Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The 2016 All-star Competition (2016.02.16)

100 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The 2016 All-star Competition (2016.02.16)

  1. I can't wait for the next episode. Judo was the best sport till now, i wish the episodes would be 2 hours long and keep for at least more 4 or 5 months

  2. i notice that jota and his senior high school judoka kim jaebum both so cute when they smile and dam hot…kim jaebum reminds me of kim jongkook…but keep repeat the moment when jota get panic and his ear's get red, coach lee can only laugh and clap…this is why men and women can not had match turns out to be a crush….

  3. Cool Kiz on the Block "JUDO" is the best and Congrats to Kim Seongyeon for her latest win on Judo Grand Slam of Paris in 2016 U70kg! ^^

  4. "Jota smiles whenever he sees Seongyeon smile" kekekedid anyone notice that caption when they talked about her smile? And it's cute how he keeps saying she was really pretty in high school! She really is cute tho.. esp when she tries to not smile but just burst out with that eye smile. I can see why jota had a crush on her last time hehehe

  5. That was a great wrestle between Kim Mijung and Lee Hun. He's quite strong but she was just that bit too good for him.
    Whenever a woman fights a man on this show, she usually wins. It was the same on the taekwondo series of shows.

  6. bcos of this i rewatched the episode where they fight the womens judo team.. omo.. in jota's match it seems like he dont really giving his 100% fight.. maybe bcos shes a lady?haha.. ok.. just my opinions 😁 n towards the end he hugged her on her waist.. unless my eyes is playing trick on me 😏

  7. A bit sad since these is a festival, so I am hoping to see Won Hee going up against Jae Bum. It would surely be clash of the titan and Jae Bum would would had learn a lot from these match too.

  8. Judo and Volleyball are my one and only favorite sports OML THANK THE LORD FOR COOL KIZ ON THE BLOCK ❤ gonna miss this season tho but thanks kbs 😂

  9. I really enjoyed watching this 10th sport judo because of Lee Jaeyoon.😍 You can watch the part 2 of this ep in dramacool. Its been released 3 days ago. The next sport is tabble tennis.

  10. excuse me but where's the newest episode, Mr./Mrs. KBS World youtube admin?
    i have tried so hard to control myself not to scream waiting for the next episode…

  11. I wonder why they are not airing the second part of this All star competition? I want to see the match between coach Lee and Jota.

  12. the background music at the start where they were welcoming the olympic medalists sounded so much like hunger games bgm. lol

  13. Jota and Seungyeon are so cute am shipping them, an awesome combination. Seungyeon's naturally pretty, Jota can say whatever he want's but his ears don't lie.

  14. the best cool kiz episode ever enjoyed watching judo esp.Jota the best congrats to all who participated hope they bring home the bacon at Rio Olympics God bless

  15. I really love this show …. I have known about this for a long time but never watched it…. And I regret that now…. I love this shoe…. Basketball and judo were my faveorite sports and I loved the coaches and the cast and their teamwork…. Cool kiz on the block fighting

  16. aw jota couldnt hold his smile when ever seongyeon talks.. he sure does have a crush or liking for her.. are it they are sitting together in the back?

  17. as i was listening to kim jaebum and jota's stories i suddenly though that if there was a fencing season, they can invite jackson to the show..

  18. This Judo arc has made me want to do Judo again. I was in my school team, then the state, during Elementary and middle school, but I stopped since I didn't see myself getting anywhere with it.
    This is making me so nostalgic.

  19. – The younger Jang Seongho looked so handsome 😍 lol!!

    – Seriously, i thought there would be no other sport more exciting than the basketball and swimming.. My top 3 now for my fave sport that they played are Judo, Basketball, then Swimming.

    – This team has the best chemistry though. Even the coaches are perfect! I love how everyone is very funny and amazing!!

  20. would you really feel to compete with your twin…its seriously one of the most nerve tingly sensation ever -_-

  21. Does anyone think Kota looks like taeyang ??? I saw a lot of pictures of him and I still see taeyang in him

  22. Does anyone knows how to download this including the subtitle? I tried to download it bt bcoz the subtitle is not internal, I can only download the video w/out the sub and I don't know how to get the sub. separately..Some help Please..Thanks

  23. Hahaha, Jota likes that female judoka. He gulped when he was asked directly by Hodong which shows he was taken aback and couldn't admit the truth on camera. His ears also turned red. Had he not liked her then, he could easily said that he saw her as his noona with a smile. But he had to gulp, look sheepish and blush hahaha.

  24. since Coach Cho`s brother keeps appearing on tv, I can say or detect who is who each of them..Coach Cho looks more handsome than his brother i guess..there`s a slight different of their facial feature.

  25. Very late for me to watch this program. I never know before. This program is so cool and lets present huge creative idea and great many Korean sports man. Congratulations on​ your Awards 2015.

  26. What am I gonna to do Jota is so freaking cute omg I repeated the part of "did you liked her back then…? "So many times he is just killing me…♥♥♥

  27. Seongyeon and jota make a great pair 🙂 im shipping them… Still the same feel after how many times i watched it

  28. at 44:20 the twins really have the laugh..hahahaha (i'm not new to this, i just rewatched judo series of CKTB, because I miss the coaches :D)

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