How To Do An Around The World In Soccer Trick

How To Do An Around The World In Soccer Trick

Hey guys, Matt here from Epic Soccer Training.
I want to teach you one of my favorite tricks that took me a little while to learn but it’s
how to do an around the world in soccer. OK guys. This is a really cool trick that
I want to teach you guys. I know some of you guys are like, Hey what did you do in that
video when you were juggling? And it’s basically how to do an around the world in soccer. And
what that actually is, is it’s a little windy here so it might be hard but an around the
world is actually either you have a ball like this or you’re juggling and then simply take
your foot all the way around it. So there’s a lot of cool ones that you can
learn too when you start doing this. You can kind of do you can go from the outside in
which, you know, there’s all these like soccer terms and stuff but yeah, basically when you
first start out, this one is going to be more advanced. So you might get a little frustrated
but hang with it. You can get it. I did. There are a lot of people out there that can do
it. So you can too. The first step is really just
you need to just sit down, practice, believe that you can do it. Don’t ever give up even
though you might get a little frustrated. The easiest way to learn how to do this is
really just picking the ball up and, you know, if you need to, if you need to start out,
start out practicing to balance the ball first. Just set it down because you need to know
at least this part. Now what you want to do is you want to actually
maybe catch the ball. See how I went from being in the middle of the ball to being a
little bit on the outside. That’s what you want to do because when you do the around
the world, you don’t hit it on the bottom and then go around. That takes too long. What
you actually do is you actually hit it right here and lift it and it will cause that spin. So when you see people do it with spin, that’s
what they’re doing. They’re having it right here and they’re spinning it and it’s already
by the time that they’re moving their foot up, they’re already about halfway over and
so then they don’t have to do this big range of motion. They’re just kind of going whoop
really quickly. So again throw the ball down. Get your balance.
I think I started out doing it like this as well and then I moved the ball over a little
bit and then just like that. So what you want to do also and again this is going to take
a little bit of practice but you want to raise the ball up and as you’re raising it up, that’s
where you’re hitting it. That’s where you’re actually going to have to lift it up with
your leg as well. So it’s going to be one range of motion. As
the ball is about to fall over, that’s when you lift it up and that’s where you’re going
to get that spin to go around. So again what might happen when you first start out is it
might look like this and you can’t really get around. That one wasn’t even bad enough.
I’m trying to do it bad. When you have the ball balanced, you might
actually just go like that and it comes straight up. If that’s happening, you’re not letting
the ball drop enough before you move it. So you’re basically you’re leaving the ball too
flat and you’re not letting it fall down or moving it to the side before you start juggling.
Then when you start juggling, it’s kind of easier if you have a little backspin just
like that because the backspin it’s just kind of easier to control it. I don’t really know
why but it is. So that’s kind of the basics of how to do
it. First start out dropping it, getting the balance, then working on it like that. And
then while you juggle as well. OK? So that’s how to do an around the world in soccer. Practice
that one because it will take practice. But let me know what you think. Leave a comment.
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Take care.

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