Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special training for the Cool Kiz [ENG/2016.07.05]

100 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special training for the Cool Kiz [ENG/2016.07.05]

  1. Finally!!! After so many weeks, I can already watch this episode! Sadly, I still need to wait for many weeks again for the next episodes. Oh c'mon! 😥😥

  2. คิมยอนคยองนางน่ารักอ่ะ ดีจังเป็นเพื่อนกับปลื้มจิตของพี่ไทยเราด้วย นางเป็นคนตลกอย่างนี้นี่เอง รักนางเลย

    ปล. Otani Ryohei sukidesu ♥ ~( ^ 3 ^~)

  3. They should have invited Kim Yeongyeong earlier.. She seems like a very good coach and could pointed out their mistakes quickly..

  4. like it when the guest is has something to do with the sport they play . the world player she so on points and has good eyes on the guys 👍 gud job cool kiz

  5. Since they are playing with so many people on the court why they don't add Sleepy too?? I feel so bad for him, especially when he said that his presence makes no difference.

  6. Why is the subtitle say "Kim Yeongyeong"? The female volleyball player guest name is Kim YEON-KOUNG

  7. came back to watch Cool Kiz cz i missed them.. the beginning with the world pro Women volley ball Kim Yeongyeong very fun.. she's adorable n cute lady n funny too 😀 😀 :))

  8. They really stepped it up this time! The rally on the first set of the second game was no joke. Would've loved to watch the whole game.

  9. I can't believe how puberty hit Hakjin hard like dayum someone needs to do a glow up for all these idols whos puberty played them right.

  10. ryohei is truly captain for this team. he leads them well.. and giving orecise instruction esp to Gyoik and Hakjin. and I love how both them always went to Ryohei first to celebrate their points.

  11. Oh nooooo the next episode oh please I hate when a sport is over especially a team sport. It’s so sad. I can really relate to this. Getting attached to a team, relying on each other and they did that for almost half a year and then suddenly this all just stops. It’s heartbreaking. Ugh this happens every time and I hate it. Why do I get attached to a team 🙄

  12. 2018 i know im late but I only found out about this show because of Jong Hwa (jota) during his Judo episodes and I was so happy that he was casted again and improved so much in volleyball. I'm so proud of the team. Team work indeed. 💕

  13. I know this is a variety show, entertainment. But WOW they play real sports with real opponents! They work hard even if much of their teams are not players! It's always so exciting to watch! Way to go! On to the next dport! 🎳⚾🎾⚽🏀🏃🏊🏆

  14. was i the only one confused when all of a sudden the last match was set 3 already lol- anyway im coming back from the judo series after giving myself a break from the vball series bc i was so stressed and scared they were gonna lose…. but look at them!!!! ahh i love everyone's improvement wow, their teamwork has really paid off!!!!

  15. I just feel bad for volleyball team, their national tournament should be 3 episodes, they provide so much drama with a comeback win @ every game. and it was shortened so much.

  16. Still watching 2 epsd tornament..n dont know why..i love so much with reaction commentator..SPIKE N HAKJIN N RYOHEI…

  17. Loving these so much .. what i noticed about hakjin is when they scored ang grouped together he always look back on the camera 😜🤣😍

  18. I love her coaching at around 8:00. When I was coaching, it was always so hard to get players to recognize where the ball was going, get to the spot, and then set up their passing platform.

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