Gators Ditch The Swamp for the Beach

Well today we are scrimmaging Academy of Art.
We are doing a little doubles tournament with Academy of Art. So we have both of our squads
split into multiple teams of 2 and they are playing in some pool play against each other.
We are going to have some fun in the sun today and play some doubles. There are a couple
of huge benefits in my opinion. First off it is something that translates to indoor
and it is something different. A little bit of variety. There are great benefits to playing
with just 2 people on the court. You and another person out there just have to do everything
pass, set, hit. There is some great fun in playing in the sand. It builds some leg strength
and some different muscle strength in regards to playing on a different surface. It has
been a great day. Everyone has been out here on this gorgeous day outside I don’t think
we could have ordered a better day to play some beach volleyball and everyone is having
a great time. We are getting better at volleyball and that’s what we are hoping for. It is fun
getting out here and getting to play a different team other than ourselves. It is great being
outside in the sun rather than the gym. Playing out here it is definitely harder to move so
you can’t get away with not moving your feet. There are a couple different rules and wind
plays a big factor in how you set the ball how you hit the ball how you move and everything.
Once we get back inside the gym it will be very nice to not have those conditions and
I think it will help us slow the game down a lot. It also helps our communication since
there are only 2 of us so it forces us to talk a lot. Once we get back indoor our communication
will definitely improve. Going from 2 people to 6 people will make the game a lot easier.

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