Dr Phil VS teen *DESTROYED by facts and logic* – Dr Phil #10

Dr Phil VS teen *DESTROYED by facts and logic* – Dr Phil #10

My relationship with my mom is out of control. Every day we argue, yell at each other No Stop. Why are you doing this! Yaaa, it’s time for another spoiled child! wow *clap* Doctor Phil Time *clap* Doctor Phil time everybody get pumped it’s Doctor Phil time *up an octave* doctor Phil time, Doctor Phil time everybody got Im [ unknow words sounds like a stroke] Doctor Phil time. This episode is sponsored by Gfule. Drink it.
(but none for Brad)*brad cries while editing* First of all…. I don’t care about the police they can kiss my butt am I the only concerned about those pants? the look like they’re about to explode! Joke Filex (Please Vox and WSJ it a joke) Fat shaming already that’s not what I meant! *for real vox just give up at this point* meet today’s child on Doctor Phil Her name is grace and she doesn’t get along with her parent. Me and my mom argue about anything the biggest stuff the smallest stuff
Pewd’s: lol Get the heck outta my room I’m playing Minecraft! Lol am I the only one seeing this? get the f*squek* out of my room i’m playing minecraft Get out *squeak* out of my room mom I’m not a quite person (earth shattering scream is not here) NO You still are get out of here. how do you sound
(That make no sense) I call my mom a b*tch, I call her
Pewds: Excuse me Excuse me, how do you sound, how do you sound. Oh I talk loud LOUD What are you saying? What are you trying to convey? no wonder this family is in distress
(like those pants ohhhh) They can’t communicate (they need to be beluga whales) Oh RIP again headphone usesers I call my mom a bitch and I call her a whore (poor burger) I call her [bleep] all the time Now, grace when she gets angry she gets out of control. but when she gets attacked she has the greatest defense of all time. Brace yourself, for the GREATEST. DEFENSE. of all time. I have nothing but respect for her from this line. “Git away from meeee!” “Stop antack-antagonizing me! (loses headphones from the power of the Great Line) STOP ATTACK-ATACKONIZING ME! STOP. ATTACKONIZING ME. T-Series Stop (meme) attackonizing (review) me!” “Mainstream Media; STOP (meme) attackonizing (review) me!” What is it you don’t understand? Attackonizing; I want none of it. About a year ago I went to live with my grandpa in Oregon. While I was there I got into a lot of fights. I got in a fight with my stepdad two years ago. He was cussin’ at me, an- I kicked him in his face. Cause he had a paddle to my neck?” What the hell are these situations? Your stepdad had a paddle to your neck, and you kicked him in the face? I wanna see this! This is what they need to f-capture on Dr. Phil! Come on! called the cops, and they said that I assaulted him. So I went to jail. “I only have-” “SHE went to jail? Oh look, she’s in jail now! *snickers* You know you messed up if- you call the cops but, YOU end up going- being the one going to jail. *snickers again* This is why the police needs to stop attackoni- sorry, I I’ll stop. “Ummm, I have… charges getting against me right now, for “WHAT?!” distributing child pornography… “What?!” “I… sold, my… nudes….” Excuse me? Nah! Nahnahnahnah I did not need to see that. Thank you very much. Y’know, I’m not gonna comment about a 15-year old girl’s…. how she looks like. but maybe MAYBE If you have so much face filter.. that you can’t see your face… then MAYBE… you’re not… that… MAYBE just maybe maybe you should tone down that road to Dr. Phil because I want her family to be happy again. I feel like a mentor. Sorry. Hey hey. She feels like an adult. She’s the one that wrote to Dr. Phil.. She feels like an adult. Okay I’ve lost control of my 15 year old daughter crazy Myself. I feel like a mentor. I Get away from me brah brah. You have a call your mom bruh. Get away from me bruh. I tell you no. It’s a broken home. Crazy is volatile. I feel like I’m such an adult. She’s doing this classic thing where she knows how to behave at certain situations. It’s the kind of person where everyone else probably goes oh but your child is so nice she’s so great. And then at home she just like this Hey Gracie Stop stop stop with the pictures. Stop I’m saying stop. Dr. Phil please. Gracie had made eighteen hundred dollars. Gracie’s dad called the police because he found some of your phone down here. I say stop. I cannot do this any longer. We need to call upon Dr. Phil. This seriously needs a Dr. Phil sit down right frigging now. Yes. Finally Gracie. Good to meet you. I’m gonna do this. You know Dr. Phil is already fed up with this. Okay. GRACIE Good me. Are you okay. Dr. Phil you know he’s always helping other people. But how is Dr. Phil doing. You know it’s sincere when you say it’s great to meet someone when you sign simultaneously. It’s great to see you. Yeah you’re doing it. This is a Appears to be a highly volatile combat situation. Why do you think that is mainly me. Definitely. Okay well problem solved. She knows it’s her. Just get rid of her when I get mad I give one little thing makes me mad I want to keep on going I want to keep it I make it more than it really is. Well how’s it working out for you. Where’s. Where are you. You’re making you have an F average in school. Mm hmm. You’re damn f average span. How is that even possible. F average. That’s like super bad. Wow. Who would’ve thought you’re 15 now so you’ll be 18 soon which means you’ll be an adult. And at that point you have to make your own way. You have to pay your own rent pay your own car payments do buy your own clothes and food. So unless you’re looking for an exciting career in the fast food industry You’re not the heck was that what Frankie says. She seem excited about a fast food industry. I’m down. I mean I’m not surprised. Beats them no reason at all whatsoever. And hey there’s nothing wrong with working in the fast food industry. I myself has worked in the fast food industry but maybe it’s not something you want to do for a long time. Just. That’s all I’m gonna say about the food industry. You’re not in the food industry. I mean you wake up At 2:00 in the afternoon right. No that’s not true. At 2:00 in the afternoon she’s a YouTube right. That’s what she needs to do. You just say no to all responsibilities in this wake up at 2:00 p.m.. Do you say. I used to like I used to wake up by 2:00 3:00 