how to crochet baby dress  (Part 1 )

how to crochet baby dress (Part 1 )

– This little pink dress, eh. A crazy little solomon’s
knot ruffle in the bottom. And like I had said before
the yoke here is actually done from Teresa Richardson’s little dress that she has on
The Art of Crochet channel and this is the yoke that she used for the baby, it’s called
Baby Dress Solomon’s Knot. So that is where I, I just
used that part to make the yoke and then the rest, different
stitches that I’m using. This can be made actually
a little bit bigger than what she calls
for and I think I used, for this one we’re gonna
make today is for a baby and in the sleeves we also
have the solomon’s knot. So, I hope you’ll enjoy this video and let’s get the party started. Hello everyone, to begin I’m going to be using
the Vanna’s Choice brand and I’m going to be
using this purple color. I hope it photographs
well, it’s hard to tell cause I’m photograph, filming at night. If you want the written pattern that I’m gonna use for the yoke it’s on Teresa Richardson’s
YouTube channel, The Art of Crochet, and she is TJW1963 if you wanna bring that down. She does, says she made hers
with a size I guess F hook. I’m going to be using a size H because I want it to come
out a little bit larger. So it’s a size H/8, it’s five millimeters. And I’m going to also be using white, purple with white, okay. So, you can do it any color. Of course the pink is gorgeous, yellow, I’ve done it in
pink, yellow, a lavender. Those are really pretty
colors for spring time and since it is kind of open here you just need to put on a, have the child wear a
little slip, you know. So, let’s get started. To begin with, the way Teresa does it she does it with 40 chainless
half double crochets. I know that some of you
have said that you find doing the half double crochet
a little bit difficult so I am going to be doing
it a little bit different because she has two different options. You can do it with, if you know how to do
the half double crochets chainless foundations you
can go ahead and do that but what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna do the second option. Because I believe it
would probably be easier for more people to do it. And that is by starting up with 42 chains. So we’re just gonna start, of
course by doing our slip loop. My finger and we’re
gonna pull up our chain. A little loop. I want you to start out with 42 chains. To do the chain we’re gonna
put our yarn over our hook, this is called a yarn over, and it’s abbreviated YO in your patterns and when they said that
they mean, just simply mean, to put your yarn over your hook, so. Yarn over one, you pull it out
and that’s your first chain. Okay? So you’re gonna do that
until you have 42 chains. Remember you can use any type of yarn you want and if you could use a
size hook between E to G. I’m using an H cause I’m
making it a little bit larger. If you go to like a size I or J it can even be as big as a size 2T. So it depends on, of course the child. So go ahead a do that, 42 chains and we’ll come back and
then go up to our first row. Okay, I’ve done my 42 row, 42 chains. Since we’re not using the
chainless half double crochets, and we get to 42 then instead
of starting on row one like an instruction say. What we’re gonna do here
is we have to create that first foundation of 40 chains. So we’re gonna do, we’re
gonna skip the first two chains here and on the
third chain from the hook. Here’s one, two, three, we’re going to begin by creating our first half double crochet. To create our half double crochet we wrap the yarn over our
hook, we do a yarn over, and then we put our hook
into that third chain, okay. We’re gonna pull out our yarn, oops, and you should have three loops
of yarn on our hook, okay. For the half double crochet
now you’re gonna pull your yarn through all three loops, okay. So it’s gonna look like that, all three. Once again, you’re gonna do that in every single chain all the way across. So we’re gonna wrap our
yarn around our hook, go into our next chain, pull
out out yarn and pull up. We have three loops and
you’re gonna pull it through all three loops, okay. So go ahead and complete
that all the way across. Okay I’ve done the 40 half
double crochet all the way across now to go up to our first row
we are going to chain two. One, two, we’re gonna turn our work over. After you’ve crocheted two. And we’re gonna do a half double crochet in the next chain, which
is the next one down. So we’re gonna do one half double crochet. In the chain after that we’re gonna do two half double crochet,
which is an increase. Just did my first one, one. And two. Now I’m gonna go back and
repeat that same pattern all the way across. So, first the next chain
has one half double crochet and the chain after that has two so there’s an increase in
every other chains I do. One half double crochet
and then that second one in that same chain. Then the next one’s
one half double crochet and, oops, I lost my yarn there. So, one, and then the chain after that then would have two half double
crochets for an increase. So continue that all the way around. So the first one is
