Can “Sports Heaven” Transform The 7 Into NFL Stars? | NFL Undiscovered

Can “Sports Heaven” Transform The 7 Into NFL Stars? | NFL Undiscovered

There is little time for jet lag
as the seven international prospectsbegin the first phase of
the NFL International Pathway program.For the next three months,
their focus is football,twelve hours a day, six days a week,all for a chance
in the National Football League,a dream that will only be realized
by four of them.This is your first day
of being an NFL pro. Your body is a commodity. And it’s all about the details.
It’s all about the process. It’s putting it all together
and training you so you know how to really be a pro. This is my brother, Duzão Jr. He is my best friend, and he was playing with me
my whole life. He was D-line right behind,
beside me. -Who’s bigger?
-I’m bigger. -I’m bigger.
-I’m bigger, faster and stronger. I’m bigger and I’m stronger than him.I think about every day for my family.
We cry together, we laugh together.I wanna be able to one day to say,“Hey, Dad.
You don’t need to work anymore. “I will take care of you, like you did
for me and my brothers.”I always was a big guy.
What I love is judo.Judo helped me a lot in what I am now.Like, my base, my stretch, my balance. But like, after I discovered football,
I fall in love for the sport and here I am.When we went to Brazil
to watch him play,and we met his parents, you can see
the same drive and passionthat they have for him,and the passion that he has
for his country.And then,
the passion to make a difference,and to make opportunities easier for
the next person that comes behind him.I stood my whole life, since I was
14 years old, for be a great farmer. And I always try to be great
for help my father in the farm.And then, in 2017, when I finished
my college, I said,“Dad, I will try, like, go to U.S.“and try to be a professional
football player.”And I was waiting for him to say,
“Son, I am old, I need your help. “I need your help.” But… He didn’t. He said… He said to me… “Duzão, can you imagine “how this can change the life
of the poor kids in Brazil? “You will be a mirror for everybody.”This year, the seven players
come from a multitude of backgrounds,Professional Rugby Union,
Professional Rugby League,amateur and semi-pro
American football.No matter where you come from, you haven’t had access
to the facilities that they have access to here. Maximo, stay still, please.Next test is gonna look at your
muscle mass and body fat percentage.This is Patricia,
she’s gonna do your scan. -Nice to meet you.
-This is amazing, man.In Brazil, we don’t have nothing
to compare like this. I think in most of the countries,
they don’t have nothing like this.Every practice,
players will be wearinga GPS and accelerometer unit.Making sure they’re doing enoughto get bigger, faster, stronger. -Ready? Go.
-It’s amazing, this place.-For me it’s like a paradise.
-It’s like sport heaven.You got world class trainers,
you got world class coaches,you got somewhere you can go and fully immerse yourself
in your training program.We have all we need.Right now, we gotta prove
we really wanna go to the league.We’ve seen the guys before usthat came through this program
and how successful they are.So, all we have to do is make sure
every day we come and bring the energy and we put in the work
that is required, you know?Obviously we’re all here
for one purpose,to try and get a spot on the team.And we’re all gonna train hard,
work our backside off to do that.Wanna try to be
the best athlete you canto give yourself the best shot.Got it? Okay. -Thank you.
-You’re welcome. Next up! I was born and raised
in Townsville, Australia.My biggest challenge,you know, obviously, making this
transition, would just be…Probably just training my hardest.
I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.And you know, I’ve got to obviously
learn the playbook a lot,ten times harder
than most of these other guys because I didn’t play college ball,
I didn’t play high school.He’s achieved everything
at a very young age.And again, similar to Christian,
he wants to challenge himselfagainst the best athletes
in the world. It’s cream day. -Go on.
-Yeah. You don’t need oil at lunch,
is that right? The best way I’d explain Val is
he’s quite a perfectionist in everything he does.He’s a celebrity. We can’t go anywhere
without people watching.I spot it from a mile away.
He doesn’t notice.But, yeah,
he’s a little local celebrity.Two eyes and a smiley face.-His dad is his biggest fan.
-No, that’s mine. And his sister is also a big fan. They all wear his football gear.And he’s got a very supportive family.It’ll be fun. Be a bit hard
but looking forward to it. Bigger challenge.I wanna be a professional
football playerbecause I just wanted
to prove to people in Sydney that that you know, we can do it as well
from a country town. And I thought, no better way
to try and push myself to bigger heights
and challenge myself even more than to come over here
with the best. Today, we’re gonna work some drills. We’re gonna find out about you
athletically, how you move. Try to assist in the process
of building the foundation to help you move efficiently
and powerfully. Now, some people don’t believe
in trying to be perfect. I do. I believe that you try to do
whatever your assignment is perfectly. If you show the development
that we’re looking for, what Will gonna be looking for,
you will be with a team. You all know a couple guys
that made it to some teams last year and they stayed the whole year. They made it.
They went through the process. And that’s why you wanna try
to be perfect. -That make sense?
-Yes, sir. -We good?
-Yes, sir.I think the biggest challenge for meis definitely gonna be
the mental side.Things from the playbook,
learning a whole new game. I’ll only have pretty much
three months or so to kind of get it nailed down and have
a good, solid base. It’s such a… Not only a total
different ball game but it’s a big move. It was a massive flight
to come over here and to try and pursue something
that I’ve never really played before.-I’ve only watched.
-The thing that I wanna kind of proveto myself in the next six months
is that I can learn and apply myself and do something new
that has never been done before. Focus. Focus, train your mind. Train your eyes. If you train your
eyes and you train your mind, you can catch the rock.So, what this drill right here is,
I call it “eyes to hands.”Drive out. Drive out. Who you lookin’ at? I’m the running back,
I have the ball in my hand. You gotta see me. I got the ball. There are core elements they have to
learn in order to be successful. Try again. Step. If you develop a fundamental base, you always have something
