How to Golf in Wet Slippery Conditions | Stop Slipping During Your Golf Swing

How to Golf in Wet Slippery Conditions | Stop Slipping During Your Golf Swing

all right today’s video is going to be
very it’s an important video so let’s do it alright thanks for tuning in ironically
as I’m rolling up to the golf course a friend of mine is going to the hospital
because he was hitting the shot on the first hole and he slipped and fell
dislocated his shoulder so he’s out so today crazy we it’s been raining the
last couple days so I wanted to do a video on how to play and wet sloppy
conditions what you need to do so I’m gonna give you my top five tips for
playing you know after the course gets a lot of water so let’s jump on it this
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link in the video description below ok step number one make sure you have the
correct Footwear whatever you need for the most traction now I’m using my my
Athlon shoes and they’re it’s a spikeless shoe but because of the sole
design the tread design on the bottom of the shoe it actually gets more traction
as your body rotates backwards so it actually digs into the ground
more so I mean I slip less in these than I do spiked shoes be honest with you so
haven’t had a problem with these on on days or rounds where it’s extra wet so
make sure your your Footwear is it’s securely into the ground don’t come out
with old soft spikes birdie putt let’s go okay step two when
conditions are super wet is uh slow down slow your roll with
playa’ all right now I don’t mean take longer but I mean just walk a little
slow don’t be in a hurry to go and hit your shot just take take a look extra
time the whole day whether it’s putting now do your normal routine and try to be
you know not so slow but don’t walk that don’t be in a rush when you’re out there
because that’s going to make you you know move a lot faster which could cause
you really to uh to rush your swing and that’s where all the slipping occurs
when you’re when you’re just in a hurry and you’re zipping around you’re gonna
slip and fall I’m gonna break something and we don’t want that are out there
alright so slow it down a little bit and it’s gonna help on your swings too
because that’s step number three okay step number three
tip number three or whatever you want to call it number three oh by the way I’m
out here at Braemar Country Club in Tarzana a link in the description below
if you want to check them out beautiful place super affordable private Country
Club for for you out there that if you’re looking for something like this
probably the most affordable private course in all of Los Angeles anyways
alright tip number three is when you’re swinging any club okay I want you you
got to you got to tone it down a bit alright we’re not gonna swing out of our
boots we’re just gonna smooth swings so I’m gonna take a little bit wider stance
and I’m gonna take a little bit shorter swing and I’m not going to try to drive
the green every time okay I’m just gonna try four position golf so it’s just a
smooth bunt like you’re thinking bunt shot right down the fairway that’s what
I’m trying for that’s a good one
so that’s all I’m thinking about is just smooth it out bunt
shots kind of is what you want farther you try to swing he’s gonna break your
hip okay tip number four I have a hundred twenty six yards normally that’s
just a nice pitching wedge for me so I’m not gonna hit that I’m gonna hit a
9-iron so when it’s wet and sloppy everything’s slippery out here take one
extra Club because now I don’t have to swing hard knock it’s just really swing
smooth and that’s what I want I want a nice wide base and I don’t want to swing
hard it’s kind of a an extension of tip three but here now we’re just adding a
club to the mix went for our second shots and shots into the green and this
this tip will help your whole game and you’ll start building more confidence
because just swing and easy getting more pure shots it’s gonna start getting
closer to the hole your whole life will be better I got one more tip hopefully
will help save your life let’s go okay tip number five here’s my shot super
sidehill lie alright yeah normally boom I’m swinging
away and going for it right don’t do that in these wet and sloppy conditions
okay it’s just not worth it my buddy hit this shot he’s at Kaiser right now
getting a shoulder pop back into place no joke so I’m not even gonna do I’m
gonna take just just take my medicine even if you’re just playing with your
buddies having fun just have a rule man just toss it out get a flat lie okay
don’t we don’t want anybody getting hurt but if not you’re playing a match even
you just chip that puppy out down there and then go play it again okay it’s not
worth getting injured for one shot come on
and there’s some times I play this little chip out game with my friends
where you have to your second shot you have to pitch it out to a new location
it could be right here in the middle you still have to pitch it and you can’t
hit it more than 100 yards so play that game and then we see what our score is
so that’s kind of like what this is I just pitch it out and now I’ve got a
flat line and I can go for for my shot it’s pretty good
okay so let’s face it that 9-iron from a flat lie is going to be a lot better
than anything you’re gonna hit from that side Hill lie okay plus you’ll probably
hit that side Hillier in a bunker or something and then scull it over the
green and like 14 shots later that’s no good
so you can score better from pitching out anyways let’s face it plus you’re
not gonna have a broken neck so that’s always good so I’ve made a bogey it’s
better than a broken leg and I’ll tell you what’s even worse or more sad it’s
seeing the look at my friend’s eye today it was like when that football player
like his being carted off the field and he knows is his ACL and he’s out for the
season like he had that look on his face like I’m not gonna play golf for a while
and that that was sad I mean I felt for him I was like dude that’s a bummer so
you don’t want that to happen to you ever I don’t want it to happen to you
all right so those are my top tips for how to play in wet conditions and really
how to keep yourself safe from injury so stay safe out there good luck to you
if you liked the video hit that like button and subscribe to the channel if
you haven’t done so already love you guys see you in the next video you

19 thoughts on “How to Golf in Wet Slippery Conditions | Stop Slipping During Your Golf Swing

  1. FYI Athalonz just signed a major player on the Champions Tour. Head to their Instagram to guess who and be entered to win some sweet shoes. @athalonz

  2. Great video. I have issues with my feet slipping out while I tee off. I am assuming I am swinging to hard? I do use regular spike shoes and wondered if I used some spineless shoes if they would help with slipping.

    Any idea when you black alignment stick covers will be back in stock?

  3. mr short game always good tips.
    i never seem to see you take 1-2 practice swings before you hit,is that just your style or just to keep the video going? i like to swing 1- 2 swings just to get the tempo and not overswing,,lose balance.any thoughts ?

  4. Try sitting on your couch for fore years drinking beer and being laid up because of a Dr. getting revenge and burying a huge needle in your hip not realizing the damage done until after the lidocaine wore the next day? This really happened, could of made a movie about it! I was a 9 handicap and I'm working my way back one swing at a time…

  5. Perfect timing as our monsoon season just started and we only got to play one round this morning then got rained off for the second game.

  6. You missed the most important tip of all…….never ever ever ever step on a wet railroad tie anywhere on the course. They get slicker than ice, and you can but your ass, or worse. Love all the videos. Keep up the great work.

  7. Wet conditions definitely can change a whole course strategy and new challenges. always play longer with less roll or just plugged lies. soggy fairways that require a perfect strike or you end up wearing your divot. plus you can get aggressive at the pins when the greens get really receptive

    awesome video, keep up the good work.

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