IMPOSTERS! The sports teams that don’t play in their own cities

IMPOSTERS! The sports teams that don’t play in their own cities

Ninh explains … Imposters! The sports teams
that don’t play in their city. It’s easy to assume that sports teams are
named after their city they play in, but sometimes that really isn’t the case. In a strange
twist of fate, some of the most famous sports teams in the world, are imposters. Because
they don’t play in the city (or sometimes even the state) that they’re named after. Take for example the New York Giants and the
New York Jets. It’s in their name, they play in New York right?! Wrong! Not only do
they not play in New York City, they don’t even play in New York state. They both famously
play their home games at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. False advertising,
totally. But one team that does play in New York is
the Buffalo Bills … but they don’t actually play in Buffalo. Rather, they play 14 miles
away in Orchard Park. They’ll argue that they do play in Buffalo …. but it’s something
that you can easily wind them up about. Another team that doesn’t play in their
own state is the Washington Redskins, who don’t actually play in DC, but 11.6 miles
away in Landover, Maryland. The Dallas Cowboys. They don’t play in Dallas
either and haven’t done for quite some time. Their previous stadium was in Irving, and
their new stadium is in Arlington, 18 miles from Downtown Dallas. And speaking of which,
their other football team, FC Dallas plays its home games 27 miles away in Frisco. The Atlanta Braves did play in Atlanta, but
have now moved to Cumberland, Georgia. 10 miles away from Atlanta. The Los Angeles Chargers play in Carson, CA
– 16 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. But eventually they and the LA Rams will play
their games in SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California – which is 13 miles from Downtown
and technically isn’t classed as part of the City of Los Angeles. And whilst we’re talking about technicalities,
the Las Vegas Raiders new stadium on the strip is technically located in Paradise, Nevada
… not Las Vegas. You too Golden Knights! But one thing that isn’t a technicality
is the San Francisco 49ers, who hilariously play their games at Levi’s stadium, some
43.6 miles away in Santa Clara. It’s closer to San Jose than it is to San Francisco, and
that’s like playing your home games in Northampton and being called Coventry City … oh wait,
that happened already. So, whilst we’re talking about the other
kind of football, how about some cases in England? Well … Liverpool don’t play in Liverpool, and Everton
don’t play in Everton. Instead, Everton plays its home games in Walton, just outside
the Everton boundary. And Liverpool plays it’s home games in the district of Anfield,
which is not classed as Liverpool City Centre. And before I get haters trying to correct
me, it’s even on their official postal addresses. So suck it. Rather perversely, even though Manchester
City and Manchester United are almost exactly the same distance from the centrepoint of
the City of Manchester, Manchester City plays in Manchester, whereas Manchester United doesn’t.
In a strange technicality, their stadium Old Trafford is situated in the Borough of Trafford,
in a district called Old Trafford, which is down the street from a Cricket stadium … also
called ‘Old Trafford’. So confusing! And when Manchester City fans taunt United by
saying that the “city is theirs”, it’s technically true in the most bizarre case
you can imagine. Brighton and Hove Albion, doesn’t play in
Brighton OR Hove. But quite some distance from either one. Tottenham fans with argue that Arsenal play
11 miles away from their actual home in Woolwich, but they’re technically not called ‘Woolwich
Arsenal’ anymore, so that doesn’t count. Bolton Wanderers hilariously doesn’t play
anywhere near Bolton, as their stadium is technically located in the town of Horwich
– 5.5 miles away. The reason why that’s funny is because they’re closer to the centre
of the town of arch-rivals Wigan than they are to the town that they actually represent. Barnet, doesn’t play in Barnet, that’s
7 miles away. And Grimsby doesn’t play technically in
Grimsby, but in nearby Cleethorpes. But the most extreme case, is Liverpool Football
Club. No, not the one that we already mentioned, but this one. This particularly football club was named
after the same city as this one, except that this team plays its home games at Estadio
Belvedere … 6,880 miles away, in Uruguay. Guys, just change the name already …! Is there any more that you’ve come across
that I didn’t mention here? Like the video, subscribe and let me know
if you like these kind of videos, I’m trying out a new line of material and I’d appreciate
it if you wrote your comments in the comments section below. Ninh Ly – – @NinhLyUK

100 thoughts on “IMPOSTERS! The sports teams that don’t play in their own cities

  1. This is a good one: in MLB, the Tampa Rays don’t actually play in Tampa Fl. Instead, they play in St. Petersburg, 23.4 Miles away.

