Elmo and Rosita’s Musical Playdate | Sesame Street Full Episode

100 thoughts on “Elmo and Rosita’s Musical Playdate | Sesame Street Full Episode

  1. Love The "Two" Song at 18:31 Mark since first hearing it while watching with my 1 y.o . Now i sing it everyday to him while he plays .Might have to dedicate to my wife too 😆

  2. I never noticed this till now, but Big Bird was played and voiced by Matt Vogel during the Journey to Ernie segments!

  3. Elmo this is your friend Ethan Jagosh
    I am still your friend I love you ❤️ Elmo
    My birthday 🎂 was last Tuesday so I love you so much Elmo

  4. Elmo this is your friend Ethan you love toys 🧸 to playing with me and you so
    Want is your toy you like to playing with me I know you love playing ball with anything Friends so I am still your friend to I love you 💕😘❤️ Elmo

  5. Hey Sesame Street!

    I love the amazing Friday episodes you made today!

    I wanna see more Sesame Street Friday episodes you’ll make every Friday!

  6. Hi Elmo this your friend Ethan you are so cute I love your TV 📺 shows to Elmo we are be friends for long time so I love you 😘❤️💕 to you are still your friend

  7. just wondering
    how come elmo's world music is the only season 1 episode that shows the full elmo's song ending???
    For example go to elmo's world water episode n you'll see what i mean

  8. Man, I don’t even remember watching this show when I was little (though I know that I did) and yet I got SUPER nostalgic when Elmo sang his song about playing with his friend.

    If you pay attention to the handwriting on the chalkboard over the girl at 40:35 , it reads, “Wouldn’t it be chilly without skin on?” OMG LIKE HOW DID NO ONE SEE THAT?? 🤣🤣🤣

  10. How about if you upload another season 34 episode like Episode 4039? Because Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letter B and by the number 9

  11. Sir topham hat:ah hello ha ha it is I sir topham hat yes sir topham hat do you know why they call me sir topham hat because I love to play the organ just kidding no they call me sir topham hat because I love to count things like this organ I will count it one one organ now this organ will help us to find the number of the day but first I must warm up cracks knuckles here it is this is it presenting the number of the day is it one
    Sir topham hat:no is it two
    Sir topham hat:yes yes it's two two ha ha and now for you're number pleasure two tubas in tutus tap dancing for you
    *music plays*.
    Sir topham hat:two tubas for you 2.

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