Dragon Ball Z Mechanical Keyboard!

Today we’re checking out a mechanical keyboard
that caught my eye, honestly mainly because of the Dragon ball theme. And as many of us are, I was a huge Dragon
Ball fan from when I was a kid watching it in the morning before school. And even in recent times with Super. So here we have the Akko 3108 Dragon Ball
Vegeta Edition. And I also have the matching mouse, which
we’ll have a peek at later. Big thanks to Banggood.com for providing this
keyboard for review, I’ll chuck links and coupons in the description if you want to
check it out. The box, or sleeve rather is pretty cool with
the artwork, and it is an actual Toei licensed product, so it is legit. Inside the box we have the keyboard. A user guide. A blue USB type C cable. A wire keycap puller. And we have the 7 Dragon Balls in keycap form. There’s a dust cover which is always appreciated,
and finally the keyboard itself. In the hands it feels sturdy enough, with
minimal flex, nothing special, what you’d expect from a plastic enclosure and internal
steel plate. And it is packing some decent weight at just
under 1.2 kilograms. And well yeh, it really is all about that
theme. This is also available in the Goku version,
which my friend from ShopzadaPH has already covered, so check that out if you want to
see that one. The Vegeta version is essentially the inverted
version, so we have super bright alphas, which I’d say is a very yellow orange, and the
black legends make them look even brighter with that high contrast. And the legends are quite big, and centred,
which may not be to everyone’s liking, but from I can see, the alignment looks pretty
good, which has been an issue with these dye sub keycaps from Akko. But because they’re so large, they’re
a bit thicker, and inconsistent with the rest of the keycaps. And these are made from 1.2mm PBT plastic. And then we have Vegeta’s signature Blue,
which he’s usually wearing. The case and keycaps are different plastics,
so the blue on the keycaps are darker, and also rougher than the blue of the case. We have the grey as the accent colour, which
just breaks it up a little bit. There is of course a bunch of Dragon Ball
stuff around the board. We have the Capsule Corporation stuff, which
of course Vegeta is involved with because of Bulma. We have the Z caps. And just a little story, in Australia, being
a Commonwealth nation, we’re supposed to say ‘Z’ like zed, like the British. But legit, because of me belting out the theme
song when I was a kid , I’ve always said Zee. So yeh, I blame Dragon Ball for that. And of course we have the Vegeta spacebar
which is the same as what’s on the box. It is a little plain, especially when you
compare it to the Goku version. And that’s mainly because they have a heap
of sky there. But it still does look nice, and is dye subbed
on all sides, besides the underside. But I feel they could have done better. And lastly, we have a quite understated Dragon
Ball Z logo on the front. It does have a standard ANSI layout, plus
the 4 extra keys in the top right hand corner, so the keycaps are easily replaceable, but
if you’re getting this keyboard, you wouldn’t want to change them anyway. This is using the same macro system as the
Akko 3068 that I checked out somewhat recently. And to be honest, I didn’t even try, I can’t
read the manual. So yeh, totally sorry for that, but there
is some sort of onboard macro capabilities. On the bottom we have some flat rubber feet
to keep it sturdy on the table. The flip up feet are also rubber tipped, and
there is an additional angle available. There’s the USB type C port, which has a specially
shaped channel to fit the included cable in nice and tight, which made for a really secure
connection which I like. I did try it with other cables, and it worked
fine as well. There are also cable channels going out to
the sides, but I never really liked them, because they mess up the cable. This does come with Cherry MX keyswitches,
and I have Cherry MX Reds in mine. So a light linear switch, meaning that it
has no tactile bump or click. Stabilisers are decent, with not too much
rattle, but it’s still there. And they did lube them up. The thing with lubing stabs though, it doesn’t
need too much where the wire bends, which I see a lot of with these retail boards. It’s more at the end of the wires that needs
the lube. But anyway, the spacebar feels pretty empty
and hollow, and doesn’t sound that great in my opinion, but again, no real bad rattle. And that kind of goes for the rest of the
keyboard as well. It’s a little hollow feeling, hard to describe,
and understand if you haven’t felt a range of keyboards before, but yeh, I guess thin
would be an appropriate word. But still good, and these actually felt decently
smooth for Cherry MX Reds. So if you’re into light linear switches,
then I think you’ll enjoy it. Quick look at the mouse. Box is awesome with Vegeta again. And I don’t know too much about mice, but
it feels pretty good in the hands. It’s a very simple mouse shape, but I do
love how it looks. Same colour as the keyboard of course, and
the glowing Capsule Corp logo looks sweet as. If you’re gonna get this keyboard, then
you might as well match it up with the mouse. To open up the keyboard, you just need to
release the plastic tabs which is easy. Then there’s 2 Philips head screws holding
down the plate. And then it was a bit of a struggle to take
it out because it was just so tight for some reason, but I eventually got it out. The top plastic shell is very standard, but
it feels pretty good. And of course, I won’t be painting this
one. The bottom plastic piece is pretty sturdy,
despite not having a whole lot of reinforcement, but this big divot does help with that. And we also have the USB type C port nicely
secured, so that won’t be breaking off, which I’ve seen a few other boards do. The mounting plate is made from 1.5mm steel,
and is bent at the front and back, so this is what gives the keyboard most of its weight
and rigidity. The PCB is clean, and just like the last AKKO
keyboard I checked out, this does have spots for LEDs. Unfortunately, I used up all of my LEDs when
I soldered them to the 65% board, so I wasn’t able to do it here. But I’m quite sure that you could solder
in LEDs if you really wanted to. But I did wish it came with LEDs already. Alright, so overall, it really is all about
that theme. I love Dragon Ball, so this totally sucked
me in. Again, there’s the Goku version as well,
which I personally think looks nicer, because there’s less of a contratsing look. But both are super bright, super gaudy, and
pretty ugly in if I’m being honest, especially if you have no cares about Dragon Ball. But that’s the thing, it’s fine because
it’s what it is. It comes in at about 100USD, so nothing too
crazy, but still up there. It does come with Cherry MX keyswitches, and
the typing experience is okay, it is still mechanical of course, and the stabilsers are
decent, and yeh just very standard. It’s pretty cool to see Akko bring us this
collaboration, because I don’t really recall anything like this with other brands. But yeh, this is definitely a board for the
fans, and I’ll be keeping this on display. Thanks again to Banggood.com for providing
this keyboard for review and for their continued support. Links and coupons are in the description.

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