Go Strong Woman, Go – SOUTH PARK

Go Strong Woman, Go – SOUTH PARK

ANNOUNCER: A beautiful day
in Morrison, Colorado, as we get ready
for the 6th Annual Strong Woman Competition! A two-day-long competition
of tests built to push athletes to their very limits. Joining me now is
the current champion of the Strong Woman Competition,
Strong Woman. Ms. Woman,
do you feel ready? Oh, yeah.
I’m ready, David. There are just so many
amazing women athletes out here today. It makes me so proud. Now, this is
the first year that a trans woman
is in the competition. How do you feel about that?
Amazing. I feel honored to be
a part of history. I have a lot of incredible
trans friends who are athletes, and so we’re all inspired
this woman’s competing. Uh-huh, and uh… have you actually ever met
Heather Swanson? Uh, no, I’ve never competed
against her before. No. She’s not exactly
your average trans athlete. Well, what is
an average trans athlete? Honestly, I find that
kind of bigoted, David. Okay, Heather Swanson
is actually joining us now. Ms. Swanson, how does it feel
to be competing today? I can’t tell you
how free I feel now that I’ve started
identifying as a woman. Now that I can
compete as female, I’m ready to smash
the other girls! And is it correct you just
starting identifying as female two weeks ago. I’m not here to talk
about my transition. I’m here to kick
some fuckin’ ass. Let me tell you something,
Dingleberry —
David Perry. I’m gonna roll up
the other women here, and I’m gonna
smoke ’em. I am the strongest woman
this state has ever seen! Any words for the challenger,
Ms. Woman? Uh, good luck,
Heather. [ Chuckles ]
Luck is for dudes. Well, with that,
let’s get right to the action. ♪♪ ♪ Rising to the top,
push it to the edge ♪ ♪ Give it all you got,
barely break a sweat ♪ ♪ Strong Woman! ♪ Strong Woman ♪ Yeah, she’s got speed,
she’s got the moves ♪ ♪ She’s got the muscle
and a whole lot to prove ♪ ♪ Strong Woman! ♪ Strong Woman!
[ Women grunting ] Arghhhhhh-yeah! ♪ Hey, you ♪ Go strong woman, go ♪ Hey, you ♪ Your time is now,
whatcha gonna do? ♪ ♪ Pedal to the metal,
find another gear ♪ ♪ She takes what she wants,
nothing left to fear ♪ ♪ Strong Woman! ♪ Strong Woman ♪ Now, hey girl,
you’re the best in the world ♪ ♪ And, hey, hon ♪ Don’t look now,
but you just won ♪ HEATHER: Hell yeah! I won!
♪ Strong Woman ♪ Strong woman, strong woman
I’m a strong woman! ♪ Strong woman, strong woman
Look at it! Its mine! ♪ Strong woman
I’m the best! ♪ Strong woman
I’m the strongest!

100 thoughts on “Go Strong Woman, Go – SOUTH PARK

  1. im all for trans rights but yeah things like this need to stop. emotionally and mentally theyre women but physically theyll always retain the advantages of being male. unless they were naturally meek to begin with like even some cis males are.

  2. It's brilliant! Let those trans athletes compete in ALL female sports so that I can watch those feminist witches melt after some MA'AM kick their idol's ass!

  3. This was an issue that needed to be attacked. There’s so much hypocritical bias on this subject. Liberals are always pushing for women to be stronger while at the same time, they allow men who “transition” into women to compete in events like this. We’re not stupid enough to not know that they only fake it because they can’t compete with the bigger guys. Where the real hypocrisy is is that even though women who transition to men have the same opportunity, let’s be honest, they never would because they wouldn’t stand a chance.

  4. I love how these SJWs are so triggered by Southpark pointing out the truth! Face it, people: transgender athletes are ruining sports.

  5. It’s much more likely to have a cis female athlete who takes anabolic steroids rolling over natural female athletes, not a trans woman… a trans woman is the only competitor you can pretty much guarantee won’t be taking testosterone.

  6. l like how they didn’t overly dramatize “her” performance. They didn’t have her ripping peoples’ arms off or anything. It was pretty much just a realistic depiction if something like this actually happened.


  8. Women act special and tough cause they can give birth but then cry like a bitch when they take a punch from a man. Thought yall had such good pain tolerance????

  9. Nobody's going to transition and then compete with cis women muscle bound. This is conservative propaganda based on false reporting. Which is how the MRA's are fed. deceptive people can only imagine what they would do.. and so they imagine that trans people would compete openly only 2 days into their HRT.

  10. Kinda surprised PC principal isn't just all for this all the way through? I mean if I saw someone like that irl, I wouldn't believe for a second he is sincere.

  11. Are any women who think they are men entering in men’s sporting competitions?

    Would the UFC allow a man (who thinks he is a woman) to enter the ring with another woman and fight?

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂ya u gay ass bitches want 2 b equal to men ok u see him fuccin them bitches up shut y'all stupid ass up L🌴A WES CALI

  13. This is exactly why transgenders shouldn’t compete because no matter how girly a trans feels they’re still strong like a dude.

  14. This is the Funniest SHIT EVER…. OMG the LeftTards are losing their Retarded shit.. Like they did with Dave Chappelle.. These Lefist IDIOTS out there are the best they give us the Best shit to laugh at..

  15. This is so truth ..millions of.dudes could just get rich by putting a wig on and just start dominating women's sports…😂😂😂 That's how ridiculous America has become..

  16. Will this be the straw that breaks CC's back? Will they cave to LGBTQ pressure like everyone else does? (Or will freedom of speech prevail?)

  17. Episode: – They [PC Babies] must see the nuance to this whole situation.

    – You're right! They realize that raising a gender-based issue of strength doesn't necessarily make one a bigot or a bully.

    Real Life: OMG South Park is Bigoted and Hateful and needs to be fucking Canceled! How Dare they attack Trans People! RHEEEEEEEEE!

  18. This all happens because people pretend there are no biological differences between the genders. The simple fact that there is two instead on one is enough proof of this.

    Now bring on the whiny feminists in the comment section.

  19. Yup…and BooHooHoo to all you Feminists who who were hitting the DNC crackpipe and went along with making this a reality.
    I Only feel sorry for the Normal girls suffering for their mama's stupidity.

  20. Can't believe there's people claiming this is an accurate depiction of reality :')

    You must have no knowledge of biology or dysphoria if you think this isn't a parody

  21. And some people really believe this crap!!!!!!! Forget science????? Wonder how many "women" were insulted by this? Ridiculous

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