one half double crochet the chain after that has
two half double crochets so you’ve increased in every other chain. And you can see how
it’s starting to create kinda that little loop, okay. So continue that ’til you
go all the way to the end and we will be finished with that row. Okay, so here I’m coming to my last chain. And it should be a single
one half double crochet. And now for a row, our next row we’re gonna chain two. One, two. We’re gonna turn our work over and in this row we’re just
gonna do a half double crochet in each stitch, in each chain, okay. So you’re just gonna do
the half double crochet and remember your half double crochet is when you wrap your yarn over your hook, you yarn over, go into your chain, pull out your chain, three
stitches, three loops of yarn, pull through all three. So you’re gonna do that in
every single chain across. No increases or decreases,
just one in every chain. So go ahead and complete that. Okay, I finished my last
half double crochet. To go up to our next row now we’re gonna chain two once again. One, two. We’re gonna turn our work over and this row is going to repeat the row, the pattern for our second row. So on the first chain we’re gonna do a half double crochet in the first chain, we yarn over, put our
hook around the yarn, stick it into our chain here and then we bring it
through all three loops. Now in our next chain we’re going to put two half double crochets in there. One, two. So we’re gonna have an
increase in our next row. And that is going to be the same, oops, I don’t know what happened. That yarn got kind of pulled kinda weird. There. So, on the first chain is
one half double crochet, our second chain is two
half double crochets and that is our pattern
all the way across. So then our next chain then would be one half double crochet, the
chain after that would have two half double crochet or
an increase in every chain. So repeat that same pattern, this is the same pattern
we did for row two, all the way across. One half double crochet, the
next chain would have two. Then one, two, one, two, until
you get to your last stitch. Okay. And then we will go on to the next row. Okay, I’m coming to my last chain. Will be my last half double crochet and now to go to our next
row, once again, we chain two. One and two, turn our work over. And then here once again
we’re only gonna do one half double crochet in the chain. So yarn over, put your
hook, yarn over your hook, go into your first chain,
there should be three loops, pull through all three and
continue all the way across with one half double crochet
all the way across your work. Okay, here I finished my last row. To go up again, once
again, we do two chains, turn our work over and this next row is gonna be the same as the previous row. And I wanted to show you here how now you see how it’s forming the neck of your little dress here. So, it’s round, let’s see
if you can see that better. The neck is there and this
is gonna be your opening. See how it’s forming that shape? Okay. So, for this next row, once again, you chain two and then I want
you to do the same thing. One half double crochet
in each chain across. Go to Teresa’s page to
get the written pattern. If you haven’t already subscribed please subscribe to her channel. It is like a, like Santa’s candy, Santa’s toy store in here because she’s got so many
great things in there. You’re really gonna love her work. If you haven’t already
subscribed please subscribe and then that way you’re
not just, you know, gaining her pattern and not
kinda taking part in her group. Okay guys, so one across
all the way, thank you. Okay I’ve just finished that row. To go up, once again, I do two chains. One, two, turn my work over. In this row, which is the last row before we start shaping the
openings here for our sleeves, what we’re gonna do it’s
a little bit different. We’re gonna do a half double
crochet in the first two chains and then on the third chain we will do the two half double crochets,
which would be an increase. So our pattern is gonna
be one half double crochet in each of the first two chains. So these are my first two. And then on my third chain I
do two half double crochets in there, so I have an
increase in the third chain. Now, in my next two chains I’m gonna do a half double crochet in each one and then my third chain I
do two half double crochets for my increase, okay. So I want you to continue that pattern. The two chains with one
half double crochet, your third chain has a two double, two half double crochets in there. So, every third chain is
where we’re gonna have our increase, okay. So, we will do that all the
way to the end of the row. Okay, so here I finished my sixth row. Now, when we go to our next row, before we start crocheting,
as you can see here, what I want you to do is
that you are going to put a stitch marker, I’m
just using a contrasting colored thread. If you don’t have a
stitch marker you can just use a piece of thread or yarn. Anyway, here from the edge
you’re gonna count 40 chains and you’re gonna put a stitch
marker in your 40th chain. From the opposite edge
