How to do a backflip ft. Chen Yile | Olympians’ Tips

How to do a backflip ft. Chen Yile | Olympians’ Tips

My name is Chen Yile, 2018 Asian
Games gymnastics champion. I am going to explain how to do a backflip. It’s one of the easiest moves in gymnastics, and it’s a move we have to learn
when we start training. Let me explain it. First, stand with your feet close together, then lift up your arms and bend your knees. Jump and lift up your arms at the same time. Then hold your legs, and try and hold
them tight in the air. Make sure you point your toes and think about
your posture, or it won’t look good. Then, it’s the landing Keep your feet together when landing
and bend your knees to absorb the impact. Let me show you. You must bend your knees when landing, if you
keep them straight, your knees will get injured. So bending your knees to absorb the
impact is very necessary. After landing, raise your head and add a finish. The finishing pose is something unique
to women’s gymnastics. You always need someone to guide you
and protect you when doing backflips. Don’t try it alone if you’ve never done it before,
or you can easily get hurt.

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  1. As Abby Lee Miller would say on dance moms no sickled feet, straight back and don’t do it on a hard cement floor

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