Interview with BYU Basketball Head Coach Mark Pope

Interview with BYU Basketball Head Coach Mark Pope

Don’t forget to subscribe and rate wherever you are. Coach welcome back, you’re a man of your word, whether your taking the fans to dinner or getting a court storming. You practiced a court storm, how was the execution? It was great, no one got hurt which is very important and the roc has been unbelievable for us and the fact that they got to celebrate like that is pretty great. When they get to the arena, it’s like arena except the roc is to the roof. It was so cool and the night before, all the kids that were out there in tents, we brought them in and had a little pep rally, it was like a gameday, everyone was there adn they were decked out and they were having a karaoke competition and it was inspiring and that’s when I lost my mind and was like, if we win we’re going to cubbys. After the game was beautiful because so many kids were there and they did great. I did a live hit and I had to meet with recruits and our ops guy was coming in and he was like, coach, we got a situation at cubbys and it was jam pakced and everyone was so excited that they were getting a free meal. And I paid for all of it and it was worth it, it was an unbelievable night. It’s what makes college athletics so special. They got to witness it and it was great. Jarom and I are going to cubbys, are we late for the free dinner, just put it on the tab. I think that there were people who weren’t even fans who were there. The Gonzaga bus rolls up too. There’s another story too do you mind sharing that one. There’s a lot of fans that are connected to other ones, and I got a text, there was a friend who took an overnight flight to London who missed the game and at church there everyone was talking about that. We share it together there was a ton of people celebrating it and it was such a great night. It was great to see who showed up. Danny Ainge was there, Daniel Sorenson, everyone wanted to be at this game. ‘Cause it’s a special pace. Especially these former players and former greats. It means so much to us as a staff and as a team. We want this to be a part of the product and we’ve been asking the fans what the best thing was in the win there, and ifyou could pull out the best part, what was it? I think that Tom holmoe, just ’cause it was the most recent I saw and his grandson decked out, and all passionate on Tom holmoe’s shoulders, in a big picture if there’s anything that the program is supposed to be, it’s that. This young person is going to have something inside that is going to be really special. After the game, looking at our guys standing there together taking a shot to say something to the crowd and the journey that they’ve been through ’cause you don’t, even on senior night, they don’t get to take it in really. They’re really on a mission and they were elevated so that they could see the madness and chaos, that’ll stick with me forever. It was fun for everyone involved. We’ll talk Pepperdine tomorrow a little bit. Now at 17, and net at 14, there are some goals that are dangerous. As coaches we’re living in a paranoid world where the only thing that makes us happy is winning the next game. We’re working with a veteran crew becuase this game is going to be tough. We gotta prepare and get ready this week. These guys didn’t come back to beat Gonzaga, they came back to do bigger things. Are you going to

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  1. Coach Pope this is Steve Rogers, Captain America! This was the most terrific Game I have ever seen on TV. You have such a Blessed Talent of Motivating People. I am so impressed with you instilling true Grit and Power in the hearts of the players. Zack won the game when ripped the ball away while on his back! ("5 point swing") Go for the championship in the NCAA I would love to be there but I had a stroke that cost me 80,000 so I will have to watch it on TV. In 68 years you are the Best of All. 801-884-2220

  2. Everyone was awesome! The coaches (both teams), the players of both teams, the fans of both teams. Everyone. That what BYU is all about. Good times.

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