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100 thoughts on “Daddy & Me with DJ Khaled | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 15 | Laugh Out Loud Network

  1. Father forgetting its a kids competition: "You gotta come in 1st, you gotta beat everybody else out…. Even if you have to take a few down"

  2. IDK if anyone noticed but that coach was dry like a dead man's mouth and all of a sudden he is sweating like waterfalls.

  3. Khaled with his baby is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

    Also did y’all seen khaled fanning his baby😂💗

  4. I couldn't stop cracking up when Kevin kept saying, "Is that a free baby? Can I borrow that baby?"
    And the man said, " Sure, as long as you bring her back. "

  5. For every single episode I watched, there is one thing that keeps coming to my mind: you made it Kevin Hart, you really made it man!! 😁😁😁

  6. Man said we have to come first even if we have to take some down then several kids bump into eachother

  7. Such a heartwarming clip to see dads with there babies having such fun 🤩 even if it's a borrowed baby 😂😂 . Salute to all dads who love their children ❤ . DJ KHALED you are a daddy cool 😍 your baby is the most adorable baby ever ❤❤

  8. "Kevin Hart and borrowed baby"😂😂😂 why doesn't he say the name of the child like he did with the other kids?

  9. When the adorable blonde girl doesn't realize she just left a celebrity hanging with a high 5 like what ….😁 ( hoping her parents show her the video when she is 16 )

  10. Does anyone realize this guy is basically telling all bench sitting parents at the park to STOP BEING LAZY !! & start playing with your kids !!

  11. That truly is the best workout …have a bunch of little kids chase you 😁 You will suddenly be like damn they stole all my energy !!!

  12. I feel like every time DJ Khaled works out and lifts weights, I’m pretty sure that every time he does each rep he says “Anotha One”

  13. @LOL Network, that bit at the end with the thought cloud was a little weird 😬 maybe do something different in more recent videos?..

  14. You hear 6:28



    Then you see…..


    I’ve replayed this thousands of times. Does that make me a horrible person 😂😭

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