  2. I don’t get it, they couldn’t build a stadium in the Bronx area like Yankee Stadium? Or somewhere in Long Island?

  3. Ah, you have stumbled across America's obsession with suburbinization. Teams originally moved out to the suburbs because americas fetishization with automobiles was at an all time peak and our highway system was the best in the world for 40 plus years. Some teams in the 90's moved back to downtown because it was thought that stadiums would "revive" inner cities and public transportation started to become by uk standards as functionally subpar but by american standards state of the art. We perfer what we call lightrails not actual rail travel(although it would be really nice for amtrak to get its shit together)

  4. In afl a team called the Essendon bombers who used to be in Essendon but now they are in tallamarine (not sure about spelling)

  5. I agree with all except Liverpool FC (the english one), which plays in the city of Liverpool even though not in the suburb called "City Centre" it is in the city.

  6. There were a few more teams back in the day that didn't play in the city/state/area they represented.

    For the longest time, the Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons didn't play in the city of Detroit, either. The Lions played at the Pontiac Silverdome, in Pontiac, Michigan, about 30 miles north-northwest of the city, from 1975 to 2002. As for the Pistons, they shared the Silverdome with Lions from 1978 to 1988, when they moved to The Palace of Auburn Hills, 5 miles northeast of Pontiac, and about 35 miles north of Detroit.

    You mentioned Inglewood, California. Well, for 32 years, the Los Angeles Lakers played at the Fabulous Forum (later known as the Great Western Forum) located just down Prairie Avenue before moving to Downtown LA's Staples Center. Not only that, but there's now talk of the Los Angeles Clippers building a new arena in Inglewood near the Forum and SoFi Stadium.

    Landover, Maryland was also the home of the Washington Bullets (now known as the Washington Wizards) basketball team and Washington Capitals hockey team before moving into D.C. proper in late 1997.

  7. I'll say Barcelona SC, a team from Ecuador named after Barcelona but they are quite far from Barcelona. They play in Guayaquil.

  8. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play in the city of Tampa. There is no city called Tampa Bay. It is a body of water. They would have to be swimming in order to play in Tampa Bay.

  9. Hey it's me again how come you do wheelchair Sports on your your channel is because I'm Irish or I'm a bears fan and white socks and all that stuff in Chicago because I really like to know

  10. My cousin hilariously screamed "Where the F— is ORCHARD PARK" while we were playing Madden once. He's from Indianapolis.

    The University of Buffalo Bulls college teams mostly play at UB North Campus, which is technically in Amherst. For whatever that's worth. Urban sprawl has made things weird all over the place apparently.

  11. Mait you're vids are uplifting and dam how mutch I was batide by sports 😂! And for future idea I live on the Isle of man so the tt would ba a fun one to cover🛵🛵

  12. Do not say as a Wimbledon in Milton Keynes Dons because it's Dons Derby Wimbledon f.c. was relocated to Milton Keynes Dons the AFC Wimbledon fan think we steal a club but we're not AFC WIMBLEDON banner their Club Club

  13. Haha I lived near San Jose. I loved pointing out what you said about the 49ers to NFL Fans. The SF locals would be insulted, everyone else would be amused, some play along and say the name should change to Santa Clara or San Jose 49ers.

  14. USARL team Philadelphia Fight, named for Philadelphia, Pa, plays in Conshohocken, Pa, right over the hill from me

  15. Obviously, this is a bit of light-hearted fun based around some technicalities.
    But for all intents and purposes, these teams do represent the city or town that they're named after.
    For those of you that have left negative dislikes already, you guys should learn some humour and really get a life.

  16. The Kansas City Chiefs do play in Kansas City. But they play in Missouri, not in Kansas.

    Ironically enough, Kansas City, Missouri is more populated by a huge margin compared to Kansas City, Kansas.

    The united states are weird.

  17. The Ottawa Senators play in Kanata, Ontario (a suburb of Ottawa)
    The New York Red Bulls also play in New Jersey (Harrison, NJ)
    The Chicago Fire played many years in Bridgeview, Illinois (but are now moving to Soldier Field in Chicago)
    While the Kansas City Chiefs do play in Kansas City, their stadium is in MISSOURI instead of Kansas…

  18. Nottingham Forest play in the county (Nottinghamshire) and Notts County play in the city (Nottingham) despite both teams being based less than a mile away from each other.