to, on both edges here, you’re gonna start counting here and when you get to the 40th stitch here you put a second chain. Specific to, not a chain, a stitch marker. So you’re gonna do that on both edges. 40th chain from each edge. So you’ll have two stitch markers here that will help mark where our
sleeves are gonna form, okay. So please put those stitch markers at your 40th space from each edge. Okay, after you put in your stitch markers then we are going to chain
one this time, not the two, and then we’re going
to flip our work over. We’re going to do one half double crochet in the first 16 stitches, okay. So here we’re gonna do one in every chain for the full 16, so there’s one, two, three, go all the way to 16. Four. Okay, here I’ve completed
my 16th half double crochet. Since we will not be using the foundation, foundation-less half double crochets, here when you do your
16 half double crochet I want you to chain five. One, two, three, four, five chains, okay. So you’re just gonna have
this little tail here. And now, I want you to skip
these stitches here between. Which are the 24 stitches, and here where your stitch marker is at, is where you’re going to begin your half double crochets, okay. So you’re gonna wrap your yarn. I usually like to fold it like this just because it helped me fold it closer, so you’re gonna wrap
your yarn over your hook, go into that space where
you’re stitch marker is there, and then pull out your yarn. Take off your stitch marker. They’ll be three loops. They’ll be three loops
or yarn of your hook and you’re gonna bring in through to all three of those loops, okay. So now, you’ve closed
that little opening, okay. Now, you’re gonna do a single
crochet, I mean, excuse me, a half double crochet in
each one of these chains until you get to your stitch marker, okay. So do one half double crochet
in each of those chains until you get to your next marker. So, go ahead and do that. Okay everyone, I’m coming
to my last stitch marker, my first stitch marker
there so I’m gonna do a half double crochet here and then I realized that I
hadn’t put a second marker. Because we’re gonna be
skipping 24 chains, okay. When you come here to your stitch marker you’re gonna do five chains. One, two, three, four, five. Now, we’re going to skip 24 chains here. And so what I did, I counted the 24 and then I put my stitch marker. From the stitch marker to the edge there should be 16 chains. If you have one less,
it’s not real critical, it’s just the back of the dress. So here I’ve put in my stitch marker there and so what I’m gonna
do then I fold my work. I can pull out the stitch marker from where I’ve already finished working. I’m gonna fold my work there together. Right, like we did here. Make sure you’re not
doing it back, you know, you fold it there and then you’re going to wrap your yarn around your hook. We’re gonna go into that
stitch, into that chain here where the stitch marker is, so that means that we’ve skipped 24 chains. We’re gonna pull out our yarn, there should be three
loops of yarn on our hook, and we’re gonna pull, you
kinda, pull it kinda taunt so don’t have it really loose, and now we’re gonna pull it to all three. So we formed the second hole, okay. So here was our first space that we formed and now we’ve just formed our second one. And now you do one half double crochet in each chain all the way across, and that should be 16 including
the one we just did, okay. So just do that and go to the end. In our next row, we are just going to, I’m gonna be using a half
double crochet in each chain, including these chains up here, okay. So, here one half double
crochet all the way across. I’m going to chain two at the end, turn my work over and do
one half double crochet in each chain across,
including these chains, the five chains, okay. So it’s just gonna close that up for us. So go ahead and finish this edge and then chain two and
one half double crochet. And then I will get, we will come back and then I will show you
how we will be changing, if you want to, you can do
it all in one solid color, if you wanna do it like this. Then you could then
change the color, okay. To a different contrasting color. So let’s get this section done. Okay, I’m at the end of that row. I’m gonna chain two. One, and two. Flip my work over and start
doing one half double crochet in each chain all the way across. It’s just a solid one half double crochet. Okay, I have finished my
last half double crochet. So this is what it should
look like so far, okay. This is the end of the yolk of the dress. And this is the last part we do with Teresa’s pattern, okay. So once you get here to the end I want to be able to
close off my dress here. So, this is the back. We need to close this off here so that we can start creating the skirt. See how it’s closed in the back there. So what I’m gonna do, I’m going to put in this
contrasting row of single crochet. If you’re gonna do it in the
solid color, the whole dress, then of course you
wouldn’t have to change it. I’m just gonna put this little stripe to kinda differentiate between the yolk and the dress
okay, the body of the dress. If you want to be able to put in a ribbon. Some people like to put a ribbon
