Golf Sunglasses with New Technology to Help Your Game

Golf Sunglasses with New Technology to Help Your Game

what do you think we’re about to find
out if these are the real deal or not here we go all right
thanks for tuning in and I’m glad you’re watching uh I know right crazy
strange-looking glasses and here’s a deal guy gave me these like whatever
I’ll check them out see how they do I warum play the whole birdie the first
hole I play with them okay whatever took them off shot a video a totally
different video whatever somewhere down below on my channel then finish the
video put the glasses back on play it another hole birdie okay hard hole to
the birdied then I played the next hole birdied it again three in a row I’ve
only worn these glasses for three holes birdied all three holes I’m gonna tell
you about the technology of these things and we’re gonna see if we can keep the
streak alive let’s do it alright these glasses are made by a
company called triple eagle link in the description below okay
they’re not cheap they’re like almost depending there are somewhere between
240 and 300 dollars they’re right there in that range now I did compare them
with some high-end glasses the aviator style glasses very similar they’re
name-brand okay and they’re made they’re identical okay except for the technology
these have going on with obviously the lens that you see these are made in
Italy finely crafted and you know well made glasses non
polarized you don’t want polarized glasses when you’re playing sports
that’s a depth perception thing so it’s just not something you want and you
notice you’ve got three colors here these are designed to help you maintain
good posture during your setup and throughout your swing believe it or not
so that the three colors that you see so let me
show you here okay um by the way if you want a mr. short-game hat link in the
description below get him while they lie last they’re not that many of these
things okay so here’s how these glasses work in terms of your setup now for
personally I don’t usually like wearing sunglasses when I play one they’re too
heavy and I don’t like swinging with them to I don’t like when the frame gets
in the way of my of my swing because if your head moves a little bit you really
it’s enhanced with sunglasses on so these are incredibly lightweight the
frame is super thin they make them in in these they make three colors gold black
and gunmetal grey which these are be like I mean top gun a little bit anyways
the lens is a high quality plastic so it’s not glass glass would be too heavy
and so there you go now here’s the the the science behind this what you want to
do is set up and so when you’re looking at the ball if your head is too down
it’s in the yellow or the red you don’t want that you want to set up so the ball
is in the blue section that’s too high that’s too low so it it forces you to
get a final check up right before you swing and consciously make that
adjustment now it’s not going to help poor alignment or anything like that but
it certainly gives you a good reminder of head position when that time is right
okay so that’s what that is for well and then you want to keep it in the blue the
entire swing and then as you hit you want to transition up so you’re not in
the blue anymore now as you follow the ball the ball moves up into the red so
it kind of forces you to stay down because if you come up you would see the
ball in the blue all of a sudden and that would be no good so you stay down
and then the ball is now up in the red and you fall in the red
and you can actually see it pretty well against the kleinereise so the same
rules would apply for putting as any other shop your head needs to stay down
and the ball would be in the blue not the yellow or the red and then you would
just hold a steady head really gonna help you kind of stay more steady at
least with your head throughout your stroke and stay there in this kind of
follow along and let the ball exit your path but head position is the focus with
the shades like this I do find for me my tendency is to get a little more yellow
and so I just pull my head up a little bit and it’s a different position than
I’m used to so maybe I bury my head a little bit more than then I should just
something that kind of got to get get acquainted with okay now we’re going to
try to keep the streak alive every time I’ve played a hole with these
I’ve birdied the hole three holes this will be my fourth par four dogleg left
300 like 70 yards or something like that 3-wood for position should be perfect
we’ll see what do you think comment below let me know if you think I’m gonna
birdie this hole and any others after this or not nah just really you’re on
your own honor here okay I don’t know I’m gonna say yeah why not I believe in
myself warmed up ready to rock and roll here we go okay 151 to the whole I’m gonna go with
a little 8-iron just try to smooth one in there it spins in the front so I want
to be a little past it ideally that’s why mode to eight just make sure I’m not
sure good set up the whole deal good swing good I don’t know
good swing good hat good all right I missed a little more left
than I thought and came up short actually so it must be some wind up here
what not so I’ve got a chip shot it’s uh guess I got my work cut out for me here
this is for four in a row with the shape did you see that oh so close I do like
this style of sunglasses the aviator style I really like them alright so that
I love I’m not a fan of the color of it because I think I guess I’m just a
little self-conscious of that when I’m walking around and other people see me
and they see the you know strange kind of colored lens oh my god but honestly
like I do like the three different colors like the center one is just for
cruising around you can wear them as normal glasses and just look right
through the center up would be you know where you see your golf ball a little
better than without them and down in the blue is where you set up so I like that
in terms of the golf aspect of it of having just that reminder of I need to
be set up in the blue area that’s kind of cool I do dig that I’m not a big
sunglass where on the golf course but that’s only because I haven’t found any
that I like these are light lightweight I like the lens I like the color I
really like everything about them so if you’re somebody who’s going to spend
this kind of money on glasses I would say it’s a good way to go I think
they’re good it’s a good technology for the golf course um
and I did birdie three out of the four holes I played with wearing them three
in a row and then the last one I didn’t so that was it’s pretty good maybe that
was a fluke maybe the fluke was the par and I will say I’m about to try to drive
the green see what happens okay one more thing here before I go
ahead and attempt my eagle putt down there see it drove the green one – not
even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then hey whatever okay now when
you’re reading the Greens one thing I like really noticed and liked about the
glasses was that I can look and get different colors of the green and what
I’ve learned by playing the Bobeck color ball sometimes your brain you perceive
different colors in a different way so you might see undulation and little
slopes and things in the green better with a red tint versus yellow or a blue
might help you or even the color of the sky or the haze or what’s going on that
day when you get a different color you got three different options and kind of
variations in between it can help you really pick up the subtleties of the
break in the green so that’s another benefit I have found wearing the glasses
is just alright oh I see something here in the red that I didn’t see in the blue
and I kind of did that so anyways hope you like this video hope it’s
informative and helpful I’m always trying to find cool products and new
things that can help golfers out there shave a stroke or two off her game and I
don’t know if you like them you look cool out there too so good for you
anyways love you guys good luck see you in the next video