  19. This is cute and funny, but of course playing in a close suburb of the city you're named after (because having the venue there is more convenient) makes sense.

  20. Nice video, although to clarify whilst Horwich is it's own town, it is still classed as Bolton and has a Bolton postcode

  21. Thought this was quite funny, I did get that it was a bit of tongue in cheek fun but the English football teams you mention do have their stadiums in the Postcodes of their city's, except Grimsby as Grimsby and Cleethorpes both (for some reason unknown to me) have DN postcodes which is Doncaster lol

  22. Nottingham Forest don't play in Nottingham. The ironically named City Ground isn't in the City, but in West Bridgford. On the other hand, Notts County have their ground in the City.

  23. New York Red Bulls also play in New Jersey, Queens Park Rangers play in Shepard's Bush, Sale Sharks play in Salford and the Los Angeles Angels play in Anaheim and on a smaller scale Welwyn Rugby club don't actually play in the village of Welwyn but in my Hometown of Welwyn Garden City (which for any smart arses out there IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TOWN)

  24. If I remember correctly My local NFL team the Green Bay Packers At one point in the early 1900s played at East High School in Green Bay Wisconsin, but had to move literally just outside of Green Bay in Ashwaubenon Wisconsin in which the city annexed the land.

  25. It's so odd hearing someone mention Horwich I was born pretty much down the road from that stadium so I know what I mean when I say I was born there, but when I tell others, I get back “Your accent doesn't sound much like a Norwich accent."

    Also fun fact: there is a gap where there is no development between Horwich and Bolton, so Bolton Wanderers should really be Horwich Wanderers.

  26. The Los Angeles Angles actually play in Anaheim. Though the team used to be called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  27. Nottingham Forest play in West Bridgeford, and you forgot my favourite one, which is the fact the Chester play in Wales

  28. For a long time, the Detroit Pistons and Lions played in Auburn Hills and Pontiac, Michigan respectively instead of Detroit. This however, is no longer the case as they now play in Detroit.

    Meanwhile, while the Green Bay Packers do play at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI, their practice facilities are in a town called Ashwaubenon, despite the facilities being located literally across the street from Lambeau Field.

  29. In the MLB, there was the half-brained plan to have the Tampa Bay Rays play half of their home games in Montreal, but thankfully they seem to have come to their senses… for the time being.

  30. If it's based on the address, the Braves still play in Atlanta, even though they play in Cumberland, about 10 miles away.
    755 Battery Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30339
    Don't get mad at me. You made up the rules. I thought they left Atlanta, too.

  31. Honourable mention goes to the Arizona Coyotes, who once were the Phoenix Coyotes, and play their home games in Glendale

  32. Also in Uruguay, there is a team named Boston River, a river that doesn't exist in any part of the world. Peñarol, named because the neighbourhood doesn't play there. Danubio is further to the namesake river than the case of Liverpool (it pronounces LiverpUl).
    In Argentina, San Lorenzo de Almagro doesn't play in Almagro: plays in Bajo Flores but it's claiming get back to Boedo. Nueva Chicago plays in Mataderos, not in Chicago.

  33. For those who want a complete big 5 list:


    New York Jets—East Rutherford, NJ
    Buffalo Bills—Orchard Park, NY
    Miami Dolphins—Miami Gardens, FL
    Las Vegas Raiders—Paradise, NV
    Los Angeles Chargers—Carson, CA (soon to be Inglewood, CA)
    New York Giants—East Rutherford, NJ
    Washington Redskins—Landover, MD
    Dallas Cowboys—Arlington, TX
    San Francisco 49ers—Santa Clara, CA
    Los Angeles Rams—soon to be Inglewood, CA


    Los Angeles Angels—Anaheim, CA
    Atlanta Braves—Cumberland, GA


    Vegas Golden Nights—Paradise, NV
    On a technicality, NY Islanders don’t play all their games in NYC, but do play all in NY state and all on Long Island, so really they’re not imposters




    LA Galaxy—Carson, CA
    New York Red Bulls—Harrison, NJ
    Philadelphia Union—Chester, PA
    Dallas FC—Frisco, TX

