I FINALLY BOUNCED ONE!!!  | Sweet Volley High Playthrough Episode 3

I FINALLY BOUNCED ONE!!! | Sweet Volley High Playthrough Episode 3

Sweet Volley High Playthrough Yes Guy Gaming High School Volleyball Dating Sim Walkthrough Beach Volleyball video games kids screaming bye hey Gramps watch out
got it hey what do I care on each op the soccer ball and Grandpa’s impressed hello everyone welcome back to yes guy
gaming we’re back playing Sweet Valley High so it’s been a little while since I
played this game sorry about that for those of you
following along trying to pay attention to what’s happening so I think where we
left off we were with Grandpa creep your grandpa I don’t know we’ll see how that
works out I’m interested to get back in this game
see what happens maybe we’ll actually start to play some volleyball anyways
we’ll see so stay tuned so this is where we pick up so I went outside and beat
the mats for a full half-hour is that a euphemism for something I don’t know I’m
beating mats right now there’s creepy grandpa again how you doing grandpa why
was I the one working well cuz there’s only one beater oh really really creepy
thing to say grandpa like can you relax please so after dinner grandpa starts a
interesting conversation by saying so are you dating I attend where are you
trying to go with this grandpa Wow I remember I was in high school love was
always in the air or oh this creepy grandpa right now no I’m not dating
anybody why grandpa why why do you want to know grandpa did you find someone to
pass the time really grandpa stay out of my personal
life okay haven’t found the right person obviously oh just give it time I Wow so
I spent a couple of days doing chores dusting sweeping moving things upstairs
then moving them back down again thanks grandpa didn’t think I’d be working this
hard and you know I joined grandpa for Tai Chi you know like that hmm you know
I’m not really doing it justice but I think it’s something like this right
okay okay grandpa we’ve had a few days of chores
but you got something different for me today what is it grandpa seal those
boxes in the bedroom really grandpa swear
God if this is another bullshit air and I’m gonna be pissed yeah well they’re
full of a bunch of old clothes and household goods to be donated to the
local I see where this is going and I don’t like it take them all for me but
there’s 50 boxes grandpa I’m gonna take to the charity what fifty five fifty
grandpa I said there’s like it you Wow all right so I’m taking boxes of clothes
to charity grandpa when are we gonna get to the volleyball that’s this right up
here or is it right up is Isaiah carrying the boxes yeah that’s what’s
happening right now grandpa you said you wanted to train me though you said that
weeks ago and all I’ve done is bullshit chores for you I needed to get stronger
and faster right kids screaming bye hey Gramps watch out
got it hey what do I caught each up the soccer ball and grandpa’s impressed
so grandpa’s saying I gotten faster and stronger from doing all these dumbass
chores yeah thanks grandpa I guess you’re right
but I haven’t touched a volleyball have not touched a volleyball didn’t mean to
kick the yeah shut up kid beat it beat it kid it’s just my scream you need a
bath oh wait okay what grandpa you’ve been creeping on me this whole time
and then you say something like you need a bath oh dude
so I’ve been doing chores for a few weeks now he even started showing me
some stretching exercises to warm up before a day’s work really grandpa what
kind of stretching exercises are we talking about so now we’re gonna start
watching volleyball because he’s got the tapes of the former Olympic teams I like
where this is headed so we sit down and watch the Olympic semi-final from 1964
holy shit that’s deep hold on do I really want to be a good
volleyball player hell yeah what are you talking about to be as dedicated as a
Bahamas on more dedicated then maybe I had a son I’d like to gain your respect
no I’m not arresting gaining your respect I’m interested in gaining her
spot on the court yeah I’m all packed up grandpa don’t you
say something creepy right now grandpa we made it through these few weeks
without an incident please don’t say something creepy come
back anytime you’re always welcome here you know that’s very nice
there was no Ohio so okay thanks grandpa don’t stop training okay great advice
grandpa I will grandpa I love you i chen i’m really glad you came
it’s really freaking sweet grandpa that was a totally nice goodbye we had with
Grandpa after all the creepy shit he said what I
made it home finally finally I made it home I’m physical now oh yeah in case
you guys didn’t see the other episodes that’s my mom
yeah she’s so hyped to get yeah we’re hugging it’s great yeah
a mom going to be home as if you didn’t come visit me while I was with grandpa’s
your dad by the way just saying like what is going on wait have you lost
weight mom go yourself how about yes I’ve lost weight I’m in wicked shape now
you see these guns baby come home alright back at school the first of the
last days heat from the summer yeah yeah okay I’m in high school great like gonna
hide out AIH on Boise acting’s back nice it’s
Yuka welcome back thanks hey you – how’s your summer you know adventures good
time she’s the badass she smokes you know she’s probably didn’t the bar with
the boys she’s probably maybe having sex I don’t know just then ready for our
first practice night you bet I am I’m actually pretty excited I’m ready to
kick your ass you got decided on to leave out no I’m coming to kick your ass