58 thoughts on “Golf Sunglasses with New Technology to Help Your Game

  1. Well if you have them on straight ,level and centred to you eyes they may work. I’ve worn progressive glasses over 30 years and if your don’t wear the glasses properly it skews your vision. I would imagine this would apply to these sunglasses.
    I would think your golfing skills gave you those 3 birdies.

  2. i think thats a crazy price for use in friendly games of golf,i cant see them being allowed in a competitive match

  3. I had to check the date wasn’t April the 1st….. no wonder less and less people are taking the game up with all the equipment costs and now a pair of shades @ $250… 🥴

  4. ridiculous video, almost unsubscribed. seems to be quite a few of these on your channel lately… so still considering unsubscribing.

  5. 10 dollar aviator glasses, tape the top 3/4 of them with masking tape.
    If you can see, your in the right head position if you can't see your not.

  6. It's just another gimmick that will not do anything for your game except cost you money for nothing, It's like the V12 wood or the bombtech golf clubs. Useless it's just a waste of money. Invest in a good set of clubs made to your measurements, some golf lesson and practice, practice, practice.

  7. thanks for the review…way too expensive for plain old colored lenses…and way to many requests (3) to subscribe, like, bell, etc. we get it…

  8. Hey Matt this weekend tournament Azinger mention chipping with the toe side of the wedges a couple times . Can you explain ?

  9. I like the idea, but I have prescription sunglasses. It would be nice to incorporate it into a prescription lens.

  10. Too expensive just to play golf
    It's like a lot of gimmicky products that are on the market today
    Not for me at the price

  11. Dude, you can’t be pimp’n crap like that and and expect to folks to keep watching you. Hope this is not what you’re heading towards for 2020. Just say’n

  12. So we should expect to see you wearing these in the future and especially the next time you play Coach, since you can't seem to beat him any other way. Four Birdies in five holes??? and one of them was on a Baby Par 4 that was drivable.

  13. I think you look like Poncho from CHIPS with them on!! But they are a bit pricey!! I wear sunglasses in the summer all the time!! So those wouldn't bother me none!! Nice review!!

  14. I did some digging, a while back, because I wanted to know why all the half way decent sunglasses were so freaking expensive. Its a piece of plastic, held by another piece of plastic, with a couple of little metal hinges. $180, $200, more WTF… Almost all sunglasses are made in Italy. OH! I am so sorry, "eye fashion"… By, Luxottica. They have a near monopoly of both manufacturing and distribution. They are raking it in huge by basically raping anyone that purchases their products. This also extends into prescription eyewear as well.

  15. Why would you even make a video about something as ridiculous as this unless you’re getting a percentage of the sales.
    We followers are praying you’re not becoming a shill. Don’t ruin your credibility pushing these gimmicks.

  16. i can't believe you fell for that infomercial. the glasses look more like something the hippies wore out in san francisco back in the 60's. you could also get some beads and roman sandals.

  17. The blue lens is known to accentuate the whiteness of the golf ball while muting the other colour pigments. Helps to focus more on the golf ball.

  18. I have have some underpants that I wore last time I played and I shot two birdies! I therefore now conclude a causal relationship between wearing the unterpants and shooting the birdies. Currently I am considering selling them online as handicap-lowering underpants.

  19. I instantly think of this video and shameless promotion of yours "it darn near fits inside the bag"

  20. Where did you hear that polarized sunglasses throw off depth perception? From my experience it isn’t the case. I also did a little searching online, and some studies actually show it improves it.

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