How Much Force to Rupture a Spleen: Sport Science

100 thoughts on “How Much Force to Rupture a Spleen: Sport Science

  1. Completely inaccurate!!! People have muscle in their stomach, sum ppl are also tough in their stomach. This is bullshit. This is based on so.eone with NO stomach muscle what so ever. Zero muscle mass, no thick skin, no fat. This is completely inaccurate and false. Linebackers and defencers have stomach padding too in football. These fucking idiots are giving ppl inaccurate info. This doesnt have a real person with no muscle which EVERYONE has, dont believe this communists lying to their fellow americans for money

  2. Nmms no comparen un humano con un pinche manique de plastico y ule jaja el pobre vato see quedo ohh le saque el jugo rojo Al manique pobre vato jajaja 😂😂

  3. Doesn't really take into account that someone who can fall back can absorb damage unlike the fake organs which are forced to stay still or explode

  4. These “science theories “ are not good demonstrations b/c it only works if a person doesn’t see it coming. A cheap shot so to speak. Now these examples may work on a person smaller than the other who is doing the hitting.

  5. i was punched in the rib cage today and boy does it hurt might go to the doctors to see if my left ribs are fractured/cracked and i'm only 12 years old!

  6. I love it when doctors say you'll do fine without that organ. Really, then why did we have it in the first place?

  7. I'm happy he donated his spleen,….har har,…. maybe if you were a tough guy you could bring a little modesty, graciousness and respect to the table of life. Perhaps it's too far out of reach for you.

  8. Did any one else notice that the boxer is the actor for Nico in here comes the boom with Kevin James

  9. What if the spleen is enlarged?? Bc I have that and I’m really scared to do anything bc of it😂 (this is why I hate being sick oof)

  10. this is why you don't wanna fight against a mob once they have you in a unprotected scenario can't move/no arms or legs your fucked and vulnerable because anyone can deliver a blow like that but luckily we have abdominal muscles and our brain has a fast instinct tighten reflex.

  11. continue to insist that the muscular wall is missing, (that btw 70% of the population has atrophied), or body fat ….. this guy hits in a specific area with more than 500kg of force, how much energy Can it dissipate muscle and fat? relative to the person? So you have a very high percentage of finishing dead or in surgery

  12. That's really easy I can hit at 50.000 pounds poor hit 20 years of training Non-Stop 20 hours a day 20 years nonstop training is what does this who made the hit that much and that hard at that much horse I can do that with one finger and not even try

  13. I New a dude who punched a guy at a bar and ruptured dudes spleen his knickname was one punch Harry true legend

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