Japan’s Post Box Under the Sea

Japan’s Post Box Under the Sea

– [Narrator] One afternoon in 1999, Mr. Matsumoto had an idea. That idea would put his small
town of Susami on the map. (orchestral violin music) (bouncy piano music) This is Mr. Matsumoto. He ran the post office in Susami. – [Narrator] In a
classic, if you build it, they will come story, they
built it and people came. – [Narrator] This is Mr. Nakanishi. He runs a dive shop here in Susami and he manages the postbox. – [Narrator] Since the box is underwater, you can’t just mail a typical postcard. So it goes like this, you
come into Mr. Nakanishi’s dive shop, buy a
postcard, write your note. – [Narrator] Gear up,
dive down, slip the note into the red mailbox
sitting on the ocean floor, and according to Mr.
Nakanishi, it will actually get to its destination. – [Narrator] Ultimately,
Mr. Matsumoto’s idea worked. The mailbox made Susami
a destination for divers. It made the town special. (bell chiming)

100 thoughts on “Japan’s Post Box Under the Sea

  1. If this doesn't tell you that Japan is one of the most extra nations that existed then nothing will

  2. This channel is a real achievement, never stop searching for the little stories that make being human redeemable.

  3. I do survey diving and there's just something deeply wrong about seeing divers with spare regulators and pressure gauges just dangling down like that… I love the post box and the idea behind it too, but as a diver, I don't like it.

  4. A small island nation in the south pacific called Vanuatu also has an under water post office and a volcano post office

  5. I understand that I need to read the comments to understand what the hell this guy is saying. However good for him he's a great guy. Good luck to him on his future endeavors

  6. Why am I the only confused one here?? They both come from outside to get the mail, just deliver it from the top like normal and go scoba diving when you feel like it. No need for an excuse.

  7. Me watching all the skinny people in this
    Also me realizing I’m eating flaming hot Cheetos for breakfast…

  8. It’s cool how they built the mailbox the old fashioned way. The new ones are boxed shaped and aren’t cylindrical.

  9. that's the start of an underwater society! one mail box become two, than an underwater post office and soon the whole town
    is submerged =)

  10. So you buy a post card from the guy. The guy gives it to the diver, then the post card guy goes to pick it up and deliver it?


  11. but then a sponge went inside the post and scared the japanese postman then the sponge said:HI MAILMAN! which scared the japanese postman and he said:OOOH NOOO

  12. Waste of time and money.. stupid idea.. and iam wondering media is showing this thing like they dont have nothing to show 😂

  13. "So my theory is that there was once a thriving city and was sunken into the ocean after the earthquake and now only this lonely mailbox survived the ordeal. We have yet to come up with a believable story to explain the pristine condition of this mail box but we are working on it." -Archeologist 2480

  14. This reminds me of that one spongebob Christmas episode where everyone puts their letters to Santa in some cannon thing and shoot it up the the surface

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