to go back to. And that’s no different from anybody
that really plays football. Club it. Swipe it. We got a couple of guys that are
a little bit more raw than others.So we’re gonna have to maybe
do some extra tutoringor some extra time to help
persuade ’em along. There’s a lot of talent out there. It just needs to be coached
and pointed in the right direction. Down! Set… Hut! It’s really an individual journey and every challenge is different
to each player. That’s it. The physical side of things,
I believe I’ve got stuff to offer, and great attributes, but I definitely
need to take those up. That’s it, Christian. Where you going? Before, I didn’t try to compete
with the best players in the world who’ve been doing this since
they were yea high. These next three months,
I just wanna push myself and see by the end
of the three monthswhether I’m worthy enough to be able
to play straight away in the NFL.I’ve got a lot of work to doand train hard, work hard and try and give everything I can
in each game. Obviously, I’ve had experience
playing here in America.But even for American guys
that play college football,the transition into the pros
is a huge step.Where Jakob is, there’s the sunshine.Everybody loves him. First he played
soccer and swimming.Ice hockey, basketball…But after a while
it was, like, boring for him.In the end, I had this idea
that he could play footballlike his father was playing football.He said, “Mama, that’s it.
I will play football.” Once I started playing it, I just knew
that it was the right sport for me. I just think that
that’s what I’m here to do.I wasn’t okay with how
my college career endedand how all that stuff played out.I always told him to have a plan B.If plan A doesn’t go well,
you need a plan B.I had already had training
to become a EMT lined upand kinda was getting ready
to transition out of football.And then, getting the call from Will
lit up a spark in me.‘Cause I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna
get another chance,“I gotta take full advantage of it.”It’s nothing about money
or being a professional.He’s making his dream come true.
I’m very happy for him.When I started playing football,
I thoughtthat the NFL is just something that
was like far away in the distance that I’ll probably never even
get close to.You only get one life, you know?You only get one life, you gotta
decide what you do with it. But now, you know, there’s this
pathway and I wanna showcase that if you put in the work
and you persevere, you can really make it happen.Although each player
is on an individual journey,their impact collectively
is of even greater importance.As future ambassadors of the sport,each athlete carries
the responsibilityof representing the game
to their respective countries.And in order to help it grow,
they must become more than teammates.We have two houses, one for
the offense, one for the defense.Of course, you got Val.
He’s the Australian guy.He just uses Australian slang words. Like, for example,
he told me the other day that a good-looking girl in Australian
is a “good sort.” And I was like, “What?”And then you got Christian
on the other hand.He’s the big joker.He’s a character. He’s very funny.
He’s not the quiet one. No, he don’t like it. That’s why
he’s trying to give everyone. My home mate is Maximo!
He is the best guy. I love those guys. They are so funny.
Always make a prank. We all came in like, you know.
We all know this is a competition. And to hear the story
where they’re fromand how they’re chasing their dream,it feels like we all have something
to hold us togetherthat now I know why he’s here.We’re a very tight-knit group alreadyand I think in order for us
to be successful, we all need to work together, anyhow.Some of us are at different levels
in terms of football knowledgeand our physical attributes and stuff so it’s gonna be almost like
a team effort. The typical week
will be a six-day week and every day has a different focus. Today, Monday is all about get-off.You know, we understand fullythat what we’re asking them to do
is extremely hard.If we were to start off
at too high a pace,then their bodies could fail early
and we could have injuries.We wanna make sure
that we give them some down time.They need to relax. These guys, my home mates, they are international players.
They are crazy. So, what about that flip, though, bro? -You want me to do it in the pool?
-Yeah. Of course. -Let’s go.
-The German guys are really crazy.We be havin’ fun.One star for that jump. We know each other, like, for three
days or somethin’ like that. Yeah, I love it. It’s really nice.Yesterday was first time, like, in
a while we go out to have funand like talk and relax a little bit.And we decided to go across the road
where there’s some live band playing.The boys are like, “Go up and play.”
Sure enough, they called me up. All right, Christian Wade, come on up. Christian, come on up. -How you doing, buddy?
-Very well. Thank you. -Let’s go, Christian.
-Let’s go, Chris. Let’s go! Come on! Come on! Let’s go!Christian Wade, ladies and gentlemen!
Christian Wade!Working on making the NFL.
Good job, man!In the last two, three days, we are
trying like make us a great family.I’m not competing against them.
I’m competing against myself.I want any of them to make it.Each one of us has a great story,each one of us has a family
that they wanna make proudso, I wish we could all go.Good. Good. That’s excellent!If I make it to the league,
it’s gonna impact us all massively.NFL is on a global scale. Really, nothing is impossible. Like, if they put in work,
working hard, chasing the dream. Time to get better, bro.They’re all supporting me. I’ve got
a pretty big fanbase back home.If I made it, I think
they’ll be over the moon.I will go to the NFL this year.I can open the door
for the next Mexican players.One thing everybody has to remember
that’s involved in footballis you need football
more than football needs you.It doesn’t matter the background.As a professional athlete,
you’re paid to win. I never worked so hard for my life
for one thing.It’s about perseverance, you know?You have to know who you are
and you gotta be able to persevereto reach the goals
that you want to reach. Just relax. Take a deep breath. My greatest strength is my mindset. Are you ready?
All right, here we go. My true competence is with myself. Move those feet! Come on!
Feet to the ground! I’m ready to do everything.
Okay, let’s go. Like, I’m ready. Yes, sir! I was born in Brazil, but I know
I can be one of the best here. -Ready? One, two, three…

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