    Teams that play outside of the largest city they represent (bigger city in parentheses):


    New England Patriots (Boston, MA)—Foxborough, MA
    Arizona Cardinals (Phoenix, AZ)—Glendale, AZ


    Texas Rangers (Dallas, TX)—Arlington, TX
    Tampa Bay Rays (Tampa, FL)—St. Petersburg, FL


    Minnesota Wild (Minneapolis, MN)—St. Paul, MN
    Florida Panthers (Miami, FL)—Sunrise, FL
    Arizona Coyotes (Phoenix, AZ)—Glendale, AZ


    still none


    New England Revolution (Boston, MA)—Foxborough, MA
    Minnesota United FC (Minneapolis, MN)—St. Paul, MN
    Sporting Kansas City (Kansas City, MO)—Kansas City, KS
    Colorado Rapids (Denver, CO)—Commerce City, CO
    Real Salt Lake (Salt Lake City, UT)—Sandy, UT

    I think that’s all of them

  34. If we're going to get nitpicky here, Hard Rock Stadium, the Miami Dolphins' home field, is technically in the city of Miami Gardens, not Miami proper. Now for a few blasts from the past: the old Capital Centre in Landover, Md. played host to the Washington Capitals and Washington Bullets (now Wizards), while the Cleveland Cavaliers played their home games in suburban Richfield, which isn't even in the same county (Summit) as Cleveland (Cuyahoga).

  35. If You did an Aussie Version of This… Good Luck. That Video Would be like an Hour Because all the Teams play in the Suburbs, Not the City. Anyway. You Only did Football and Soccer as we call it Down Under. I'm Definitely Going to do a FIFA Career Mode With Liverpool FC in Uragary. Definitely do a Part 2 with more Teams, More Sports and More Countrys. Great Video!

  36. There is a team named Barcelona in the Ecuadorian league.

    AFL having a number of teams not longer based in the towns/city they named after

  37. Sheffield FC (the 'first' football club) plays in Dronfield, Derbyshire and not Sheffield (or even Yorkshire). And Millwall don't play in Millwall but in Bermondsey.

  38. How many teams represent a region/state rather than a city?
    Like Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings

  39. To be fair to the braves, places that are damn near an hour and half away (im looking at you woodstock and kennesaw) is still considered atoanta for some reason.

  40. I know I'm going off topic but isn't anyone worried that the superbowl crowd(a great number of them foreigners) might have the flu and will pass it on to thousands. Given that the virus passes on during its intubation period and a lot of people who travelled(say weeks ago before it was in every news)to the US might not have known that they were carrying the virus. How has noone talked about this stuff yet?

  41. Miami Dolphins play in Miami Gardens (not the city of Miami proper). However Miami Gardens is in Miami-Dade county.

    Los Angeles Angels play in Anaheim in Orange County.

  42. In Buenos Aires we have a few cases of teams that were founded in (and named after) a neighborhood, but because the city grew and the rent was more and more expensive, they moved to nearby towns in the outskirts, that currently form a contiguous urban area. Chacarita Juniors, Almagro, Colegiales, San Telmo, Lugano and Liniers all play outside not only of their neighborhoods but also the city.

  43. Here's a few:
    The Tampa bay Ray's baseball team plays in St. Petersburg Florida
    The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team before 1999 played in Inglewood

  44. Hear the Man United one all the time, but they do in fact play in Manchester, it's just not the city centre, it's in South-West Manchester, the same way the Etihad is in East Manchester, it just gets perpetuated by City fans to wind up the Reds. Works well tbh because the United fans always get salty 😂 but both Manchester Stadiums are well within the Greater Manchester boarder

  45. Zamalek sc it's an Egyptian football team which isn't in island of Zamalek it's in Giza . I know that you wouldn't mention it in the video

  46. Rays play 22 miles from Tampa

    For 37 years the Steelers played in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh which is funny because of the Raiders Steelers rivalry

    NY Red Bulls also play in NJ

  47. Linzer ASK claim to represent the city of Linz. They actually play in Pasching, 8 Kilometers from even the city border. They also have far more fans outside of Linz than in Linz itself, since they are traditionally a bourgeois and farmers' club while Linz is an industry city. People from Linz far more support Rapid Wien from Vienna or Blau-Weiß Linz, the city's only professional football team.

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