100 thoughts on “Boom Beach Movie – Full Boom Beach Movie Animation

  1. The zooka was burnt badly the zooka should be dead..as it has low health and will die in 1 sec the time it takes to retreat from the falme thrower is 3 secs +

  2. I though johnson got boomed by the boom cannon in the first animation how did he and another rifleman survive on the gunboat?

  3. As much as poeple love to shut take clash and this they always have this cartoony stupid vibe that makes them not just good but amazing

  4. well i get the character of LT Hammer man as a serious, pertinent , dexterous , merciless villain , acts mysteriously in the game while from the animation i think he is a megalomaniac , incompetent , childish man , keeps stuff which would make him look blood thirsty , 1/3 the maniac as Dr T , hotheaded , throws tantrums whenever things don't go his way , does not care about his stupendously stupid and loyal army , would destroy everything near him , 100% idiotic when it comes to invading enemies and fending off invaders , works in an orthodox manner , old fashioned , similar to Hitler just without the pointy nose and that cruel hair style ,a softy , heart broken , seriously dumb , slow witted , bit of a British man , and lastly couldn't fight with his pretty epelets .

  5. Zookas are out range but this also can be happen! That is zookas are moving too near from flame throwers !!! So they had brushed some!!!!

  6. General: Johnson take out that boom cannon!
    Johnson: HEEEEEYYYAAAAAA takes out boom cannon
    General: Dammit Johnson your killin' us out there terrible attacking.

  7. Guys plz join a task force that name is " Gone Coastal ".plz plz join now.. Plz plz check.. Total number of force point held 12500…join now friends…

  8. Hahahhahahhahhahaahaahahajahajajajajahahahahaahhahahahaahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhaha

  9. Merhaba arkadaşlar. Timimizin adı BROTİM. Oyunu seven, zeki ve zokacı arkadaşlar gelmek isterse gelebilir. 62 level ve üzeri arkadaşlar olursa daha iyi olur. #8C0QUG88

  10. They do have a flame thrower. Did you take it out? Nah… LOL! Oh and twords the end, all the troops seemed pretty happy that they were on a suicide mission.

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