whenever I wanted to be nearby like 11:00 which is still bad. I know. Well call me a liar for two hours. I mean you know it is a lot I think is very precise. I don’t know it’s funny I don’t know why they’re laughing but hit because that’s a distinction without a difference. Oh my God. Hey I’m doing pretty good now and waking up at 11:00. It’s not that bad right. That’s a distinction without a difference your state 11:00 and 2:00 o’clock is two different things. So and I stand and total on that. Ok. And you stay up late playing video games. No I’m on the phone going out. What do we do. I stay up late. What do you do. Sometimes I play video games with my brother and then other times I’m on my phone. Yeah. Do you have a phone. No. No no. I do. Yes I do. I’m You say that you have sold nude pictures and videos and made like eighteen hundred books. Yeah. And according to your mother. You broke in and vandalized the school. Yeah. Why. Because it was fun I guess. Jesus Christ. You tell her that she chooses to be a slut and you don’t want the guy’s life ruined. That’s a reference to the fact that she’s a loser. Damn this mom is savage. I don’t want my daughter dating guys because I don’t want their life ruined. That’s such a horrible thing to say. Well most of these guys don’t know how old she is. Gracie doesn’t look like she’s 15 and if she is lying to them telling them that she’s sick all I see is because of the age. Okay. Well fair enough. Fair enough. But I don’t think it would have been taken to the extent that it was at all if she had not been approached by him to make money off of it. You thought she was just being a ho. Just hearing Dr. Phil say that I would never I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her. I’m a very private person and I don’t want all of you to know my business but I would do anything Anything to give her the help that she needs. Send her to the ranch. That’s it. That’s all you got to do. Send them to the rain. Ship cures. We don’t know the success rate of the ranch to be honest but we need to send the case to the ranch in a way that makes me so excited. I don’t know just the idea of kids being sent off to islands just far away. It isn’t what I’ve been saying all along. I’ve been saying this for years. We need to send all kids away to islands so they can fight each other like Pokemon. Except the kids are the pokemon billion dollar idea just thrown out there into millions of eyes. Let’s just see what happens. That’s all I’m saying. Let’s just see what happens. I’m not going to be legally viable or anything but let’s just see what happens. What am I talking about. I don’t know. I think I need help send me to the right. Here’s what she said. I made eighteen hundred dollars. I had eleven thousand followers on Instagram and that was my whole life until my mom shut it down. So she wrote in this nice heartfelt letter to Dr. Phil about our family needs to come together. We need your help making family normal again Dr. Phil but she is the perfect example of a kid having two sides in my opinion just think she’s like the female Cartman. I don’t know. Maybe it’s me who has no empathy. How do you think your life is working for you in terms of What you would like it to be for your family. How did they change about it. Is US arguing in my grades. Guess what those grades can’t be what I want to be. Why do we are what I thought she wanted to work in that fast food industry. She seemed so excited about it because of what those grades I can’t do what I want to be. Why do we argue. Well those are two pretty big items. She’s saying you’re being very weird. Okay let’s get to the interesting part. So this whole time she’s going like I just have one Instagram account and I have one Instagram account and that’s it. No one other Instagram account. I don’t know why you guys keep saying I have more than one Instagram account. Well let’s jump into it. Gracie says she still has one account that she’s rarely used because her mother has access to it. Yes Sara we did some digging and we think out. Gracie is not telling the truth. You do have. You are not Grace’s secret social media account. November 25th 2017. Born on December 9th 1999. Hey y’all. He is a great machine. Oh God that’s my new account. Oh ho. She lied about her age said she was born and died not making your 18. Now you have to do that for Facebook. No you don’t. You don’t have to be 18 to be on Facebook really needs a lot of your life. If they ask me I’ll tell them. So how do you found. I don’t know. If they ask me I’ll tell them. Even though it’s displayed on my profile. Guy argument is that you need other people’s Acceptance. Why do you keep posting stuff like that I don’t want to deal with it. I don’t want to know what’s right with that. So you are 15. You are my baby Gracie no matter what. There are grown men that look at those. You just said here a few months ago and you said I’ll tell you the truth. Yeah. Oh wait I’ll tell you how I feel about you. That’s what I meant. Well you’ll tell the truth in certain areas. Yeah I didn’t know I had that account. You’ve lied by omission okay. Yeah. She didn’t know I had that account but if you go in there and look at my friend she’s one of them. But she didn’t know I had it. So. So she’s saying that mom is saying I didn’t know you had an account and she’s like well you actually are friends with me on that account. Wow that plot just thickens. But then Dr. Phil jumps in. We research that you are not afraid not that kid. I don’t care. I don’t care. Then I’m wrong I I’m talking about you’re not being on my account. Well obviously I don’t care. Why. Why not. You actually actually you are friends of mine that account. No you’re not. We did some digging. Well I don’t care. On the couch. She’s not. But. My Facebook Facebook and Instagram are two different accounts. You are so rude. I understand why I have to post this kind of stuff. What what what. What acceptance do you need from other people going to kill Dr. Phil that’s it. I don’t know what the conclusion of this is. That’s all the videos we have to react to unfortunately. But I’m just going to assume she was sent to the range. Thank you guys for watching smash like we enjoy this episode and want more and subscribe. God damn it. T-Series is literally up my ass and I see you tomorrow. Bye!

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