How to Play Soccer : Soccer Rules for Beginners

How to Play Soccer : Soccer Rules for Beginners

Okay, rules of the game. First of all as most
of you probably know by now there are no hands in soccer. But what does that mean? Not only
the hand, but the whole length of your arm. For example, this is a hand ball, this is
a hand ball, this is a hand ball. Up here on your shoulder, it depends on the referee,
but usually it’s not. But anything from your fingertip to the beginning of your shoulder
is a hand ball. Let’s talk about restarts. First thing we are going to talk about is
a kick-off. At the beginning of the game, beginning of the half and after a goal is
scored. If it happens at mid-field the opposing team that gets scored on gets the ball or
whoever wins the coin flip at the beginning of the game gets the ball and the ball has
to travel forward before it can travel backward for a kick-off to be successful. If a ball
is out of play at your end and you are defending it the attacking team that touched the ball
last, you get a goal kick. In which the ball is placed on the 6 yard box, 6 yards out.
It is kicked, usually by the Goal Keeper. Now for a corner kick if your defending team
touches the ball last and it goes out of play at the goal line there is a corner kick awarded
which the attacking team will get the ball in the corner and will send it into the box
in hopes for a scoring chance. If the ball is touched out of play on the sides of the
field a throw-in will be awarded.

62 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : Soccer Rules for Beginners

  1. OMFG this is a joke. HE EVEN GOT THE COIN TOSS WRONG! Whoever wins the cointoss get to choose the SIDE. whoever loses KICKS OFF. It was changed 10 YEARS AGO. Its people like these who shouldnt be teachers.

  2. very nice. iam an indian and iam learning soccer.oh what a game! for me
    soccer then
    field hockey.

  3. I'm just learning this whole soccer (football) thing. Man, I can't believe I wasted my life on baseball and (American) football.

  4. This could be a great series. I'm a little concerned about you using the term "Handball" though. The infraction is "Deliberate Handling". From the laws of the game: "Handling the ball involves a deliberate act of a player making contact with the ball with his hand or arm"

  5. Παιδιά στην Ελλάδα είναι το δημοφιλέστερο άθλημα! Το γνωρίζει κι ένα παιδί 5 χρονών!

  6. @TOCORO100 amen to that. Always worth tuning in to expert village once a month to see the latest jokes, ridiculously basic, poorly presented, under rehearsed material the funny village is jizzing out

  7. Yanks! the first rule is:

    1) DON'T CALL IT SOCCER it's FOOTBALL 'cause you hit with your FOOT the BALL

    -And now repeat at least three time FootBall—FootBall—FootBall
    …(continue to emprove)

  8. I live in the USA and I believe this sport is called football. The USA just looks stupid when it changes the name.

  9. They call it soccer in North America, and Football everywhere else. I guess they made up the name soccer since their is another game called football(very popular in america, look it up)

  10. I am considering playing both 8th grade football and junior varsity soccer in the fall. I've never played real soccer before so this would be my first year. Is that a good idea?

  11. No, it is in fact hand to elbow. If not, about 1/4 of the goals in the ENTIRE game of football should have been disallowed.

  12. A lot of penalties are given with football players claiming it hit their chest, when it hit their upper arm. Hand ball is a complex rule, a player can blast the ball at you and it hits you when you have no way of getting your arm away. BUT if you extend your arm and it hits the upper part of your arm so you can control it, it's hand ball. If you could use your upper arm to control the ball in football, the game would look very different.

  13. Lower arm*
    Also, the chest (if you haven't noticed) is very close to the upper arm. They are most likely given a penalty for harming another player's game.

  14. lol the shoulder is fine dude!! the shoulder is not considered an arm. in fact you can pass the ball to your teammate with your shoulder, it's totally ok.

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  17. If you hit with the shoulder it doesn't depend on the ref is a rule is not handball. You are just an American you can't even play this is not helpful

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