COOL MINI-POOL for Slime Sam

COOL MINI-POOL for Slime Sam

Time for a little snack! Did you miss me, fridge? Hmm… I wonder if there’s anything in here… Ugh… why is it so cold? Feels like winter in our house! Hmph Hmmm… Where’s Susie? I haven’t seen her most of the day… Aha! Your warm slippers remind me of cold winter… Yeah, it’s a chilly day today, so I put them on. And no summer for you… What do you mean no summer? Nothing reminds me of summer… oh…. Life is so unfair…. Sammy, what about the cactus? It’s not even real, it’s magical. It’s no summer, more like a fairy-tale. What about this? Look, a very summery candy, just for you! [sigh] What’s the matter with you? I… I don’t know… Can’t stop thinking about the hot sun… How I swam in an open pool with bright blue water.. and all that. Oh… you’re missing the summer? Yeah… Well, I can’t get you back into summer, but I can bring a lot of summer to you. Oh? How? We’ll make you your own swimming pool. With a sunshade, warm sand and an air mattress. Hurray! Let’s get started!!! And you know what? What? What? I’ll get you a surprise as well. A surpriiise? What? You’ll see… Hey, hey, hey! Thank you so much for your captioning ideas! This pirate photo really deserves it, right? It was so hard for me to select the best caption, but I’ve managed to pick 5 best ideas… And I want to share them with you! Hey, Sam. What about the swimming pool? Did you forget about it? I never forget things, but perhaps we should finish making the pool, and then read the list of nominees for the title of best caption. Good idea! Guys, the five best captions for Sam’s pirate photo at the end of this video! I’ll have a swimming pool! Yahooo! I’ll throw the most amazing pool parties! Er… parties? Well, of course! Who doesn’t like pool parties?! And pools? They are awesome! Guys, I’m absolutely sure you love swimming in the pool. Write in the comments if I’m right. Sammy… I hate to upset you, but the pool won’t be too big more like just for you. Just for me? Hm… well… it’s not that bad, if you think about it. Nobody will splash at me. I won’t have to wait for my turn. How are you going to make it? Not dig a pit in our living room? Of course not! First, we’ll take this tray… Why do I start thinking about cats when I look at it? No idea. We’ll also need this plastic container which I’ve painted white. I’ll place the container into the tray like this… and pour some sand around it. Ooooh! You took it from Fluffy, right? It’s nice. I’ve checked. No, Sam. It’s impolite to take sand from cats and unhygienic, too. Unhegi… unheygen… It means this sand is clean. Oh.. and isn’t it time for the surprise? No, not yet. Later. I’ll pour the water into our pool. This should be enough. But… but Susie! Shouldn’t the pool water be like this? Here, look. You’re right, but we can easily fix that. I’ll add some blue coloring into the water And I’ll stir it! I’m the master mixer, after all. Oh yeaaah… so pretty… You’re right! This looks much prettier. You’ll also need an air mattress! A mattress? Oh, I’ll be right back! Sam? Sam, where are you… oh… Quick! I need to pick the best matress! Soft… and…fluffy… not you, cat. Oh. This is the right place! I need to check it out right away! Hmmm Uhhh…. This one’s good, but too big. What do we have here? What if…? Yes, yes! Right! Which one should I pick? Hmmm… Hmm… This one! Ugh… ah… mmm…. Wheeeee! Ugh… ah… heavy… Just one more… Sammy? Sammy, what’s this pillow doing here? Well, I couldn’t bring the mattress from the bed, so let it be a pillow! Oh… No, Sammy. I meant an air mat, for the pool! An air mat? Where will I get that from? I’ll make it for you. From what? From straws. I’ve already cut them to the size I need. How you make a mat from them? Like this. I’ll take some baking paper… place the straws inside… carefully… cover them… and run an iron over really well. But, guys, ask an adult to help you, the iron is really hot! That’s why I never iron anything. Ah, so that’s why? Not because you’re lazy? Hmph! Now I’ll unwrap it. And take it out. I’ll cut off the excess. Here… And there. And done! Look how it floats! This reminds me of summer already… Guys, what reminds you of summer? Write in the comments! This is great and all, but I feel that I need something else. Yeah! First, I need subscriptions… Have you subscribed? And even hit the bell button? Well done! Second, I need cold lemonade! Lemonade? Alright, I’ll think of something… And third, I need your surprise. When?! Soon. Soon. To make a mini lemonade for Sam, I’ll take this toothpaste cap. And I’ll put a piece of colored sponge inside. And insert a straw. Right, I’ll get everything ready. This goes here. Ugh… oh yeaah! Awesoooome… Enjoying your pool already? Here’s your lemonade, Sammy! It’ll last you a long time. Many thanks. And here’s your surprise! What… what’s this? It’s a cactus! Well, sand, heat, cactus. You’ll have real greenery. So, Sammy, are you still missing the summer? This is just like a real sumer pool! Even with a cactus! It’s not a palm tree, but great! Oh, Ducky! Yahoo! Oh, yes! A splish, a splash, a splishy splishy splash… Splиsh, splish splash Ooooooooh yeaaaaaaaah…. Soooo good Heeeeeyyy! Guys, did you like this pool? Give a thumbs up if you did. Let’s get it to two thousand thumbs up to drive away the blues! And don’t forget to share this video with your firends! Hey, what’s this? This is artificial lemonade. Artificial? Where’s the real one?! It was meant as a joke… You owe me at least three bottles of lemonade now… moral damage and all that… Guys, before we talk about the caption for my pirate photo, I’d like to remind you that the contest for the best drawing is still on! We only got two videos, but we’re still waiting! All you need to do… is to attach a link to your video… or your photo in the comments! Ask someone to help you with it. Are you ready to find out who’s become a nominee and a winner in the category? The best caption for my pirate photo?! I’m sure they are! Alright, let’s start! Fifth place! The adventure of the seven seas! This was in my plans, when I was making that photo – to swim across all the seven seas! Oh yeah! Well, this viewer must have great intuition! That’s right! Fourth place! This is correct! Me and a pirate flag! Arrrrh! Do you think everyone saw the pirate flag in this photo? Of course they did! Our viewers are very observant! Third place! You are indeed the first slime pirate! Yes, and proud of it! Second place! Captain Slime Sam and a Slime boat! This sounds soo good! I agree! It suits you. But which caption did you choose for the first place? I’ll show you. Here! Ooh, great! You can’t do without candies, right? Let’s attach it to the frame with your photo. Like this! Awesome! Guys, thank you so much for your activity! We track all your replies and we’ll soon share something else! Untill we meet again! Bye!

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  1. Hey-hey-hey, my dearests! Watch me and Sue reading your captions for my pirate picture at 10:03! Love you all, thank you so much for many wonderful suggestions! 😊

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  3. Hi my name is Thea I am a new subscriber and I love your vids so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😘😍😜😝😎😀😀😀😀😀😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. I love the Paula it’s so beautiful and I wish the pool was super bright blue but it’s not it’s it’s clear but I’m still happy semi you’re right I love the pool

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  8. Sam friend just don't think about you even candies don't think about you so I know you love candy is but I don't want you to have a cavity or a toothache

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