H2O – just add water S2 E23 – Reckless (full episode)

73 thoughts on “H2O – just add water S2 E23 – Reckless (full episode)

  1. How Charlotte toatly twisted it "they became mermaids by acident, I'm the only real mermaid, this was meant to happen to me." if they became mermaids not nowing it will happen it was meant you 'forced' yourself. You couldn't be more fake.

  2. Of course they are stronger because they have their own powers to work on and she's to stupid to control 3 powers. And yes I'm commenting as I'm watching.

  3. This show is cute but it’s really not the one that will decrease bullying problems at schools. The last season they really bullied Miriam and now Charlotte. Even if she’s annoying sometimes, it’s basically a normal reaction if you being surrounded by arrogant and mean girls that can’t admit to be just jealous of you.

  4. don’t get me wrong I don’t like Charlotte at all, but the girls in this episode kind of bothered me a bit only because there’s been more occasions when they’ve used there powers out of want vs. necessity (+ in public where Lewis had to warn them)

  5. XD I just realized every time Lewis tries to have a peaceful fishing time, it always gets interrupted. Poor Lewis 🤣

  6. It’s so obvious why Charlotte has all three powers. It’s because she went alone to the pool and Cleo Emma and Ricky came in together so the powers split between them

  7. 13:13
    REAL MERMAID!!!!!!!!!
    Does she know what a mermaid is?!
    Just because Charlotte forced it on herself doesn't mean the other girls aren't mermaids! She's just talkin gibberish,
    I👏🏻hate👏🏻 her👏🏻😒
    (with a burning passion of a thousand suns of course 😏)

  8. I MIGHT start to like Charlotte if her and Lewis just break up

    Otherwise I will just still ABSOLUTELY HATE HER

  9. I must be the .001% that lowkey likes Charlotte lmao. She's sneaky but she's never a super bish to Lewis and y'kno, her friends via teen drama (that which ngl I completely live for). 😂👌

    Edit: holy crap she hurt ronnie, poor bbys. 1. how dare she hurt him 2. how dare…she..be..scared? Uh no. Hope they work it out ":[

    Also lmao Nate had that one coming. A good scare, but good thing he wasn't in any actual danger.

  10. I really can't stand Charlotte, she can mess with the girls and Lewis, she can even mess up my ship, (which I DO NOT take kindly to) but I draw the line when she hurts an animal! And She. Hurt. Ronnie! can I just, URGH!

  11. Emma, Cleo and Rikki. Each had a power which represented balance for each power and their trinity. They turned into mermaids together and fatefully. While Charlotte has all 3 powers which represents her instability and how she gained all 3 of them by transforming alone and intentionally. Which is why she loses her power due to her instability and being alone

  12. Charlotte how could you attack a dolphin you don't deserve to be a mermaid however you wanted to be a mermaid because of powers dummy like those who hate Charlotte

  13. how i wish things went
    lewis:look charlotte im not sorry but im breaking up with u
    lewis:u said no more secrets BYE FALASHA
    anyone with me?

  14. charlotte is making a fool out of herself for thinking that she was meant to be a mermaid, thinking that she is special besides the fact that her grandmother was a mermaid. Dang, whatta dumbfuq

  15. But you can’t make fun of charlottes weight because that’s a actual person it’s a actor and saying that could really heart a person so don’t attack her personal appearance

  16. 4:20

    The girls have spent the last few episodes being passive aggressive and unwelcoming to Charlotte and now they're perplexed as to why Charlotte feels defensive and doesn't want to accept their patronizing "help"


  17. "You should only use your powers when it's absolutely necessary and preferably in private"

    Bruh like five episodes ago she and Rikki were using their powers in public to help their boyfriends win a pool game.

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