Chelsea 3-0 Burnley – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Chelsea 3-0 Burnley – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Liverpool/Tottenham have started,
so let’s make it quick! A really important win and moment after home
struggles? It was just what was needed in terms of performance
and result. The one thing obvious to everyone is that we should have scored more goals. But I won’t complain today because we did
score, and we scored in the first half. A big factor in the recent losses at home was
that we’d have a relative amount of control, fail to score, everyone gets a bit nervous
and then we concede. Today was different in how it looked because
we were so positive from minute one, we were so fast in pass and running off the ball and
our control of the game that it felt good. And we got our goals. So it’s a big win for us, and one that we
must pick up on and replicate, and realise why. We’ve had a good long week of work at the
training ground, that helps in getting that result and performance. The work on the training pitch paying off? I wouldn’t go that far because It’s one performance at home, and the message
has to be continuous. But it’s a nice example of a standard that we’ve set, and we have
to match that regularly. Every game challenges you differently. I’m not getting carried away, it just feels
good; it was nice to smile in a game and enjoy what you’re watching, really positive football,
great movement of the ball, getting combination down the side, crossing balls a lot and looking
like we’re going to score goals. That’s what excites the fans. I felt for the
fans in some of the recent home games. I understand it’s not that exciting when the level of the
speed comes down. Today we just changed all that. A brave, attacking selection. Did it feel
like a risk? It didn’t feel like a risk but it felt like
a decision that was right for the game. Because I expected us to have a lot of ball, I’m aware
we haven’t scored enough goals at home recently. And I felt that I want to get players on the
pitch that can get goals, are driven to score goals. Ross Barkley can score, assist and is a great
technician on the ball. So that was my thinking behind it. And the other things against Burnley you have
to fight. So I thought if we match them in the fight hopefully our attacking players
could get us the goals that they did. VAR a hot topic again. Chelsea fans chanting
against it and the frustration? I definitely heard it before, because Palace
fans were singing it in the earlier game. It’s a general thing. Even when it’s gone in their favour? I don’t think the fans are going on the one-off
ones, because we all want decisions to go in our favour. I think it’s more the passion-killer that
it is, and that you have to wait, you can’t celebrate. And then that moment when you celebrate
and it gets taken away or vice versa. So for me I’m still not an advocate of yes
or no with VAR, I think we have to work on it and see what we get. There will be some
decisions we get right that we won’t have done in recent years. But I understand the frustrations. Callum Hudson-Odoi, the goal a sign of the
work you have been wanting him to do? For Callum to score in the six yard box is
far more exciting for me than for him to score from 35 yards, without a doubt. Because it
means that he’s prepared to run the extra bit to sprint in there. And that wasn’t the only time he did it today,
he did it on one of the early chances we had in the first half. He was doing it, recovering,
going higher up the pitch at the right times. And his overall performance was an absolute
statement for Callum of what he needs to do. That was the real Callum Hudson-Odoi and what
he can be, because there’s obviously more to come. But I thought his goal was brilliant for him,
and if he can carry on doing that, then it’s a serious player we have in Callum.” Reece James, some sensational crossing today? He’s got a great, great delivery of cross,
and more than that. He’s good on the ball, and he’s physically so good as well, and he’s
so young, so this is just the start for him. The way I want us to play, the full-backs
are going to be huge for us. If I want to get it right then they have to
join in and be an attacking threat. And he certainly is for us, he’s a big weapon at
the minute that we have to use well. We have to anticipate those crosses now, because
they are coming in with a lot on them, there’s a lot of juice on those crosses now. And we have to be ready to anticipate and
get across people, and make goals like we did with the Tammy one today. Tammy Abraham loving the responsibility of
the number nine shirt? He is, and I hope he’s upset tonight because
he should have had two or three. I know he’s like that but at the same time he got his
goal. He keeps getting in there, with his energy
and personality on the pitch. He was that all-round striker. And the next stage is can you be that more
clinical, but I’m delighted with Tammy. Update with N’Golo Kante? He got through training yesterday, so it was
something that came up last night and we made a decision this morning. So it was more of an awareness in the hamstring
as opposed to a moment where he had to pull up. So that makes you hope it’s a small thing,
but we’ll have to see how it goes.

29 thoughts on “Chelsea 3-0 Burnley – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

  1. Lampard should use Christensen and Rudiger partnership from now on. They just know how to play with each other and comfortable

  2. Great to see that Lampard is excited to watch Liverpool vs Tottenham…. it shows his respect for the teams and how much he loves football

  3. Doing a grand job at Chelsea, he's honest as well during his press conferences. Got a lot of time for FL, he seems a genuine top bloke. Talks a lot of sense and knows how to articulate his point.

  4. Aside from the score, not the best performance. Simple passess,too direct. TBH it's not that fun to watch really. Players doesn't know what to do with the ball in opposition box. And defending set pieces and corner is really a nightmare to watch. We can conceed to any team during set pieces.

  5. Sarri and Frank really ruining kante. It shows he doesn't really care about defence whilst we keep conceeding
    a lot. He is one of best DM I don't understand why he doesn't let kante Play as DM I'm sure we will see a lot of change with him in the middle. Jorginho may be a good passer but his role is more a defensive role while he is the worst at defending.

  6. VAR definitely is killing the atmosphere, they need to make it entertaining for the fans, a bit of music and showmanship like in NFL. Like to see the refs call the decisions.

  7. Wow he watched arsenal vs palace. Then took his team to 3-0 win, then went back to watch Liverpool vs Tottenham, this man lives and breathes football.

  8. we need this result against top 6 team and build on that. sorry but winning 3-0 ag. burnley is a must win match even for youth chelsea team. we need not to excusing loses but grabbing wins against strong teams AND THEN we can say its something we can build on.. frank must be ruthless with our players.. mason mount starting to look like a diva on pitch , concerning more about his haircut and smelling his hair rather then football . his ego skyrocketed , nothing against that but some players must feel they are benchable for mistakes and reece james makes mistakes off pressuer , mount is sometimes missing on the game and barkley must never be selected bc his work rate is poor , but somehow i still feel that frankie leans towards england players and when he cuts great players (like pedro) – its without explanation to them.. bc i cant see how lamps explained to pedro that he wont play… idk what pedro is missing ?

  9. Finally he has a good match against small teams after Crystal Palace game at October! Good job Frankie, just keep it up 😉

  10. Can anyone tell me if there's something wrong with Kova? Does Lamps have a reason not to play him. Because if not, it is just wrong.

  11. I had a dream the other night n I watched Chelsea beat a team 6-0 so I woke up and put a bet on and you let me down, but I’m happy anyway

  12. When I saw the line up, I was like: Burnely had no chance against us. It was proper performance and an excellent clean sheet. That was the statement for us to make at home. I loved every minute of it and Hudson was unbelievable.

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