BLOCK PARTY!!!! || Yes Guy Gaming Weekly Rewind (March 11th to 15th)

BLOCK PARTY!!!! || Yes Guy Gaming Weekly Rewind (March 11th to 15th)

Yes Guy Gaming Weekly Rewind ran spies try French pies but he got
France pies all right Brant spies try France pies
all right France pies all right branch pies
all right branch pies this is best skill that Joe it this serving yes jeez I got
a dude oh oh oh she dug me I’m gonna block yes come on let’s go the right Joe
like it hit you in the face Joe you jo-jo like it hit you in the face Joe
that’s also a frickin throwback side out for the window I got a block let’s go oh no I didn’t want to see that I wanted to
see the replay of that shit slam only screen Joe run in the basket fake that
oh you’re under yeah of course don’t cut the right Joe Oh partner did you hear nice a Spica yes it was a
nice spike Mom og ha get up there Joe block the left watch just react I’m on
it Joe come on great set Jess come on calm down
I’m all over here I’m gonna get you a block here under answer really get that
shit out of here I was all all over that damn that goes
straight down if their block the right side should we switch it no stay stay
go pounded that the Union Jack Mike yes sir all right let’s go let’s go do I
win last game no I didn’t I’m looking for revenge
that’s up bow fyounka well John pass up you Joe no I can’t hit that on to great
set by me Joe with the tool nice geez they’re coming to play man a tool what’s
that you I trust you Joe great day Oh Joe watch all right Joe
on the net what’s open I’ve never done that I’m so light for
that Joe with the block what then I made a bag day and tool the
guy or did it hit me I’ll get the box for the wind I got it
found that oh I can’t just jump in it on to go dig partner she’s carrying me no
for the wind mama G nice here we go Joe King with a tough float what’s open
yeah lines open oh that didn’t bounce it just hit and roll hang and I’d like to
see the huge bounce just take it home Joe you’re fast in this guy yes everyone
baby what Joe what is happening Joe this is unbelievable Joe is not doing
what he’s supposed to be doing what it’s working what Yes Guy Gaming Weekly Rewind

4 thoughts on “BLOCK PARTY!!!! || Yes Guy Gaming Weekly Rewind (March 11th to 15th)

  1. what if yes guy gaming actually does play the game for the hot girls and not for the volleyball??? believe me people!

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