Halloween Kiss

Halloween Kiss

I was in sixth grade at the time my school
to set up a dance, so I was pretty excited. Me and my friends were just talking a few months
before this Halloween dance. So, we were playing truth or dare and I got
a dare. One of my friends said, “Oh go ask her cousin to be your date for the halloween
dance.” And I was like, “Oh, no I can’t ask him. I
have a crush on him and he’s your cousin!” She said, “Oh, no it’s fine just go ask him
he’s gonna say no anyways.” So I went up to ask him and I was freaking out, I was like, oh my god, I’m going to die, he’s going to to kill me. He’s gonna be like, “Oh my god you’re such a lame – o.” He’s never gonna like me, ever. We’re not gonna have
any kids. Uh-sorry, I went a little overboard there. But anyways, so I went up to him and then
just straightforward asked, “Do you wanna be my date for the halloween dance?” And then he was just like, ”What?” I was like, “Do you wanna be my date for the halloween dance?” and then he was like,
“What, again?” I said it a last time, “Do you wanna be
my date for the halloween dance?”, and he’s like, “Sure, sure.” And, I was just like, “WHAT!” My mind
just blew up (explosion sound). So, fast forward a month later, it’s the
day of the dance. So, I’m wearing my costume my mom prettied
up, and I step into my dad’s car, and I thought my mom was gonna be driving me but
it was my dad, so, yeah. He started lecturing me like “Oh, whenever
boys try to touch you just say no.” And I’m like “Uhhm, okay? I don’t… okay? Then he just left. And I saw my date standing at the food table
and we just, you know had fun. We partied, we ate, we sang a little bit. Then he took me into the hallway and then
he was like, “Okay, I’m having the best day, like right now.” And I was like “Oh my god! I’m
having the best day too.” Then he confessed. He was like, “You know,
ever since the first day of school, I actually had a thing for you.” And I was like, “Oh
my god! I’ve had a thing for you too!”. And then, he just, he just… pulled me, and
then… he just kissed me. And then I started kissing back and I was
like, “Oh my god.” In my head I was like, “Oh my god, double
brain, like, blow up.” I was like, “Oh my god, my crush is literally
exchanging saliva with me.” Okay. So when it was done, we started smiling at
each other. I was blushing, and my dad came to pick me up. My um, so called “date”, he pulled me to the
side and he gave me an ice cream cone and I was like, “Where did you get this from?”
Then he was like, “Um, the DQ down the street.” And I was like, “You went all the for me?”
Then he was like, “Yeah, for me too.” We started laughing and I started eating my
cone and, and then my dad honked a second time like, “Hurry up!” I was like, “Oh yeah!” and then I waved
bye before I went outside cuz I didn’t want my dad to see. So, I went in my dad’s car and started eating
my ice cream. But, yeah, that was it. The funny thing is, I’m actually dating that
person right now. I guess it was a win-win scenario.

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  2. That’s a bit young….I’m sorry if I’m talking rudely but like middle schoolers are usually very immature like them dating are…oh gosh heck nah

  3. that is so sweet, I'm glad he turned out to be nice, and not a jerk, who knows maybe you will become high school sweethearts, then get married some day, it happens.

  4. My story is when I was in the second grade and there was this boy I really like and I was drinking at the water fountain at church and then I immediately turned around and I saw him staring at me I should have felt uncomfortable but I felt happy next day I was going back from the other building and I saw him stopping to look at me I was happy again but I shouldn't have been happy

  5. Is it just me or does the dad in this look like the dad from cloudy with a chance of meatballs? 😂

  6. dang these 12 year olds have already had their first kiss and are dating while me, i havent had mine yet and my crush knows i like him, and my friends say he likes me but i rly don't believe them but i mean i hope its true lol

  7. 6th graders are now casually making out and I’m just here like- Im older than her and I haven’t ever kissed or dated anyone 😂😭

  8. Ok from the beggining i was like ok shes in sixth grade she has a crush than later on the video there was a halloween dance and i was saying YES SHE ASKED HIM OUT! And than when it got to the kissing part i was saying WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH excuse me exchanging saliva WOAH THERE HUNNY slow down it was like a car she was driving and like she was going real fast like SLOW the pumps.

  9. who isnt pretty enough to get a date??!

    who am i kidding y’all are obviously drop dead gorgeous and amazing 👊😔💓💞💖

  10. He he he i thought you meant that you had a crush on you OWN cousin! And fact : if someone was babys… With theircousin their baby can be born sick or ill just saying

  11. The girl: getting her first kiss at 6th grade
    Me: I got my first and second kiss when I was 4 years old
    Also me: oh gosh….. Dang it I was to young😑

  12. Same. My mom will let me have a bf or a boy at my house… But my dad won't even let a boy at my house cuz he's religious

  13. Today I
    1. Woke up
    2. Went to school
    3. Kissed my crush
    4. My crush is my boyfriend
    Now read this in the order of 2,3,4,1

  14. I use to date a boy and he ask me if i wanted to kiss him. When we were reading togheter he was about to kiss me but then i didnt because then people are going to know that i kissed him and i faild and i when reading was over i told him that people are going to know and find out. And it was like in 4th grade in and we past notes toghter and and i never grab his hand and kiss him.But in may he broke up with me and i use to date with him and everybody in the school know not of them and in my class and then we stop giving notes and the teachet never noticed. And yeah we stop dating.But now im in 5th grade and he said hi to me and i didnt say hin to him back because in hated hi and he was trash cause his hair was diffrent and i didnt like it and i use to put that in my dairy and sister know and my parents didnt know that i dated him and the boy who i dated he use to date a nother gril and he is now single and im canda not single because i have a crush now hes from stanger things his name is mike and his real name was finn i use to like will but his real name was noah and my sister had a crush on him so finn is singel and noah so yeah thats my story and i know its long. -yarely love story❤😘😜😗😁😂😛😉☺😊

  15. SKSKSKSK HOW DOES SHE KNOW HOW TO KISS HIM LMAOOO😭 IN 6TH GRADE I KISSED SOMEONE but my lips would just be solid and small like I wouldn’t kiss 😔 lmaooo that’s tuffffff

  16. I’ve already got my first kiss years ago and I’m only 14 lmao BUT IT WASN’T ROMANTIC AT ALL! I want to do a first kiss again 🙁 .

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