I’m gonna give it a fair shot oh yeah it’ll be meeting before we start wait
why one hour now sure why not what kind of meeting are we talking about
it’s a tryout why do we need to wait a meeting oh we’re here in the locker room
hey Nanami Greg – see ya I want to give you all that day okay Mizuki hey I’ll be
trying you in a different position you’ll be taking my spot on the front
line so where are you going Nanami all right I am uzuki so I’m playing the
frontline none of me is playing where let’s get to it
you’ll be okay yeah I did some studying I can do this
yeah fuckin fitter before you left I’m in great shape Yuka thanks for noticing
you’re still a biatch though a lot fitter in fact if we’re gonna hell yeah
you could go off my back I like the new you everyone appreciates a nice tight
body you know relax you can relax with that okay keep it coming actually okay
today we’re trying some simple set plays a simple bump set spike that’s not a set
play that’s basic quality ball Mizuki you’ll be an attack today so make sure
you time your jumps well you know I will because I love to bounce this is perfect
I don’t want to repeat it last time listen go yourself Nana me okay
basically feel that okay ready 1 2 start Mizuki what oh crap that’s way too far
got to make it look at this yeah yeah I am up aya is like waist over the net she
really did get physical with Grandpa I mean I stand by it
hey yeah good job so we’re about the bad service there all right now we’re
talking again now we’re talking again I don’t get it
Saito Mizuki I got this yeah nice spike Mizuki I pounded it that’s right huge
bells for Mizuki let’s go seriously you aren’t just a pretty face
I got Shan shut up Yuka back off with the nice compliments keep them coming
though I’m angry one more time this is feeling good so I agree with my control
right cuz you’ve never played volleyball your physical as fuck hey a few balls I
hit out flying way over the lines that’s ok we’ve all Foom Daffy you balls out of
bounds now and then you know what I’m talking about
just trying to concentrate on simply hitting the ball as straight down I
guess I was just in the zone nice u-kiss coming out to me in the
locker room after practice oh yeah good job I don’t know what you did over the
summer but can I have some some of what what do you what do you want some of
Yuka nothing special hey eatin at me good job
today I can tell you really worked hard oh it’s so you know I did it scaring
rice was fending off creepy grandpa the whole time I’m impressed
that’s right you’re impressed Nana me I’m taking your frickin spot listen
you’re still Clara short you want to be eligible for competitive games this
season just three of us won’t cut it yeah
obviously three people for six-on-six doesn’t cut it
I have a friend on the swim team that I might build convinced to join us okay
would you both okay wait so the three of us we need to get more other players to
play with us we’re gonna go what you convinced this girl on a swim team you
could can’t Mizuki yeah ah how about all of us see now she likes me I’m in the
recruiting game let’s see what we can do let’s get changed and over the pool you
know it the pool though of course we’re heading over to the pool I realize I’ve
never actually been there it looks quite nice actually look at this beautiful the
water looked inviting but looks like we’re getting okay yep nice perk up your
no problem Nanami just as long as you give me more playtime yeah I could did a
ton of training okay I’ll give you some tips anatomy sees you asking me for tips
that’s right I’m not gonna tip it in the game though cuz I exclusively bounce ya
like that if it weren’t gonna technique it’s sloppy kyun anomie we can get there
okay good she’s know she’s being positive right it’s a compliment kind of
yeah see I don’t both of these girls are being kind of rude to me and I like it
and I don’t like it so we’re looking for Eddie Toyama she can be a little
excitable what does that mean there she is
anytime this girl’s fully voice-acted all of a sudden and she starts off by
saying senpai what she does fully voice-acted listen if you want a male
character in this game just give me a call I will do it for free this girl’s fully voice-acted airy sorry
this is Mizuki son from the volleyball club now that means fully voice-acted
and she said the word volleyball kana is in a coma what a weird thing to say arey
you like the smell of the pool what this girl’s wack you know what we ran into
there we’re gonna get there I think this might be a bit too much for me to handle
right now geez yeah we’re definitely gonna end
right now alright guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode thank you guys
for watching hope you guys enjoy this series if you do let me know well
continue playing through this I hope I’m having fun playing this game it’s kind
of weird but I really that’s what I like about it and we’re getting into some
volleyball huge bounce in this episode yes with that every chick that was a bit
weird and creepy grandpa anyways we’ll see where this takes us next time thank
you guys for joining us if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button maybe
leave a like comment down below if you know of any other volleyball games or
stuff you want to see me play I’m happy to hear and talk to you guys in the
comments whatever you guys want anyways thanks for watching and we hope to see
you next time on yes guy gaming you Sweet Volley High Playthrough Yes Guy Gaming High School Volleyball Dating Sim Walkthrough Beach Volleyball video games

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