CAMPING @ PINERY PROV. PARK || Tent Life, Beach Fun & Bocce || The Weekly Diehl | The Good Diehls

we’re going camping yeah right guys here
it is locked and loaded got the cooler got the empty beers but
they will be filled when we return them we’ve got the chairs the Canadian chairs
stuff sleeping bags towel hat a couple clothes okay guys so we’re driving along here oh no the light and that is as and we’re
actually kind of close to the bathroom and the beach that’s Lake so you want to know what it looks like
in real life Wow there’s another one and we’re coming up to it here we are pinery park at our camp site #103and we’re pretty close to the beach like a bit of a walk ,walk to the bathroom less than that so that’s pretty pimped out we’re going to do a site tour so here is
the car and worked out really well because we backed in fact it in and then
will I will empty this but we’ll set up like our kitchen and here and you do
that so that the bears don’t eat your stuff or the other things and this this
over here probably the bedroom this will be the
bedroom just perfect for the tent it is pretty soft and then of course oh yeah here’s the poison berry bush
like the wild the garden and out there is the wild the nature and then we have
the quad are trees these are the gateway and we’ve got our
KFC which we yeah we got our picnic table and then we got the fire pit it’s
kind of it’s kind of not super private but sometimes that happens and we picked
up our firewood from the firewood place and actually it’s probably cheaper to
get it was gonna get it out of the side of the park look we have some free fire they’re free firewood so we’re gonna get
set up you’re the descent ladies and gent told
then the whole god there’s already flying in somebody left the fly open for me I
wouldn’t know it was me it was me for a second i was like we’re only gonna need
it for a second and then we’ll fill it in and them anyway and we’ve got like we don’t have any
girlfriends no week and there’s an extra sleeping
bags down and luncheon it’s fine i know it’s so hot looking at
all the stuff it’s like what on earth but let’s throw that down and then human
we’re going swimming yeah yeah yeah yeah the tenth that’s like to know there’s a
lot of good teams out there guys like we just have like the basic for four people
but always remember like subtract subtract away like that’s like an
extreme situation that you felt like for people when we just saw had like a shoe
racks and look like it at like you keep pockets along because like I guess you
don’t have a shoe racking and one at this campsite at the pinery provincial
block in ontario on you can rent a yurt I just think the Mongolian like fabric yeah I don’t think it’s like a super
night like a real yeah real friend but it’s probably a year which is fantastic
i think that sounds really cool zeiler to the winter are like super oxide
because they’re like making you into the winter you can you link will be down
below i’m good at making fire because i used
to be a bit of a pyro she did you see a pyromaniac but we’re gonna pass some
time waiting for the old fire to heat up so we can cook on it by playing bocce
ball that yeah me too oh my bad that’s horrible pretty good

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