Cast Away Movie Plane Crash Scene : Hollywood vs Reality

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  1. I hope you enjoy this more technical aviation movie scene from Cast Away. The channel is new so if you like the video give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing and joining the 74 Crew. I have some cool videos planned for the year!

  2. Technically speaking, the reserve pilot did get the O2 mask on himself, then he gave it to Tom, then when Tom got his own mask, the reserve pilot put the O2 mask back on himself……I get what YOU are saying, and I don't know how long ONE HIT of O2 will 'last' in a decompression scenario, but….I'm just saying, the reserve pilot did not just immediately give Tom an O2 mask without thinking about himself……..and, I guess, in BOTH of our defenses, it is just a movie…….

  3. Sully is a damn HERO! You are a clown! Drink a Martini and go back to trying not to see double while piloting!

  4. Thot just occurred to me, if there is a hull breach at 35k feet, you will go over your checklists, but what would you do if you also lost power and had no lights in the office? How do you compensate for no lights, and of course I'm talking about a nighttime incident. Love your vlog!.

  5. I keep hearing 20s consciousness. But I can hold my breath quite easily for 1 min and still be able to, I don't know, drive a car… Someone needs to explain this to me.

  6. It’s hilarious how the radar paints still the thunderstorms whilst the plane is in a steep nose down attitude haha

  7. When I seen this movie, that place crash in MO was the best and closest thing to a real crash (not that I would know) but but it felt like it. And that dead Capt and the pic of his kids and how he doesn't even look like the one laying there dead and green. Makes you think about others in a plane crash and how horrific it must have been.

  8. Sometimes the FAs advise to remove shoes before entering the emergency slides.. is that really only the case where a lady's high heels might puncture it?

  9. Hey, is it possible for you to fly a plane going, say, 530mph but at an altitude of…..idk, 30ft off the ground? Oh and also hitting a few light poles as well? Knocking them down with out going down with them? Is this possible?

  10. You really going about the 200 mile off course but the movie was based on real world crash so you comment is mute, so you really are off topic. Also my understanding was that commercial flights can not use GPS navigation due to the time dilation of the signals at near the 0.8 Mach, so the so called GPS co ordinates you speak of is really inertia guidance from laser gyros and calculated from your takeoff point and flight instruments, I really wonder how qualified you really are, it seems you are making a lot of mistakes in your technical areas.

  11. When they were going down, they could have called CrashLine for a check-list. But, you can get in a queue. 'Thank you for calling CrashLine. Your call is in a queue, but your crash is important to us, so please hold for an operative'. That's going to be in the Airplane! remake..

  12. Why on earth have Hollywood writers never consulted with any aviation specialist before writing a script for air crash movies? I bet it would cost nothing…

  13. Are we not going to talk about the turbofan exploding after sucking in a little water, turbofans that are designed to run while being pumped full of water during certification testing???

  14. Stop the whooshing sounds when you put a graphic up … it's not a cartoon, adults are watching this not 4 year olds

  15. You are THE DUDE of aviation! My favorite part of the movie was when "Forest" was standing on a high location of his island and he looks around and the waves, from everywhere, are cresting upon the island shore line … from everywhere. Hmmm?

  16. great post, so let me get this right, a jet engine works the same way  hydraulic  mining use to be, with hydraulic mining the water goes into a smaller tube to pick up speed using gravity, and a jet engine uses air  the same way is that right?

  17. Very enjoyable! I wonder why the writers didn't have them say some better words, for me there was so much going on I missed that part completely. Happy trials, Cheers! (good luck with ur channel)

  18. Tom left Fed Ex after the movie, delivered that last package, and changed his name to Sully. He thought being a pilot sounded better than being a delivery dude. Tom still "missed " airports, and decided to hit the Hudson instead, minus the floats…An easier commute than floating on branches hoping for a passing freighter…and, he'd had enough of island life. Enjoyed the content, but know Tom would make jokes of it all, regardless.

  19. Great insights into what the real scenario would be. It's dramatic enough… Hollywood does not need to "juice up" the scenes with over the top dialog and actions.

  20. Gross on the floor? LOL, more like gross to the nostrils of people on the aircraft. Yes I know, not all people have stinky feet. But it only takes one person with stinky feet to gross out the cabin.

  21. If I was flying at 35,000 feet holding my breath to the maximum and the plane suddenly decompressed would I explode?

  22. Do you have to be wearing that gay sweater with epaulets? And, does the video of you intently studying the movie have to be the largest thing we see? My eyes are dry just watching you not blink. My biggest regret watching this movie was that the real Tom Hanks wasn't stranded on some Island. Love him in movies. Strongly dislike him in real life. Total snowflake.

  23. Thank you for the video. Enjoyed it a lot. Very educational and a great idea to make comments on technical aspects of this scene. Will watch more of your videos.

  24. My first 747 flight was from KJFK to LIRF in 1983 and even then people were yanking off shoes before pushback.

    Getting comfortable for flights is nothing new.

  25. I have net seen “Sully” but being in aviation as I have primarily around Boeing and McDonald Douglas aircraft I find it hard to believe that a DC-10 would be portrayed as being structurally weak as what is shown in Castaway. The 737 Hawaiian Airlines disaster was bad but the crew still managed to land the aircraft even with a 1° bend in the fuselage. The one saving factor was the control cables and electrical wiring was routed through the floor beams of the plane above the cargo bays thus still giving the pilots control to do an emergency landing.

