Cast Away (6/8) Movie CLIP – I’m Sorry, Wilson! (2000) HD

100 thoughts on “Cast Away (6/8) Movie CLIP – I’m Sorry, Wilson! (2000) HD

  1. isa sa movie na napatulo luha ko nung nawala na si wilson
    ung sa kapatid ko naman ung kinantot na si okja

    madaming bata ang napaluha si wilson

  2. I cried at this part because Wilson was his only friend and Wilson seemed like a real person to me for some reason

  3. I always think about this scene, how a volleyball could ever make you emotional and the dramatic and sad music . Wilson deserves an oscar

  4. Girls cried watching jack die in Titanic, I cried watching wilson get stranded right before chuck's eyes in Cast Away

  5. This really is an astonishing scene.
    One of the greatest and most memorable in cinema history.
    And that apart…the symbolism is far far reaching.

  6. Great scene.
    Great act. (Mr. Hanks)
    Such a great music timing. (Mr. SILVESTRI)
    Great Direction. (Mr. Zemeckis)

  7. I know people who where just randomly zapping through channels when this scene was playing and they found it absolutely hilarious. I don't blame them, after all, it's just a man crying over a volleyball. However, when you sit though the whole movie and you understand the context, the scene becomes one of the saddest in cinema history. Such a brilliant film.

  8. This scene is actually so relatable, when i was young i used to have my first Nike Ball and it lasted for 1.5 years and then i told my mom to get rid of it, she asked "you sure?" then i said yeah yeah get rid of it idc, now when i saw this scene, i really felt guilty for the decision i made

  9. 60% of the movie has almost no dialogue but it's still one of the best movie.

    Just finished watching the whole movie about 10 minutes ago 🙁

  10. That’s me as a kid when my football went over my old crazy neighbour fence !!! He took it and stab it to death !!!! 😭😭😭

  11. I still havent got over Wilsons lost, i still wonder where did you go, are u stranded somewhere? Did u ever find a place to rest? Did u ever found love, got married? Where ever u are Wilson, i you peace and Happines. Thanks for you efforts for bringing humanity out of something we generelly considering as only material. Good bye and good night, love and light. /Noah

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