How Marine Salvage Works – Mini-Documentary

How Marine Salvage Works – Mini-Documentary

The salvage project here at school’s probably the funnest thing they get to do. The kids love it. Basically anything that goes down, it pretty much needs to come back up. Every time there’s a hurricane or tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico, all those platforms need to be inspected and/or salvaged. Basically, we got hired on to salvage this boat and bring it on up and it’s definitely a good showing of what we could potentially be seeing out in the field It all kind of builds up to this point. Because I think it has the most stuff going on at one time. They’ll have to take measurements on the boat, on the pontoons that we use, they’ve gotta tell me how much those weigh, and how much they can lift. We go down and we measure all the holes before we even build the patches, and then we custom build the patches for each hole. So patches are attached with a J-hook, connected to a strong back, and the patch is in the middle. Push the brace through the hole, turn it, put the patch on, J-hook it down. The second set of divers on the day of the lift will go down and hook up the pontoons and after they get that hooked up, they’ll rig up the lift bags, both divers will get on the stern, put their pneumos in the bags until they fill. So as they’re in the boat, the boat comes up as you’re inside it. The stern comes up, the bow does the same thing So now the boat’s completely off the bottom. Right now we’re just by until they get the lift bags inflated. Once they get the lift bags inflated, they’ll float to the surface. That’s when we send the air lines down to ’em. There’s three different chambers in the pontoons. And you hook those up, coordinate the colors, get ’em outta the water, and you put air in the pontoons and bring the boat to the surface. Once lift bags lift the boat to the surface, these will be opened, all at once. You’re brining a five thousand pound boat up from 40 feet in the water. It’s one of the most memorable for me.

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  1. "Anything that goes down … needs to come back up."
     Meet Divers Institute of Technology instructors and staff as they demonstrate how to salvage a wrecked boat from the bottom of a lake.
     Watch them patch the holes, attach lift bags, and use steel pontoons to raise the wreck to the surface… using the most important element: teamwork.

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