeth
float buddy he’s gonna bring it back Joe Joe why would you one ball it like that yeah it’s just I enjoy I win
come on that was cool yeah it was cool we kicked your ass thank you we made it
what why would we thank them for let it know boys stop it no worries son is
Shaun and night you’re on without undone big win let’s see what’s next all right
we’re on to Cairo Egypt yes guy and Joe feh against a and M they look old all
right coach is saying careful with our rivals collge
I got it why yeah why good question they get extra help for
training and better treatment than the rest of us they have some shameless
contacts with a lot of power what does that mean coach isn’t that some kind of corruption Joe
Joe Joe can you figure it out Joe please hey mr. referee how is your family doing
Oh they’ve paid the ref I see how it is you know there’s no ref I’ll just hit
that over on one I’m getting a block get out old timers yes
great start from a I can tell when they’re gonna hit it over that’s out
baby let’s go they’re not gonna call that in because they paid him here we go Joe Joe oh I try to hit too quick
dang it I got it why would I they died for that you’re gonna be very careful oh
shoot I got it this game is hard there you go Joe oh
you got greedy trying to bounce it buddy why would I hit it over there I got it
yeah set me up Joe yes it’s a beast come on that’s a bounce
all right time for the spin serve yes Joe great return Joe I got it set me up
Joe why would you get it over on to you greedy asshole I got that Joe sent me
Jess come on I’m trying to aim it straight
down as you know I like those bounces let’s go Joe that’s on fire I hit that
so hard that it caught fire gasps okay top sir from May I got it yes Joe Joe
Joe you serious yep oh I can’t tell if I pass it or not cuz they serve down in
the middle every time yeah miss sir from the old timer I’m gonna block now watch
this Oh cover no it Oh I press yep this keyboard is tough I’ll block Joe all
right I’m just hitting buttons right now back up Joe Joe yes I hit it over there
nice now for a spinner great sir by me I’m on it there you go Joe oh yes yeah
they definitely paid the ref I got Oh Joe you got it
great shot Joe okay watch Joe I’ll jump and pound oh come on there mate seven
I’m in tough yeah I got it set me Joe Joe come on watch I’m so clutch it’s
gonna block oh it’s out of balance what how did they get that
no attendants came on steel clutch though I’m still so clutch went off the
internet back in that’s bullshit it’s a tough sir for me I got it Joe put
me on the net you know I pound come on let’s go there’s a good surf ready to
make a play I’m on that garbage just it’s a beast come on this gives the 15
points I’m height let’s go watch good deep by me Joe a way to get it over I’ll
block that that was dumb Joe about it Cuddy from Joe cuz he’s Joe Joe you know
I’m ripping that Joe now rip that for sure Jess come on let’s go feeling this out of balance Jess come on
that’s an ace from a loving it tough sir I’m on it free ball back Joe oh oh shit
shit shit I’ll block that get that garbage out of here get out successful
block I love those I’m gonna get another successful block cuz I can read what
they’re gonna do get out yes for the win come on how was that possible referee
why did you allow that unacceptable this would not happen in Europe you know what
shut up I don’t like their attitude that’s a big win from yes guy and Joe
Fah alright guys well that’ll do it for this episode next episode we’ll continue
with this story mode I think it might be only 7 matches long but that’s ok cuz
we’re having a blast this games actually fun I can’t imagine what this game would
be like playing multiplayer you haven’t checked this game out check it out I’m
gonna go back to menu super volley blast you gotta check it out came out in 2018
so it’s fairly new this games pretty fun check it out volleyball fans please do
I’m enjoying this game if you like this game and want to see more hit that like
button comment down below hit subscribe all those great things trying to make
this yes guy gaming channel the best it possibly could be with your help thank
you guys so much for the support all your comments and everything means so
much to me anyways thank you guys for watching we hope to see you next time on
yes guy gaming Super Volley Blast Gameplay Nintendo Switch PS4 PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Beach Volleyball Video Game

8 thoughts on “BLASTING VOLLEYS ALL DAY!!! | Super Volley Blast Gameplay Episode 1

  1. So. How many trys did it take to win the first match you showed one lose then a cut and the match you won so how many tries?

  2. good game, I have it on switch, and gameplay is really good. there is some moves that you can do like hitting any ball that is crossing the net, even on the oponent side, so basically on normal difficulty you can attack your opponent attack! you should try this, its like a block but with the power of an attack , and you can control where it goes.

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