How to play a push in table tennis

How to play a push in table tennis

Welcome back to EmRatThich’s channel. Today we learn how to do the backhand
push and forehand push technique in table tennis. This is the fundamental technique
which is demonstrated by Zhao Yiyi. The push technique is very important in table
tennis. It’s one fo the best way to control
the ball when you don’t have the opportunity to attack. A good push can also prevent
the opponent to attack first. There are the forehand push, and backhand
push technique in table tennis. Firstly
we study the forehand push technique. Forehand push technique requires you:
– Stand close to the table – Upper body slightly lean forward. Arm is naturally relax! Step your right foot forward to the table. Put the body center of gravity on the right
foot. “Yin Pai”, elbow close to your body. Relax your wrist! Very important! Open your racket! Remember don’t contact when the ball is too
far from your body! Hit the ball! The force direction is forward! By doing this, you will have a stable
shots. Brush the ball at the bottom, around 4 o’clock. Backhand push technique is a little different. The important point is where is put
your elbow. “Yin Pai”, put your elbow outside your body,
but close to the body. Relax your wrist. “Cut” (push) the ball at the bottom. Use your wrist, and “accelerate”
into the ball at the moment of contact. Some amateur players forget to “accelerate”
into the ball, so the push has little spin. 3 tips to remember:
1. There are 2 type of push technique: Fast push,
and slow push. For fast push, you contact the ball at the
early timing, position 2 timing. For slow push, you contact the ball after
the highest position, position 4-4.5 timing. Slow push will generate long and heavy underspin
ball. Fast push will return the ball
faster, but less spin. If you don’t know the timing position (from
1 to 5), you should watch the video below. Tip number 2: Use backhand push only when
you can’t attack the ball. For no-spin
ball, or topspin ball, don’t use the backhand push. But you should take initiative
by doing the backhand flick, or backhand topspin. Tip 3. Adjust the angle of your racket. For less underspin ball, you should close
more your racket. For heavy underspin ball, open more your racket’s
angle. These are the basic table tennis techniques
that every player can do it easily. For this shots, focus on the consistency,
and control the placement of your push. That’s it for today. See you!

13 thoughts on “How to play a push in table tennis

  1. For me consciously relaxing the grip, the fingers, when pushing has increased my consistency tremendously

  2. I have been playing (and coaching) tt for many years. But, as always, your video has something to learn. I know that push is a basic stroke, yet i definitely learn important aspects from this video. In tt, one has to be simply best. But, the foundation is laid by this pushing technique. Keep Going, Super coach Emratthich!

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