Djokovic & Serbia win First ATP Cup! | Nadal Disses His Fans

Djokovic & Serbia win First ATP Cup! | Nadal Disses His Fans

Novak Djokovic has led team Serbia to the
2020 ATP Cup trophy. Capping off an impressive 8-0 display, Djokovic
easily dispatched of long foe Rafael Nadal 6-2 7-6 before teaming up with Victor Troicki
ti seal the tie taking out Lopez and Carreño Busta 6-3 6-4. I did correctly predict that Bautista Agut
and Djokovic would come through in the singles, but Nadal’s decision to not play the doubles
due to fatigue was detrimental, for I feel like a healthy Rafa couldn’t done a lot
of damage in the final match decider. Alas, today was simply a masterclass from
the world number 2 Djokovic and he definitely deserves all the acclaim. However his match with Nadal wasn’t without
controversy as the world number one wasn’t at all happy with the pro-Serbia crowd as
apparently they were making lots of noise in between his first and second serves. After chatting with Lahyani about this was
was subsequently booed and gave a sarcastic thumbs up to the crowd. He talked about this after the match saying
that the Serbians behaved for the wrong setting: Now some people were not happy with these
comments, as many thought Rafa was being hypocritical. These critics believed Spanish crowds behaved
the same way during last years Davis Cup Final, but now that the roles are reverse Rafa can’t
take it. I honestly see both sides because sometimes
in these team events the fans behave as they would at a soccer match, and don’t know
that it’s not common to cheer things like missed serves and double faults. Denis Shapovalov also had some issues with
the crowd saying they had no respect. Still Nadal can’t be too mad because Spain
behaved in the same exact matter of the Davis Cup, even his fans acknowledged this. I think that Nadal wasn’t really used to
him not being the favorite against Novak and too be honest the support Nole has been getting
the past week and a half has been really refreshing. I hope we see more support of him in the future
at these matches because it’s been a long time coming. Drama aside I believe this ATP Cup was a success,
and with over 220,000 attending the event I’m sure we’ll be seeing in again for
years to come. Once again congratulations to Novak and Team
Serbia. Are you surprised by the final tie’s results? Also, do you agree with Nadal that the crowd
was a bit out of hand? Leave your thoughts in the comment section
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30 thoughts on “Djokovic & Serbia win First ATP Cup! | Nadal Disses His Fans

  1. booo hooo Rafa…I was there…All Serbian fans showed him full reasonable respect.. .What he expect? Serbs to support him? ha ha ha

  2. Kind of funny to hear Rafa grump about the Serbian fans. The Joker has seen far worse in Wimbledon and at the US Open when he played Federer and the Federer fans cheers his faults, hooted and screamed during his serve and acted like complete idiots. Yet Nole always managed to play through the hate and abuse like the real pro and champion that he is to win.

  3. This is too much before the AO. I hope Novak will recover in time. As for the fans, I agree with Nick that Rafa is "super salty".

  4. Apart from singing that would resemble football match and horns it was all good imo.
    Btw this was a team event, and not to mention how much Novak plays under the same or even much worse conditions and bigger crowds.
    All is good

  5. When Australian fans were yelling and cheering Australian team, Australian players didnt seem to complain and call them salty. Full of bull. Spanish fans were also yelling and cheering Rafa, no complains there. Now you know what Nole has to go true every time he plays and Rafa and Roger fans yell, scream and are nasty. Cry babies all of you. 😉😂

  6. Wat a joke nedull is such a sore loser it ent funny fuming about the crowd an speaking about disrespect'wat does his spanish supporters no about respect wen they wud do it to nole all the time an he wud rise above it now dat the shoes is on the other foot now u no how it feels but nole use 2 take it like a man so man up bitch or r u not a man probably a man comfort data y u always digging your finger in your crack

  7. The only problem on this topic is that he was well aware, even before the match, that he is gonna lose big time, and he did…

  8. Respect- so when Medvedev was getting jeered and booed by the 'Rafa fans,' when getting upset over losing match point, and throughout the match, Rafa was fine with all this, saying he just believed it could happen, the man is a hypocrite, he also just rattles and riles his opponents with that annoying grunt every time, and takes ages with his serve, I'm so glad he lost to Novak, nice talking sweet words and flattering your opponent when you're being the bully, not so nice when the situation is reversed, and you have the crowd rooting against you!

  9. The photos you chose to portray Nadal ridicule him, that’s unfair. The problem is the incompetence of tennis authorities, umpires have been unable to control the fans, whether it’s Davis Cup, ATP Cup, Wimbledon or any other tournament.

  10. "people from some countries, they probably don't understand how the tennis goes …."

    Yes, you teach those unenlightened, ignorant countries.

  11. Zivjeli 100 godina zlatni momci 👍👍👍👍👍🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸❤❤❤❤ovaj idiot zaboravio kako su Novaku zvizdali skoro na svakom mecu i u Londonu i u Parizu itditd,sad mora i on da vidi kakav je to osjecaj kad te publika nervira.🏆🥇🎾👍👍🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸❤

  12. Common Rafael Nadal..accepted your shock Novak has a lot of supporters in Sydney..remember when Novak play at your country your Fan is To much..if that you describe about Novak Fans. How about your Fan in Spain what do you call that..accepted that you lose to Novak again..your in this sports Dacade why you complain..accepted once again you lose to Novak..✌

  13. How can Rafa say that Serbian fans are under substances when he was drugging few years ago ?. Fans od Red Star or Partizan (football teams) from Serbia can't buy a ticket for AO , not everyone can buy easily a ticket. Now we know that Rafa can't confront with loud and passion crowds as this one, but Nole can. He IS THE ONLY TENNIS PLAYER THAT ALWAYS FIGHTS WITH CROWD NOT WITH THE OTHER PLAYER .

  14. They do have respect Nadal, same as your fans have respect, but without those Wimbledon or Sydney fans you would not pocket millions. So take it on the chin and do what Novak does and thank God for the opportunity. Si Senjor.

  15. Que triste Rafa especialmente para mi porque Tu y Nole sois mis jugadores preferidos. Pero para decir verdad y por servilnog serpu sinceró creo que ningun jugador de tenis ha sufrido tanto despreció por parte del publico como Novak Djokovic y jamas se ha quejado ni en publico bien otros jugadores de hecho ha estado bastante solo y por que? Por ser serbio. Espero que no pensáis que no. Nos damos cuenta de eso?

  16. Claydull Williams. He suffers from Serena Williams syndrome. Entitled, snob, arrogant, nasty and disrespectful. Grow up will ya??? Spoiled ATP brat. Gays are entitled. I'm afraid he's not 100% man.

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