through here and tie it off so that you don’t have
to do it in your chains. Then here, I would recommend, to do instead of the single crochet do one row of double crochet
in your contrasting color then that way that is a bigger section so you can thread
in your ribbon, okay. Through every, you know,
every two double crochets you would put in your ribbon. I’m not gonna be doing that. So what I’m gonna do, here’s my yarn, I’m gonna get my hook
and put it through my, where I was working here. I’m gonna grab the yarn and then I’m gonna put my hook
into my first chain there. I’m gonna grab my yarn and pull
it out through there, okay. So now I’m changing color. Because I wanna make sure that it doesn’t, oops, what’s going on here? Oh-oh. I caught a, the yarn is
messed up right here. Let me cut off that part. And start off with a
piece that isn’t frayed. So, once again I’m gonna
put my hook through there, grab my yarn, pull it out, and I’m gonna slip stitch through that chain here, okay. So now I’ve slip stitched
and I’ve changed my color. I’m just going to tie it off because I’m not, just
make a little knot there to keep it from moving
around, but I’m not gonna tie, I’m not gonna cut my purple
yarn because I’m gonna use it right in my next row. So here I’m just gonna do chain one, okay. Wait, I’m gonna burry my white, my white tail in there. And here I’m just going
to do a single crochet in each chain. If you want to thread it in and put in, like I said a ribbon. You can do a double crochet. So here the single crochet in each chain. You just go, put your
hook in through the chain, pull out your yarn, there
should be two loops there, and then through it there. Go to the next chain
and you’re gonna do that in every single chain. If you want your, see how it’s coming out lik that. And it is pretty, it makes a big contrast. See, once you see it like that,
it’s gonna look like that. If you wanted it to be thicker, as thick as the half double crochet, you can do a half double crochet. But that is, I don’t know,
I like it better this way with just the nice little section there. So you’re gonna do one single
crochet all the way around. When you get here then
we’re gonna slip stitch and we’re gonna change
color back to our purple. So go ahead and finish
this all the way around. Okay here I’ve come to my last chain. Now, I’m gonna stick here,
I’m gonna put my hook into that first chain, I’m
going to drop my white yarn, and I’m going to pick up the purple yarn and I’m gonna pull through there. So I’m gonna do a slip stitch and then I’m gonna pull my
yarn, white yarn, taunt. Okay, so it doesn’t make a big hole there. Now, I’m gonna cut my white yarn and which ever way you’ve been taught to change yarn, I’m going
to put a knot in here, because I don’t wanna take any chances. So you, don’t feel you need that? That’s up to you but I’ve had, excuse me, some work that has fallen
apart in the washer and that is no fun. So here, now that we’re at this portion, this is our middle section here. I’m going to burry the white thread, yarn, or try to but it’s
going to be pretty hard. I’m gonna have to actually
probably sew this in. When I finish my work. So here now we’re going to begin our shells and out
post, this design, okay. So we’re here in the middle. So once we get to here, this
is the back of our dress, I want you to chain three chains. One, two, three, okay. And now, down here, I want
you to skip two chains in the bottom, one, two, and then here on our third chain you’re going to do two double crochets in that same chain. So what I want you to do is
wrap your yarn around your hook, go into that third chain,
pull your yarn out, there should be three
loops of yarn on your hook, pull through two and
then the next two, okay. Now, you’re gonna do that
again into that same chain. In between the chain here
I want you to crochet one chain, okay. Now you’re gonna go back
into that same chain and do two double crochets again. Because they’re going to get a little shell pattern there, okay. Like this. You see that? And now I’m gonna chain one but down here I’m gonna skip two chains, one, two. On the third chain I’m
gonna do a double crochet. Okay, there you go. Now, I’m gonna chain
one, skip two down here. One, two, and do my second little shell with two double crochets, one, two. One chain, and then two double crochets back into that same space, okay. Two. Now, I’m gonna chain one. Skip two chains at the bottom, one, two, and then the third one
I do my double crochet. So this is what your
patter should look like. And believe it or not
that will begin to create our shell stitches here, okay. So once you do your
double crochet, chain one, skip two in the bottom, on the third chain you do your next shell. One, two, chain one and two double
crochets once again into that same chain. So when you do your shell it’s gonna be two double crochets, chain one and then two more double crochets. Now I’m gonna chain one,
skip two in the bottom, on the third do my half double crochets. So I want you to repeat that
pattern all the way around.

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