How to “Boomerang” Flick in table tennis | Learn from Zhang Jike

How to “Boomerang” Flick in table tennis | Learn from Zhang Jike

Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich. You may know “banana flick”
or “chiquita flick” in table tennis. Have you heard “boomerang flick”? If not yet,
today, you will see this special flick from Zhang Jike. “Boomerang flick” is not new. It’s used by many French players like Adrien
Mattenet, and Tristan Flore. Japanese players also using this type of flick
a lot. Now, with the
new ball in table tennis, it’s even more easier to play this flick. Miu Hirano also used this flick successfully
in Asian Championship. She used “Boomerang flick” to return the ball
aggressively. And now you can see, coach Liu Guoliang and
coach Xiao Zhan are trying to add this “new weapon” for Zhang Jike. With the traditional banana flick, this is
another way to return the short ball. Table tennis techniques evolve during time. Do you remember your first time
you saw the “banana flick” introduced by European player? Now just try this technique. May be, it will become the standard one in
table tennis? Coach Liu said: Flick to this side (left side). Banana flick to attack the ball to the left
corner, and at the last moment change to “boomerang flick” to attack to
the right corner. So smart! Liu Guoliang wants Zhang Jike to learn this
“boomerang flick” and use it as the variation of the traditional banana flick. This “boomerang flick” can surprise the
opponent because the ball goes to the opposite side. “Surprise is the key”. “Sudden contact at the highest bouncing position”. Liu Guoliang asked Zhang Jike to do the same
gesture between the “banana flick” and the “boomerang flick”. If you want to know “How to do the banana
flick in table tennis”, look above! Now, they ask Zhou Qihao to join the table. Zhang Jike is trying this new weapon. This is the variation for the “banana flick”. The tatics is to suddenly change the
direction of the ball with the same gesture. You can see that, this tactics is quite effective. The ball is rather fast, so if you don’t
concentrate enough you will be catched out and loose the point. This is the first attempt of Zhang Jike to
this technique. He didn’t master it yet. But practice makes perfect. It’s not bad for you to try this new technique. Hope one day, we will see this “amazing boomerang”
at the international match. See you! EmRatThich.

51 thoughts on “How to “Boomerang” Flick in table tennis | Learn from Zhang Jike

  1. Is this training before or after the strike and the problems for national team? Thank you ERT! intresting video and thank you for the good quality and translate. 😁😁

  2. I understand that if you want to hit the ball at left top side, you use banana backhand flick.

    This flick (also called strawberry) hits the right top side of the ball.

    But why use backhand? You could simply use forehand.

    Only reason I could imagine is to confuse the opponent who doesnt know if you will use your backhand to play banana to his left or strawberry to his right…

  3. I hit this shot a lot, never noticed any else that did it but something I naturally did when I first started playing. It easy from the start position to spin it to either corner making it harder for someone to guess and you get to watch them watch it.

  4. I was despertly trying to find something about this movement on youtube but was unsucsessfull, thank you for doing this video!

  5. well, this flick shot us quite effective. My colleague plays it quite a lot and he is usually able to place the ball in the deep corner most of the time.

  6. coach, every video of yours is so different from others…you explain it so easily and nice.
    Thank you 🙂 keep making such videos

  7. You need to be careful playing such a stroke. Your elbow should be fixed. Don't move the elbow up when turning your wrist that way. That movement can cause you to pinch your rotator cuff and hurt your shoulder. This shot should be played only from the wrist with a very short motion

  8. 아마도 부메랑플릭 구사성공확률이 이기술구사후 상대방이 리시브해낼 확률보다 낮아보임.

  9. Liu Guoliang uses the boomerang flick differently than French players. He starts by doing a banana flick and changes at the last moment and French players start by doing a push and at the last moment they change it in a boomerang flick! But both techniques are great

  10. coach, tu peux pas parler de mattenet ou flore sans citer gauzy! c'est le meilleur pour ce geste.
    Mima Ito le fait très bien aussi.
    super video comme d'habitude!

  11. i've been using that shot for 17 years, works better with slower and tacky rubbers, more difficult with tensors

  12. Cool to see the game evolving. You don't have to wait long to see this shot being used already. Here across the pond in some high level league this guy uses the shot almost perfectly.

  13. Xu Xin also use similar tactic when he is pushed to difficult situation far from the table at his backhand side.

  14. This stroke is used by long pimle players for many years. So its nothing new. New is, that its used by top players with normal rubbers

  15. Helo coach ERT, can you make clip about bh technique of fan zhendong. How is diffirent with zhang jike'bh? Tks so much

  16. old ppl with junk rubbers have been using this shot for yrs. they probably started working on it after pistej made it highly effective

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