  26. You forgot to analyse the final part – the actual impact into the water..
    Tom isn't seated, and is merely clutching onto the webbing with one hand..
    The plane hits at probably 300 mph, possibly 150mph, whatever, it doesn't matter, since any speed over about 10mph will throw you off your feet and forward into some other part of the plane.. basically everyone would have been killed on impact (the pilots certainly), or drowned in the water minutes later due to having been knocked out..
    But that would have a very short movie I guess..

  27. 3.30 … that is f-ing brilliant. I never thought of why I couldn't relax with my shoes off (never saw anyone take off socks, and frankly…who would do [email protected]? I have regretfully not been airborn in about 5 years, but the year before that I was in 55 destinations after getting a divorce where my ex told everyone I was afraid to fly. I had to finally tell her, it was not fear of flying…I just didn't want to fly with her.

  28. You notice a lot of passengers taking off their shoes AND socks? Damn, that needs to be an international air criminal offense, punishable by a fine and of course a lifetime ban from flying.

  29. I like to watch intelligent people talking about what they know about. I learned some things. Makes me wonder why I have been frustrating myself with the ignorance of flat earth videos this past year.

  30. Eh…more interested in ice skating boots that are laced up then seconds later unlaced. Or was it the other way around?

  31. Hey pilots…go on down to your local corrupt self serving "bust up your family" cohort and see how productive men are rewarded for choosing marriage and or fathering children. Watch how your kids are forced to live with strangers. 5 kids from 3 baby daddies and a check coming in from each of you idiots? Beats working a job. I tell my sons to F first world countries before they F you, save your money, retire or more likely get put out to pasture, move to a 3rd world country and have your family there where the devil doesn't reward women for destroying their families.

  32. Do a Concorde vid or what about a TOP GUN vid. F14's can't be that different from the Air Force One clones that you fly?

  33. As a very nervous flyer about to embark on a flight from Australia in October I shouldn’t be watching this stuff lol.

  34. Loved the tech info! It was a great movie and your tearing it apart technically did not diminish it at all. Of course, I have to give you some advice so here goes. When critiquing a movie you might consider putting the movie in full screen and your talking head in the small screen. You're a handsome devil, but enough is enough. Keep them coming!

  35. Typical Hollywood trope is to throw in some rapid decompression. "Oh look, the fuel pump light just flickered…" BOOM rapid decompression or "Yeah, we're ready for push back" BOOM rapid decompression. Stewardess missed a button on her shirt BOOM rapid decompression. Passenger leaves phone on during takeoff BOOM rapid decompression.

  36. This explanation of emergency procedure has alleviated some of fear of flying. It is reassuring to know pilots have a well of training to handle the situatuons. Thank you.

  37. What he had to say was interesting to be sure but the movie was about the human spirit and perseverance in the face of adversity and loneliness.

  38. 0:54 Also, that plane looks like an Airbus A330F, but in the movie you can see a cockpit that is definetly not the A330's ones (take a look, among the other differences, at the thrust levers: there are three of them, while the A330 has only two engines).
    I hate when they film a random plane and a totally different cockpit. That's the ABC of plane movies!
    (And the sound in that scene is totally unrealistic, they are not on the runway…)

    Great video 74 Gear, learned a lot. Love this more-technical approach!

  39. What about the explosive decompression's effects on your hearing ie eardrums and probably not being able to equalize rapidly enough, would this in reality cause a barotrauma as well? Sorry, you just answered my question, I was too excited and jumped the gun LOL! Great video as always!

  40. I'm afraid of flying, but I do it when I have to. What is the calmest place on the plane to sit and what is the safest seat on a plane? And I am really glad I found your video. Thanks

  41. Thank you for this. Just one comment, I think yo should feature the movie much larger in the frame with your image in the top left corner observing. For your pieces to the camera, you could feature much larger in the fame switching back to the movie whenever we return to it.

  42. I would hope the liferafts on board airliners, were more of the RORC yachting kind rather than the yellow open kind and with a survival kit inside!

  43. I really like your channel, Kelsey!
    I can't quite find the words to describe it in detail, but there's something about your personality that I really enjoy. You strike me as an exceedingly genuine guy, and every part of your presentations reflect that. For what it's worth, I thank you for taking the time to produce these videos. You've got a supporter in me! 🙂

  44. Can we maybe take a minute to appreciate the fact that he filmed this in a hotel room, most likely while abroad due to work? The guy's working OUR education into his work schedule!
    Shit, ask me to educate fools about my profession when I'm on break and you'll get nothin' but a knuckle sammich! Just sayin…

  45. It looks like a rough entry for a water ditch, more like a water bash. At least they seem to be flying horizontally about in the last seconds.

  46. i watched this other channel where a leerjet just flew on auto pilot till it ran out of fuel and crashed because somehow the plane decompressed and the pilots couldnt or didnt put their air on first so every passed out and then suffocated and that jet flew on for hours and then fell out of the sky, even though everyone was already dead it's still sad 🙁 it was a long time ago

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